Connect iPad To Samsung Smart Tv

There are two options for connecting a computer to a TV:

1. Image duplication. On the TV will be displayed the same as on the monitor. The easiest way.

2. View photos ands. Only photos ands stored on the computer will be played on the TV. A rather complicated way, it requires knowledge in the field of network configuration and file sharing.

Duplication of the image from the monitor

This article describes only the most common connection methods. If they do not suit you or you are having difficulty connecting, it is best to contact a specialist. For advice on Samsung technology, you can contact support.

The easiest and most modern way, transmitted and high quality sound.

The computer and TV must have HDMI connectors.

Connect iPad To Samsung Smart Tv

To connect, you need an HDMI cable.

The cable plugs into the connectors on the TV and computer.

Some laptops and computers use the Micro HDMI connector.

To connect such a computer or laptop to the TV, you need either an adapter from Micro HDMI to HDMI

Or a Micro HDMI cable. HDMI

After connecting the cable to the TV, you need to select the HDMI source (on Samsung TV, use the “Source” button on the remote).

By default, the screen will be duplicated. If you want the image to differ on the monitor and TV, adjust this option in the operating system.

A method for old technology in which there is no HDMI connector. Only medium or low quality is transmitted to the TV. When connecting in this way, you may have to turn off the monitor (if your computer has only one VGA connector).

Your computer and TV must have VGA connectors. Usually the connector is blue, but may be black.

To connect, you need a VGA cable.

The cable plugs into the connectors on the TV and computer.

Some televisions do not have a VGA connector. In this case, a VGA adapter is required. RCA (tulips). Such adapters come in different configurations and quality, their cost is 500. 1500 rubles. Be sure to check the functionality of the adapter before buying.

One end of the VGA cable connects to the computer, the other to the adapter. The TV is connected to the adapter with the help of tulips, a connector “father”. If the adapter has connectors “mother”, then tulips “father-father” are still required.

After connecting to the TV, you need to select the AV source (on Samsung TV, use the Source button).

Views and photos

The method is suitable for TVs supporting DLNA technology. Usually these are Smart TVs with the ability to connect to the Internet. You can find out if your TV supports DLNA in the specifications or in the support service.

To connect you need:

A computer connected to the router via Wi-Fi or cable

TV connected to the router via Wi-Fi or cable

It’s better to connect devices to the router via cable, via Wi-Fi “heavy”s will be played jerkily.

The program for the computer to create a DLNA server.
There are a lot of such programs, there are paid and free, Russified and English-speaking. The choice of program is yours.

Some popular options on the Internet:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe the connection aLGorithm in detail, because there are more than 2 thousand different models of TVs alone. The general connection aLGorithm is as follows:

1. Connect the computer and TV to the router.

2. Open the ability to share a computer and share folders with the desired files. An example of how to do this on Windows 10.

2. Install the program to create a DNLA server on the computer.

3. In the program, select the folders on the computer from where the and photos will be played.

4. In the program, select the desired file and find the item “Play to. “Or similar in meaning. Next, select your TV.

In some programs, this item may not be. In this case, you need to select your DLNA server as the source on the TV. On Samsung TVs, this is done by pressing the “Source” button on the remote. Next, find the item “Directories of media resources” and select the files to view.