Connect the iPhone to the Samsung TV via USB

How to connect iPhone to a TV via Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI: We display the image on a large screen

Connection of the phone to the TV allows you to reproduce any content from a mobile on a large screen. The function is useful for watching movies, video, or simple sewing on the Internet. You can connect in several ways. The simplest and most convenient is the wireless broadcast. If the TV is not a Smart TV, then only a wire connection via HDMI or USB cable is possible. Connecting a smartphone based on Android to the TV is much easier than broadcast iPhone screen. In the first case, the usual Smart TV with support for Miracast (direct connection standard via Wi-Fi) is enough.

Each way to be implemented on a full Smart TV and a system consisting of a TV and Smart TV Box (a prefix that makes a simple TV “smart”).

What are the connection options

You can connect the TV with a smartphone using a special wire, as well as an adapter. The most convenient option is the use of wireless networks-connection via Wi-Fi. All three methods are easy enough. Presentations, video files and photos will be available for viewing on a big screen online.

This option is the simplest, it can be used on any LG TV model and on an old iPhone. However, in this case, it will be necessary to mess with the wires and additionally purchase certain equipment, without which there will be no connection between electrical appliances. Such equipment, for example, includes an adapter.

If you connect via USB, it will be possible to watch video files or photos on the big screen on the big screen on the phone memory card. With this connection option, it will not be possible to establish an online broadcast or make high.Quality videos through Skype.

Important! From the positive aspects of such a connect, one can highlight that all the time the iPhone will be charged through the tv power supply.

To establish a connection via USB, you need to first purchase a cable with a certain number of connectors:

  • In iPhone models, the first fourth cable consists of thirty contact connectors;
  • Starting with the fifth version, a special Apple Lightning cable is used, which costs two to three times more.

The connection of the iPhone to the LG TV is very simple.

  • One end of the wire should be inserted into the port for the charger, and the other in a special nest on the TV.
  • Make sure that TV discovered a new external device.
  • Enter the TV settings menu, select a necessary item with a USB mode from the signal source.
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Using this option for connecting smartphones, it became possible to display on TV as high.Quality digital signal, you can convey the image with very good clarity. This is especially true for watching films and other video files that have Full HD format.

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In this case, you must first check whether your LG TV is a special connector of the same name. If it is present, then proceed to the next step. Buying an adapter of one of the types, Digital AV or Lightning AV. The first is suitable for iPhs of the first four versions, the second for the iPhone 5, 6 and other fresh versions.

Setting up a new connection through this cable also does not cause any trouble, everything happens by analogy with the USB cable, as described above.

Image output through HDMI

Many users resort to HDMI intenses. It is necessary to connect a variety of devices among themselves. Cable allows you to transfer the image with high accuracy. It is ideal for watching films, series of maximum resolution. On mobile from Apple there is a unique connector that does not coincide with most devices. To solve the problem, it is recommended to use a special adapter. Now follow the following steps:

  • Insert the wire into the iPhone.
  • The second end of the cable is connected to the adapter and TV. This connector is placed on new TV models.
  • We determine the correct connector in the settings. It will be attentive! There are several identical inputs on the prefix. Indicate the right one.
  • Wait until the mobile screen is duplicated on the TV. Turn on your favorite movie, watch in good quality.

How to broadcast from iPhone to Samsung TV on AirPlay

Before moving on to the next manipulation, make sure again that both devices are connected to a common Wi-Fi. Instead of a television prefix, you can use a TV that has supported AirPlay. Next:

How to connect your phone with TV using USB cable.Connect phone and TV via usb cable

  • Select multimedia files for playback.
  • If you want to view the images in advance, use the parameter. When you selected data for display, click.
  • On the host TV, the transmission will begin automatically.
  • To finish or suspend the phone of the phone on the big screen, click the button.

Note: Although this technology is universal, some server applications still do not support it. We recommend checking compatibility before loading and installing.

DLNA connection

Using DLNA standards creates an Ethernet cable contact or Wi-Fi wireless method. To create a DLNA connection:

  • Connect the phone via USB;
  • Open the “Applications” section;
  • Select “DLNA connection”;
  • Install the checkmark in the “Turn on” field;
  • Next, select “Add the General folder”;
  • Through the “File Review”, select files for synchronization;
  • Save;
  • Download Avplayer or NPlayer on the phone;
  • Run the media player;
  • Select the DLNA Internet center;
  • Select the components for playback and run them.
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Connection via Wi-Fi (DLNA)

The TV must support DLNA technology. All modern Smart TVs are capable of playing multimedia content via DLNA. On old television receivers before sending content, it may be necessary to enable the DLNA mode. New devices do not require preliminary inclusion of the function. All external connections are available in the background.

