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Apple Digital AV Adapter connect iPad to TV

Recently I wanted to connect my iPad to the TV. To do this, I went the simplest way and bought an Apple Digital AV Adapter. In fact, this is a small adapter between iPad and Hdmi wire. Description, nuances and capabilities of Apple Digital AV Adapter I will now tell you.

This is what the adapter itself looks like. Very small

It took 30 seconds to connect iPad to TV. We plug one end of the adapter into the iPad, and the HDMI cable from the TV into the adapter. The whole image on the screen.

Here are some of the best practice use cases for this scheme:

Watching movies on the big screen. It all looks especially cool in conjunction with Good Player. We, not physically having movies on the iPad, watch them on the big screen via SMB. In order for the player to display correctly on the TV, this must be set in the settings. In this case, the screen of the iPad itself can be turned off while watching movies (by quickly pressing the Power button)! But there is also a flaw here if you disconnect the iPad from the wire and then connect it, then Good Player does not always determine what should be played on TV. Resolves program restart.

You can play iPad games on your TV. True, from the games I know, Full HD supports Real Racing 2 and Galaxy on Fire 2. If you have more examples of games, suggest in the comments.

I can only share my personal impressions of the game Real Racing 2 playing on TV is many times more pleasant and interesting. Of the minuses, I will only note that due to some heaviness of the HDMI cable, the iPad becomes a little clumsy.

By the way, the game Real Racing 2 for some reason crashed on startup if the adapter was connected. The solution turned out to be on the surface, first start the game, and then connect the wire.

It is also very convenient to view photos on a large TV screen.

I think these three functions (games, photos and movies) will take 99 percent of the time using the adapter.

The adapter has one more slot for charging the iPad while working through the AV Adapter. Mega-Convenient!

The Apple Digital AV Adapter costs 39 (that’s the price I bought it from the Apple Store). Frankly, the price seems a little overpriced, like many small Apple accessories, but the adapter copes with its function perfectly.

A valuable purchase for me. And for you? πŸ˜‰

Apple Digital AV Adapter connecting iPad to TV: 125 comments

And we have a minimum price of 65 in Kiev. As they say, I want to and inject. πŸ™‚

Yes, twice the overpayment)

Rage HD is also displayed on TV in Full HD)
And by the way, iPad in conjunction with AppleTV or with AirPort Express can wirelessly output music to your TV. (AirPlay function.)

Well, it’s not about Apple TV)) I would know where to fall
Thanks for Rage. So only three games have fair Full HD?

This I do not know)

I wonder how this pribaba will behave with the first iPad. You have the second, judging by the photos.

Yes, everything is fine with the second one (in fact, for him, the mirroring chip was advertised at one time). I connected everything badly with the first, black screen.
But if you have an iPad with a Jail, then the network has instructions on how to mirror on the first iPad too

With the first iPad, everything is fine if you connect the power cord to the adapter. Works, of course, only with special programs such as a tab in the iPod. There is no mirroring in the uncracked first, at least until iOS 5.

By special programs, I mean ordinary programs for output. For example, games will not display their image on the TV. You can’t climb the world wide web either.

The standard viewers on the first iPad work just fine with an HDMI adapter. The main thing is to connect power to it. Avplayer works too.

It’s just that not a copy of the screen is displayed, as on the iPad 2, but only the itself.

Dima, I have my first ipad with a jail. What is mirroring and where to find these instructions in order to connect to the TV and be able to watch movies online?

And on the fifth aipad there are such adapters not vkurse ?

I was presented with an AppleTV, it works, but there are 2 “but” the resolution of the film should be very good, so that the speed and speed of the Internet connection can be transferred without wires. Also.
Or maybe I don’t know how to configure? It seemed to twist everything. It is valuable that a child can play cartoons directly from youtube πŸ™‚ And buy movies, if you have time to watch
It costs 100 in Canada. I wouldn’t buy it myself πŸ™‚

Will be on sale here for 100 bucks, I will buy to indulge πŸ™‚ Do you want to write an article to our site your experience of using Apple TV with iPad? I think many would be interested.

