Connect Smartphone To Tv Via Wi Fi

A smartphone is a mobile device that almost everyone has. It is capable of performing a ton of functions, including playing, audio, showing photos, and surfing the Internet. However, probably, everyone should agree that watching a or photo of a picture is much more convenient on a large screen. on a TV. But what if the file is in the smartphone’s memory? How to connect a smartphone to a TV?

0.1. Connecting a smartphone to a TV

When connecting a smartphone to a TV, it can be used in different modes:

  • As a storage device;
  • Like a multimedia center.

In the first case, the TV defines the smartphone as a flash drive, which contains information. In this case, the TV plays the files on its own (if there is such a function). In the second case, the smartphone plays all the files, and the TV acts as a simple monitor, displaying everything that is on the smartphone screen.

1. Connecting a smartphone to a TV

Thanks to modern technology, there are several ways to connect a TV to a smartphone:

  • Via HDMI;
  • Via USB connection;
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection.

Of course, the choice of option depends on what exactly you want from the connection. For example, the HDMI interface allows you to use the TV as a monitor, and the USB connection turns your smartphone into a regular memory drive (like a regular USB flash drive). A wireless connection combines the capabilities of both methods.

Connect Smartphone To Tv Via Wi Fi

1.1. How to connect a smartphone to a TV via Wi-Fi

First of all, it is worth noting that to create this connection, your TV must be equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module. The connection itself does not take much time. To do this, you will need to download and install a special application on your phone, for example, SmartTV Remote, or “All Share”. It doesn’t matter which application you choose, since the principle of work is the same for everyone. The application allows the smartphone to connect to a TV and display and audio files, as well as photos, on the TV screen.

So how to connect a TV to a smartphone? After installing the application, you should run it. After that, the program will try to find available TVs with a Wi-Fi module. If the application could not detect the TV automatically, then you can enter the IP address of the TV manually.

There is another way to connect your smartphone to a TV. However, it is only suitable for more modern devices that support Wi-Fi Direct technology. It is worth noting that this is a direct connection, for which you do not need a home network and connecting all devices to one router.

So, in order to create a connection between the smartphone and the TV via Wi-Fi, you should enable Wi-Fi Direct on the smartphone. Next, the same function must be enabled on the TV. After that, the TV will be able to find a smartphone. In the proposed list on the TV, select your device (smartphone) and click “yes”. To simplify subsequent connections, you can select the checkbox in the “connect automatically” section.

1.2. How to connect a smartphone to a TV via USB

Probably every modern TV, even the most budget one, has at least one USB connector for connecting various memory drives, such as a USB flash drive, etc. This connector can also be used to connect a smartphone to the TV. However, it should be noted that depending on the model of the TV, its capabilities will also differ. That is, a budget TV will be able to play files of only certain formats, for example, MP4. over, more expensive models are able to reproduce almost any format.

On older smartphones, you may need to enable the “USB drive” function. This is easy to do, when connected to the task menu, a message appears stating that the USB cable is connected to the computer. You only need to click on the message, after which you will be taken to the connection screen. Next, at the bottom of the screen, the “connect USB drive” button appears. Click on this button and wait for the connection.

So, how to connect a smartphone and a TV using USB? Very simple. Each smartphone comes with a special cable. an adapter from microUSB to USB. To connect the smartphone to the TV, simply connect the cable to the corresponding connectors on the smartphone and TV. Everything, the connection is complete. In this case, the TV will identify the smartphone as a storage device. On some TV models, when you connect your phone or USB flash drive via USB, a sign appears automatically with a choice of files., audio or photo. You just have to choose the desired option, and the TV will show all the files available in the smartphone’s memory.

2. Connect the smartphone to the TV

This option to connect a smartphone to a TV allows you to display images from a mobile device to a TV. In other words, the TV acts as a regular monitor, displaying absolutely everything that happens on the screen of a smartphone. This is the easiest way to connect, while the image quality depends only on your smartphone and the quality of the TV matrix.

After purchasing an adapter or adapter, you just need to connect it to the corresponding connectors on the smartphone and TV, after which everything that happens on the smartphone will immediately be displayed on the TV.

So, the answer to the question, is it possible to connect a smartphone to a TV? over, there are different ways to do this. Which method to choose is up to you and your needs.