The application allows you to send a different content of the content to the TV screen. So, you can convey in memory the devices of multimedia files and content from services (for example, the same YouTube).

  • On the iPad you need to download and install the IMediaShare application. For Apple gadgets, a utility is available in the official App Store store.
  • TV and tablet device will connect to one point wi-fi.
  • The application is launched, the service or file from the gadget’s memory is selected. As soon as the final video (photo or music) on the tablet will be chosen with the found devices on which you can bring content.
  • Find the name TV in the list, click and wait until the connection occurs.
  • If you need to confirm the connection on the television screen, do it.

The application can be used on the Android devices.

According to the developer in the application card, IMediaShare supports Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp and Philips TVs. A compatible program with multimedia, game consoles and players: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Dish Hopper, Chromecast. In practice, the list is much wider. For example, often users broadcast content through the Sony PlayStation game console.

What can be done by connecting the iPhone to the TV?

This function offers a wide range of actions:

  • The ability to watch videos shot on the phone, films, series, sports programs online on a large monitor;
  • Demonstration of the video game process, or using a TV in order to consider virtual objects better;
  • Creation and viewing of presentations;
  • Seing online pages;
  • View photos from the iPhone gallery;
  • Listening to music with greater volume. Very much saves, if there are no speakers at hand and you can use the Audio output TV;
  • Communication with friends and relatives on Facetime and through other instant messengers.

In general, there are a lot of options for using the connection of iPhone TV, since on the large screen it is many times more interesting and convenient to view various kinds of content. That is why users are increasingly contacting the Internet to find out how to connect the iPhone to the TV and what is needed for this.

How to display photos and videos from iPhone on TV to watch movies?

What to do if your TV or prefix does not have built.In support AirPlay? We will work through DLNK. To connect the iPhone to the Samsung, Sony or LG TV TV, you need to install a separate application. You can find many of them in the AppStore, but I personally use TV Assist.

Then this video will begin to play on your TV directly with your iPhone.

connect, iphone, samsung

In the same way, you can post photos or music that is on your iPhone.

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Other devices

For synchronization of TV and iPhone, you can use third.Party devices instead of Apple company equipment. The main thing is that the prefix maintain streaming broadcasting using DLNA technology. We denote the most popular gadgets that have shown perfectly both in working with Samsung TVs and with Apple smartphones.

Google Chromecast

This is a small device developed by the forces of a popular web-skir. By means of prefix, you can broadcast almost any content to TV: audio, video and photo. The device is connected via a USB-integse. Users did not note any serious compatibility problems with compatibility.

For the correct operation of the prefix, the manufacturer recommends installing Google Home on TV. With the help of the latter, you can perform the initial and more accurate setting of equipment. The application allows you to conduct flow data from the iPhone on TV even without connecting it to the Wi-Fi network, as well as combine several devices into groups.

Amazon Fire TV

The prefix is ​​connected through an HDMI-integse. The initial setting is simple and intuitive. In addition, the last generation of devices finally received an intelligent Russian.Speaking localization.

Advice! Management can be noticeably facilitated if you install an alexa application on the TV, which allows you to work with the main functionality using voice commands. The microphone is located on Pu.

After connecting to the Wi-Fi network, you must go to the “Devices” section in the prefix menu and enable scanning. From the presented list, select the iPhone model, after which you can either broadcast the screen or work with a smartphone as an external drive. The prefix calmly supports streaming video in high resolution and reproduces any media content without delay.

connect, iphone, samsung

Roku TV

Modest sizes, the prefix operates through an HDMI-intense. The latest generation of devices supports the broadcast of the video in the high 4K resolution. Problems with the connection and synchronization of devices should not arise.

How to Connect iPhone to TV Screen Mirror! (2021)

We activate the Wi-Fi network on TV and iPhone, after which we open the prefix menu. The local OS automatically scans nearby gadgets and provides a list. It remains only to choose the right device and agree with synchronization. After that, on the TV screen will be broadcast with iPhone.

For a more subtle tandem settings (delay, sound tracks and others), you will need to install the apple of the same name on a smartphone, which can be found in the AppStore. The only minus of the prefix is ​​a clumsy Russian.Speaking localization.

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