By the way, Apple TV is also exposed to jail (utility Seas0nPass), after which Media Player 0.7.1 will be installed automatically, which has support for many formats.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much experience. I can try, but the information will be scarce and amateurish.
But on the jail, thanks, but I never did it, both iPads are not jailbroken Do I need to jailbreak the pad too? And is it difficult to do the jail itself? In our country, no one really knows how to do them πŸ™ Especially on AppleTV!

Mirrorlink. Connecting smartphones on Android and iPhone to the OEM car monitor

Due to the large number of calls and questions about Mirorlink, we will try to briefly explain to you the essence, pros and cons of Mirrorlink technology (in translation, mirror connection) of use in a car. So, we bring to your attention an overview of the solutions, their advantages and disadvantages.

The essence of this technology. Integration of mobile gadgets with cars, primarily smartphones, but tablets are also supported. Now it is a fashionable novelty, but without a doubt this is the future. Since mobile gadgets have become an integral companion of a modern person, it is quite logical to use their capabilities in a car: Navigation with voice dialing of an address, music, audiobooks, movies, digital radio and television. Modern smartphones and tablets can do all this, you just need to transfer the sound and image to the standard car audio system, and it is desirable to use it conveniently and safely.

In a nutshell, Mirrorlink is a technology that allows you to duplicate the sound and image of your smartphone screen on your home or car display. In the latest implementations of the technology, it became possible to control a smartphone from a car screen, a standard joystick or voice, using Siri or “OK, Google”. The idea is excellent, let’s see how the developers of hardware, software and car manufacturers have brought it to life.


1. If the Mirrorlink module is built into the standard multimedia system, such as the new Audi, then this provides the ability to control smartphone applications on Android from the standard car screen. Full list of vehicles that support mirrorlink here https://www.Android.com/auto/#supported-vehicles-models

2. The advantage is the savings on such standard options as navigation, and digital radio, which, however, we do not have. Only Google Maps is available as a navigator.

3. Another plus. Voice control and the ability to make calls and send SMS without hands. But you will have to get used to it for a long time.


1. Screen control is supported in a limited set of applications. Precisely, the system allows you to make a call, write SMS by voice dialing, listen to music from the built-in player and run Google Maps.

Connect Ipad To Monitor

2. If you forgot your phone at home, you are left without navigation.

An example of Android Auto in restyled Audi, with the new MIB Audio System, in the Vesti review:

The idea is good, and in general everything works, but it’s “EVERYTHING”. Almost nothing. Maps are only Google Maps, Yandex Navigator, Navigator and other decent Russian navigation are not even discussed. From multimedia only music, no TV, no services are provided. The idea is worth a million, but the implementation is still a penny. Let’s hope that the list of supported applications will expand.

2. Google CarPlay.

The meaning is the same, but instead of a smartphone on an android, you connect an iPhone or iPad with a cable via a standard USB. You can look at a detailed overview at. The list of supported cars is here http://www.Apple.com/en/ios/carplay/available-models/

The pros and cons are essentially the same, with the difference that Apple products, as always, are somewhat friendlier in terms of user interface. However, even this “is far from what the Bolsheviks wanted.” Navigation is only from Apple, the rest is similar to Android auto: music, calls and messages. But this has always been the calling card of apple products. The less you can, you sleep better. In the sense of the closed system. Greater security.

3. Mirrorlink and Miracast

Mirrorlink technology. (mirror connection) was originally developed for home use (Miracast) for viewing multimedia content (audio and files) from mobile devices on stationary displays, now it has successfully migrated to cars. Already now you can join the technologies of the future. You can find out more about the technology on the official website of the technology developer http://www.Mirrorlink.com. Many modern cars (from 2016 release) already have Mirrorlink built in, a full list of supported cars is here http://mirrorlink.com/cars

Mirrorlink. How it works?

If you do not delve into technical details and terms, then in a nutshell, to connect an iPhone, iPad or android devices, a cable or Wi-Fi channel is used, to transmit images and sound to a regular monitor, ceiling lamp or a monitor in the headrest. You just need to connect to the installed in your car to the Mirrorlink module, as to an ordinary Wi-Fi hotspot, run a special system program on an Android smartphone or turn on Airplay and “repeat the image” in the case of devices on iOs.

