Connect the printer to the phone via wi-fi hp

How to install HP printers for using Wi-Fi (wireless communication)

Go to section 123.HP.COM and install the HP Smart application. After installation, open the application, then press the plus icon. Choose you are looking for wi-fi direct printers?, Then select the name of the printer Wi-Fi Direct. Select connect to the printer, enter the password, then click connect.

Launch a mobile application and touch the parameters icon. (Mobile Cable Label Tool users also need to go to the [Printer Parameters]. [printer] section.) Select the printer from the list [Wi-Fi Printer]. Now you have the opportunity to print from Wi-Fi device.

Connection to the HP wireless printer with a Windows computer

To connect the printer to the computer via a wireless network, the user may be required (if the system does not manage to perform all the settings automatically) current network settings of the printing machine, namely, its IP address. It can be determined by entering the Web-Inteatheis of the Wi-Fi Roter, or by printing a configuration report, which is done by launching the corresponding function from the button/sensory control panel on the All-in-One Printer case/printer. It all also depends on the specific model of the HP printing machine.

For example, for a series of All-In-One Printer HP Laserjet Pro or HP Laserjet Ultra, this is done as follows:

  • Models Laserjet M130A/M132A/M133A/M134A: Press and hold at the same time two buttons. “Cancel” (with a crossbone) and “Copying” (with a two sheet of paper). Until the “Ready” indicator is blurred ( a semicircle icon).
  • Models Laserjet M130NW/FN, M132NW/FN/FP/SNW, M134FN: Press the “Settings” button with the wrench of the wrench using the button with the arrow to the right, select the “Report” items built into the screen and click “OK”, then again Using the arrow, select the “Configuration Report” and click “OK” again.
  • Models with a touch control panel (for example, Laserjet M130FW or M132FW): We run a finger on the screen to the left and select the “Settings” item, in the menu that appears, we go to the “Report” section, then start the “Configuration Report” function.

You can print the configuration report from the computer, but only if the All-in-One Printer/Printer HP is connected directly via a USB cable.

connect, printer, phone, wi-fi

Instructions for connecting to a wireless All-In-One Printer/HP printer from a computer running Windows 8/8 operating systems.1 and 10:

We print the text from the Android device

Perform photographs, SMS, documents, web pages and other things can be several ways. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Google virtual printer

To print something on a printer from a smartphone or tablet Android, this method will need:

  • Android app “virtual printer“.
  • Installation of the Google virtual printer.
  • Google account.
  • Home printer that is connected to a laptop or computer.

Google virtual printer is installed as follows:

Now with Google Play https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.Google.Android.Apps.Cloudprint install the Virtual Printer application. The utility needs certain permits, click on the “accept” button. When the installation is completed, we lower the curtain, select the corresponding line, activate the service.

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Notification will be obtained from the system, click “OK”. Then the search for available printers will begin, at the end of which their list will be displayed. Now on the printer page we press the “Try it now” button (means “try right now”), you can specify “Print Anything” (prints anything) or “Print Anywhere” (Printing function).

connect, printer, phone, wi-fi

To print a picture or text from a web page, you need to open a browser on the required page, call the settings menu in the upper right corner of the display (icon with three vertical points). In the fallen list of actions, we indicate the “seal”.

Now you need to open the tab in the section “Save on Google”, indicate “All Printers”. Select the device from which we will print, then set up the format, the number of copies, etc.D. Activate the “Print” button.

To print a document, photo, picture, we find a folder with the necessary object, select it and click on the page menu (icon with three parallel dashes). The menu button depending on the model can be located in a different place (for example, in the upper right corner of the display or below on the left), or have the form of three vertical points. In the displayed window, select “Print”.

Here again the window “Save on Google” will be opened again. There you can save the picture in PDF format by clicking on the icon (in the screenshot the first fragment). For printing, press “all printers”, and in the section that opened, select our printer, and then press the icon again, but with the image of the printer.

In this situation, an active Internet connection will be required to perform printing.

Printing through USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

To print documents or photos, this method will require a special application. Consider the most popular example. Printershare as an example.

The program is distributed on a paid and free basis. In the free version, the function is significantly limited and it should be considered as a test. Consider the work of the premium version, with which you can print contacts, photographs, call magazines, SMS messages, files with Google Dox, Gmail, SD card in DOC, PDF, DOCX, XSLX, TXT, etc.D.

Install Printershare with Google Play at https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.Dynamixsoftware.Printershare. Run the application. The main page will show options for choosing a storage for the desired image or file, and on the right in the lower corner there is the “Select” button. We click on it, after which the window will be displayed, where we indicate the type of connection (printer), which must be used.

USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-this is a connection that is carried out using the corresponding type of communication. Choosing a Wi-Fi printer, an automatic search will be started immediately on a wireless printer network, which is connected to the router. After the search is completed, we follow the tips of the system and establish a connection. After that, select the print object.

Regardless of the format of the selected file, click “Print” (if no correction of the selected file is required) or “Settings” (set up printing parameters). Then click “Select the printer”.

Connection of the Android gadget to the printer via USB or Bluetooth is performed similarly. The Russian.Language application integration is understandable and simple, therefore, when working with it, no problems should arise.