The price of the universal Mirrorlink module for Android / iOs smartphones is 8500 rubles.

The module is connected to the audio system through the standard audio / input. This input is available in many models of Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru, new Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 (2015). In general, the price of an option depends to a greater extent on the ability to connect to a OEM monitor. The presence of an entrance, and in the absence of such, is determined for the most part by the cost of organizing an audio / entrance.

To connect to a OEM monitor, you may need an interface (a signal transcoder and a “understandable” LVDS digital stream). The need to install the interface module and the final cost of installation in your car, check with our managers. For example, Nissan Teana has audio / input and the cost with editing will be 12,500 rubles. And in the case of BMW, AUDI, Porsche, Mercedes, Volvo, etc. Without entrance, add the cost of the interface and its installation.

Examples of implementation. Price.

A striking example of the benefits of installing a mirrorlink can be the cars Audi A1, A3, A4, A5 A6, Q3, Q5 with a OEM monitor. A set of a mirror link module, an interface and a rear view camera will cost you only 39,900 rubles WITH INSTALLATION.

Such a solution is relevant and beneficial, for example, for the entire Toyota and Lexus model range, since audio / input is present in almost every model, you just need to unlock the standard monitor in order to use the mirrorlink on the move. Thus, installing Mirrorlink in Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (without navigation), Prado, Highlander, Hilux, Camry, COROLLA, Rav 4, AURIS, Tundra, YARIS, VERSO, Prius, 4Runner, Tacoma, Sienna, Sequoia, Lexus GS, LX 570 , IS, LS, RX, CT200h, GX460, ES, NXGS, LX 570, IS, LS, RX, CT200h, GX460, ES, NX 8500 rubles. Mirrorlink module, 4000. Installation work, monitor unlocking from 3000 to 6000 rubles, depending on the release (manual or automatic). In warranty vehicles, it is desirable to use an adapter that activates the input and unlocks without damaging the wiring Total price of Mirrorlink for Toyota / Lexus turnkey from 15500 to 22500 rubles.

Mirrolink in Lexus GS:

Mirorlink in BMW:

If the car does not support Mirrorlink?

4. Android Auto Plus

If the monitor and the standard audio system of your car does not imply the ability to organize control of the Mirrorlink (touch or standard joystick), and there are 95 percent of those cars produced before 2017, then in this version it will be more interesting and convenient to use the option of connecting not Mirrorlink, but a special navigation.Multimedia module Android Auto Plus on the Android OS platform. The module is universal, so almost any monitor can be turned into a full-fledged analogue of a modern tablet, and use any application with control from the screen: free navigation in the Russian Federation and Europe, radar detector, TV, music and movies from the network and from a flash drive, and much depending on the smartphone.

As the most interesting option, we recommend considering the Android Auto Plus module based on the QROI multimedia navigation device from a well-known South Korean manufacturer of automotive electronics. This option is devoid of the disadvantages of a mirrorlink, it is autonomous, more convenient to operate, the control is almost completely identical to the tablet, your phone is always free and charged, and, as usual, is in your pocket connected via a speakerphone. The disadvantage of this option is only one higher cost, however, the convenience and functionality of such a solution unambiguously neutralize the difference in cost.

The cost of such a full-fledged Android Auto Plus module is 23-42 thousand rubles. If you need to organize an entrance in your car, you will need an interface. The price of the kit is from 47 thousand rubles. On a turnkey basis with installation and firmware, such a system costs from 55 to 68 thousand rubles, which is several times more functional and cheaper than standard options that provide the same functionality: navigation, TV tuner, DVD, and unlocking the standard monitor.