Methods of connection

Connect the phone to the printer in several ways. The choice of connection option is determined primarily by the capabilities of printing equipment.

  • Connection of a phone with any printer cable via a USB-intense.
  • It is most convenient to connect and print from the phone on the printer via wi-fi communication. The most modern way does not require wires for connecting, but the device must maintain a wireless connection.
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Apple mobile devices are available AirPrint wireless printing technology. But the printer must also support the technology.

How to correctly connect All-in-One Printer to an Android OS phone

The platform takes a leading position in the world of gadgets. Therefore, how to connect a printer to Android via Wi-Fi should talk first.

Как печатать с iPhone на принтер HP (или iPad, (тот же процесс))

To begin with, it is worth making a reservation that conjugation is possible exclusively with a device equipped with a wireless adapter and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone.

How to connect a print to a tablet on Android via Wi-Fi? The solution is exactly the same as in the case of the phone.

It is also worth noting that many modern smartphones have a built.In opportunity for wireless printing.

But no one has canceled even more classic printing methods. You can always connect the printer to the laptop and print everything from it.

Mobile printers

Are also called portable or portable.

HP Printer wifi Connection Setup

The devices are compact, can be transferred with them to any place. Eating from a built.In battery. The print quality is not the highest due to its design and the task. The main thing is the possibility of printing at any time and everywhere. There are special models for printing selfie.

The phone is connected by air or via Bluetooth. The disadvantage is the price and cost of maintenance, operation.

How to connect a printer to the phone

First, we consider the solution for new models of printers and Android devices-printing documents by Wi-Fi Direct. In this case, no additional software will need to be installed.

Important! Both devices should be connected to one network, and do not forget to turn on the Wi-Fi Direct function on the printer. So will create a wireless network with a password for connecting.

Open the settings on the phone and go to the section “Network and the Internet”. Next, go to “Wi-Fi”.

Find the network that was created on the printer and connect to it, indicating the password.

Now, by opening any document or photo, you can call the menu by clicking on the troetic icon in the upper right corner, and send the file for printing. Everything will work.

Interesting! In some models of printing equipment, the process of connecting to Wi-Fi Direct may vary slightly. Therefore, it is better to see the instructions for him first.

How to print a photo from the phone

Print photos on a printer from a phone via wi-fi without a computer or quickly display a document in several ways. They are distinguished by a feature of conjugation with All-In-One Printer (Printer). The main condition for successful work is a modern apparatus that supports Wi-Fi technology. About each method.

The way to print from the phone to the printer through Wi-Fi is simplicity, since the participation of additional devices is not required. You only need a phone, router and All-In-One Printer. The disadvantage can be called that the smartphone and printer can be incompatible at the hardware level.

  • Synchronization of the printer and smartphone-on both we turn on Wi-Fi. After detecting the device from the smartphone, request a connection;
  • After successful conjugation, we simply print the text of the document from the phone on the printer by Wi-Fi, through additional.Menu. You can send a photo for printing similarly.
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Through the cloud

Using cloud print, you can send files from any point, at a distance. And the minus is that direct printing is possible only from modern devices.

We step by step will analyze the answer to the question of how to send to print from phone to printer, via Wi-Fi from the cloud storage:

  • Direct: Use Google Cloud Print by downloading the application. Then connect a virtual printer, indicating the data of your device, which must have a Cloud Print function.
  • Through an intermediary computer: download the necessary files to any cloud storage, and then from a computer with connected All-in-One Printer to print them. You can clearly watch in the video.
connect, printer, phone, wi-fi


This method of how to print from a phone to a printer through Wi-Fi is reliable. It is enough to configure once, and then use it constantly. But for a beginner it can be difficult to figure out how to set up printing from a phone on a printer through Wi-Fi, especially in terms of establishing a router.

  • Find an 8-minute PIN code on the lower panel of the router body;
  • Connect the WPS function on the router;
  • To do this, open a browser and enter in the search bar 192.168.One.One. And password “admin”;
  • Further, in the window that opens, click “Security”-“Enable WPS”-“Enabled” (for D-Link) or a separate WPS item on the left (for tp-link);

An additional way

How to connect a wireless printer to a computer if previous methods have not helped? There is another way, but it is difficult in comparison with previous options. There are always nuances in such techniques that can play a role when connecting devices. Most often they relate to the factory address IP and the subnet mask, which is provided by the provider.

But this situation is unlikely, and therefore does not stop connecting All-in-One Printer. This is due to the fact that most equipment does not use static addresses, but dynamic. For printing this kind, this kind must only be added in the computer settings available on the device IP address. How to connect a printer to a laptop without a wire in that case? Should act according to the following scheme:

  • We go to the control panel.
  • Choose the item “Devices and Printers”. “Installation of the printer”.
  • 2 points will appear in the window opened. Here you need to select the “Add network, wireless or Bluetooth printer” unit.
  • PC will begin to search for suitable equipment in automatic mode. When the All-In-One Printer is found, it will appear on the screen.
  • After this, it is required to open the proposed block, where it is necessary to enter the IP, which has an All-In-One Printer.

At the end of the connection procedure, a window will appear with a notification of successful conjugation with the output device. You can start working with printing equipment immediately after rebooting the laptop.

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