The block is also versatile. Connection is possible to almost all original (and non-original) monitors of the following brands AUDI (Audi), BMW (BMW), BYD, CADILLAC (Cadillac), CHERY (Chery), CHEVROLET (Chevrolet), CITROEN (Citroen), DAEWOO (Daewoo) , FIAT (Fiat), FORD (Ford), GEELY, GREAT WALL, HAFEI, HONDA (Honda), HYUNDAY (Hyundai), INFINITI (Infinity), JEEP (Jeep), KIA (Kia), LADA (Lada), LIFAN, LAND ROVER (Land Rover), LEXUS (Lexus), MAZDA (Mazda), MERCEDES (Mercedes), MITSUBISHI (Mitsubishi), NISSAN (Nissan), OPEL (Opel), PEUGEOT (Peugeot), PORSHE (Porsche), RENAULT (Renault ), SEAT (Seat), SKODA (Skoda), SSANG YONG, SUBARU (Subaru), SUZUKI (Suzuki), TAGAZ (Tagaz), TOYOTA (Toyota), VOLKSWAGEN (Volkswagen), VOLVO (Volvo).

Mirror link toyot

Mirrorlink. Why is it needed?

First of all, this solution will be appreciated by active users of mobile gadgets. If your smartphone is already loaded with your favorite music, concerts or films, you can watch them on the way or pushing in traffic jams, also if you want to watch a football match or your favorite TV series, a movie in an online cinema or VKontakte. You can see all this on a large standard screen of your car and on additional monitors for rear passengers.

Another important advantage of such a solution will be free NAVIGATION taking into account traffic jams on that large standard monitor: Yandex Navigator, Google Map, Navitel, ProGorod, Cityguide, iGo Primo and any others.

Also, the equipment kits for Audi, Mercedes, BMW, School, Volkswagen and others have an input for a rear view camera, as well as an iPas adapter for forming active parking lines, which allows you to connect a rear view camera to facilitate reversing and parking.

Mirrorlink price.

The cost of the solution is different for different brands of cars, the type of installed head unit and the functionality you have chosen, if you have a head unit with a composite input, the cost of the equipment will be from 8500 rubles. In the case when a specialized interface is required to connect to the original monitor, the price of the kit mostly consists of the cost of the interface. Contact our manager to clarify the possibility and cost of retrofitting your car with the MirrorLink system.

Mirrorlink details:

Dlna AirPlay. This technology is used if you want to output sound and picture from iPhone or iPad to a standard or any other monitor in the car. The adapter is compatible with all iOS version.

Miracast technology used by Samsung is also called AllShareCast. To transfer a picture from Samsung smartphones of the latest generation, you need to switch our adapter to Miracast mode, select the Screen Mirrorring option in your smartphone, select the SMI adapter and connect to it, after which the image from your Android smartphone will be completely duplicated on the standard display. The adapter works with all smartphones with Screen Mirroring function. In fact, when installing the appropriate software (similar to Miracast), almost any device based on Android OS will work with this gadget: Sony, Samsung, HTC

How to use iPad as a second monitor on Mac and PC

The iPad is quite functional, many people use it in combination with a keyboard as a netbook when traveling, as an e-reader, play station, etc. Etc. In addition to all of the above, there is another opportunity to test the iPad and squeeze as much out of it as possible. It copes pretty well with the role of an additional monitor and connects not only to a Mac, but also to a PC.

Such a small monitor can be a good haven for your instant messengers, color palette when working with Photoshop, interface for applications and other useful widgets.

In order to turn your iPad into a secondary monitor, you will need:

1. Ipad.
2. Computer with MacOSX or Windows.
3. Wi-Fi network.
4. App for iPad Air Display (costs 9.99 in the App Store).
5. Air Display application for computer (free).

If you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi, you can use the Ad-Hoc connection between iPad and computer.

Installing Air Display server on a computer and client software on iPad

In this example, the server will be installed on a Windows 7 PC. The installation is straightforward, the only thing you need to do is to approve the installation of display drivers as requested by Avatron Software and reboot after the drivers are installed.

While the computer is rebooting, install yourself applications on the iPad. If this is the first time you run it, it will offer you instructions for connecting to your computer. If you are already familiar with the application, just leave it open and switch back to your computer in order to launch the Air Display application already on it.

In theory, everything should go smoothly. But if you still get an error message, you will need to switch the DNS server of your host from the default settings (of your provider) to publicly available Open DNS or Google DNS servers. If there was no error message, it’s time to start connecting iPad to your computer.

Right-click on the Air Display icon in order to get to the context menu. In addition to the standard menu items, you should see your iPad’s name.

If you do not see the tablet on the network, then you need to check all the connections again and whether you are connected to the correct network. If the device is shown on the network, then just click on it.

As soon as you click on it with the mouse on the computer, the connection icon should start blinking on the tablet itself. After that, your desktop should start flashing and switch from Aero Theme to Basic.

If you’re working on a single monitor, the iPad’s screen should be on the right side by default. If you are working with multiple monitors, the tablet screen will be on the right side of the first monitor. If you’re working with two monitors, and the one on the left is # 1 and the one on the right is # 2, then the new iPad screen will sit right in the middle between them. If your machine has three monitors, then the iPad monitor will be between the leftmost and middle.

But you can easily choose the location for the additional monitor yourself. To do this, right-click again on the Air Display icon, select Display Arrangemen in order to move the monitor to the location you specified.

After you have configured the location of your additional monitor, you can use it as intended.

Taking advantage of the additional benefits of Air Display

In addition to simply using the iPad as a second monitor, the app has some additional really useful features.

In addition to simply extending your desktop, you can duplicate it. To switch to mirror mode, you need to right-click on the application icon, select Options, and then Mirror Mode.

Also, do not forget about the iPad touchscreen, which continues to function as usual. This means that any application that will be moved to the tablet like a second screen can be controlled by touch.

In the end, you can drag and drop various questionnaires and other forms onto it and fill them out using the on-screen keyboard. For example, you work on a computer and would like your client to fill out the required electronic form. To do this, you just need to drag it to iPad and hand it to it. While he fills it out, you can finish your job.

How to connect a laptop as a monitor

Use your laptop as a monitor with a cable connection

Having decided on the necessary cable and using it to establish a connection between the system unit and the laptop, we proceed to setting up the display. To do this, turn on the laptop and wait for it to fully boot. Then we activate the settings menu item Properties or Screen resolution (depending on the installed operating system) by right-clicking on an empty space on the desktop. In the window that opens, we see the parameters of the current display.

To use a laptop as a computer display, you need to select the required monitor by name from the list that appears. Then you need to extend the PC desktop to the connected device by checking the box opposite the corresponding menu item. To do this, you need to confirm the changes made by clicking the Apply button, and then Ok. After completing these simple settings, you will be using your laptop screen as your main monitor.

The advantages of this method:

  • Reliable connection;
  • Stable data transfer rate;
  • Simple settings.

Disadvantages of cable connection:

  • Lack of the required cable;
  • Mismatch between laptop and desktop PC connectors;
  • The need to purchase an adapter.

How to use a laptop as a computer monitor or another laptop

There may be several situations when there is a need to use a laptop as a monitor. The most common problem is the failure of the main display of a personal computer. Therefore, in order to use the power of the system unit and the data stored in it in the future, you need a monitor of another external device. The same situation can occur if the display matrix of another laptop does not work correctly.

Ways to connect a laptop as a monitor

The most stable and reliable way to do this is by cable connection. Depending on the laptop model, its external interfaces may differ. You can use a laptop as a monitor through the HDMI connector or through the VGA output. If the system unit contains only an HDMI jack, and the laptop is equipped with a VGA input, then a special adapter will be required for their joint work.

How to use a laptop as a display over Wi-Fi

For computers with the operating system Windows 7 and later, as well as Mac devices, there is a special program called Air Display. It allows you to quickly and efficiently connect your laptop as a computer monitor wirelessly. To do this, the application must be installed and activated simultaneously on two devices. By following simple setup points, following clear prompts, you will quickly achieve the desired result.

The MaxiVista utility will provide a stable connection of the laptop as the main display of the PC. It is specially designed for this function and is available in two versions:

  • Client (for a managed device, whose monitor will be used as the main one);
  • Server room (needs to be installed on the main device).

When starting the application, the server should automatically detect the client laptop. After connecting to it and completing the step-by-step settings, you can use the laptop as a computer monitor. The main disadvantage of this utility is that it is not free and is not cheap. In addition, there are a number of programs that allow you to remotely use the display of a paired device:

  • Teamviewer;
  • Radmin;
  • Rdesktop and others.

These applications have their own characteristics and more complex configuration. Among all the listed methods, each user will be able to choose and apply in his case the most convenient and accessible option for him.