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How to connect asus to a computer?

In order to connect ASUS Zenfone 4 to the computer, you need to take the USB cable included and connect one side to the smartphone, and the other side to the USB port on a computer or laptop.

To do this, connect the smartphone to the PC via USB cable. When a computer offers to connect in a USB drive mode, such a proposal should be ignored. In the phone settings, you need to find and activate the “USB-modem” menu item.

Methods of physical connection of the phone to PC

To establish physical connection between the phone and the computer, 3 integers are used:

  • USB. Connection via USB Cable is the easiest and most obvious option. To access customer files stored on a smartphone, as a rule, no settings are needed: usually it appears in the Windows conductor immediately after connecting. Simple button phones sometimes require installation of special software and drivers.
  • Bluetooth. For this type of communication, it is necessary for both devices to have Bluetooth adapters. On phones and laptops, they are by default, and for stationary PCs they have to be purchased separately. When connecting via Bluetooth, the PC user has access to folders and some functions of a mobile gadget.
  • Wi-Fi. Ordinary network connection by air. A computer and a smartphone can interact as equal members of one local network, as a server and a client, as well as an access point and a client device.

Alternative connection methods

If you connect the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 phone with a computer via USB, you can try alternative methods for transmitting information from one device to another:

The first option does not need a detailed description, since in this case it is simply required to insert a memory card into the adapter and connect to the PC via the corresponding connector. But this type of conjugation will only allow you to throw the files to the flash drive or from it.

To gain access to the memory of a smartphone, you need to use the Wi-Fi connection. This will need an additional program. For example, MyPhoneExplorer. It should be loaded both on PC (from the official website) and on the phone (via Google Play).

Further connection is carried out as follows:

  • Connect both devices to one Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the MyphoneExplorer application on the phone.
  • Come up with a password for connecting.
  • Open the program on PC.
  • Press the “File” button and select “Connect”.
  • Confirm the conjugation of the input of the previously created code.

So the smartphone can connect to PC without using a USB cable. Myphoneexplorer on the computer will display a list of all available files. You can send information from both the phone and on it.

How not to face a problem in the future

So that the situation does not happen again, and the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 phone has always seen a computer, follow a few simple tips:

  • Use only complete accessories for connecting. Do not buy cheap cables.
  • On the phone, put the parameter “Media Instruction” or “USB-drive”.
  • At the first fraud, do not forget to install the drivers and, if necessary, update them.

Compliance with only three rules once and for all relieve problems when connecting a phone to a computer.

What to do if the computer does not see the phone?

The following are all methods that can help solve the problem of connecting via cable.

Check the USB connection settings

The method will help if the fraud is charged, but the information does not leave the information. To transmit documents, you must connect Android as a media device (MTP). To do this, follow the following actions.

  • When connecting the device to PC, brush the curtain.
  • Tap “charging via USB”.
  • In the dialog box, select “File Transfer” (MTP).
  • Launch “Settings. Storage”.
  • Click the three points icon in the upper right corner, open the “USB connection with the computer”.Install the USB MTP driver

It happens that the smartphone is not displayed due to problems with the driver, so try to update it.

As soon as the driver is installed, the PC will have to recognize the Android phone. It may be necessary to restart the computer so that the update enters into force.

Download and install Media Feature Pack for Windows 10

We have already mentioned that to transmit the contents, it is necessary to use the MTP protocol. It is associated with Windows Media Player, and in some versions of Windows 10 there is no Windows Media player and support for related technologies. If your version of Windows 10 does not recognize Andro /

Use a complete USB cable

We advise you to use the original cable, since third-party ones are sometimes intended only for charging, and the PC does not display Android. To check this, connect another USB-shnour.

Remove Android drivers

Sometimes there are no last drivers in the system or they are incorrectly installed. It is recommended to remove them and install them again.

  • Connect the device to the computer and open the “Device Manager”.
  • Find your device. It is usually located in the “Other devices” or in “portable devices”, but sometimes the dislocation is different.
  • Click with the right mouse button on it and clatter “remove”.
  • After the drivers are removed, turn off Andro /

Activate USB debugging

From time to time, the connected gadget is recognized when the debugging by USB is active. If you use Android 4.2 or newer, this function can be hidden. To enable it, do as indicated below.

  • Cross “Settings. About the phone”.
  • Click 7 times on the “assembly number”.
  • Go back.
  • Open “Settings. For developers”.
  • Scroll down there and activate “USB debugging”.

Sometimes it is already turned on, in which case it should be cut down.

Turn on the flight mode

If Windows stopped seeing the phone, run the flight mode through the fast.Setting panel in the curtain or, crossing the path of “Settings. Still”. Often after this, the device is recognized PC. This is a simple way, so do not be lazy to experience it.

Reload the phone in Recovery or Fastboot mode

About how to enter it, read in our other article, where we described the process for each manufacturer. After you get into Fastboot or Recaver, connect the smartphone to PC, wait until the necessary components are installed. After that, a conductor should open before you with a proposal of what to do with the connected device. When to finish, reboot Andro /

Install Kies from Samsung

If the Samsung gadget is not recognized by Windows, download the Kies software from the manufacturer’s official website and put it on the computer. With it, you can definitely shift the smartphone.

Use USB 2 ports.0

Try switching the cord from USB 3.0 in USB 2.0. Users reported that sometimes it worked.

Reinstall the Adb

Windows occasionally does not recognize the smartphone due to problems with the Android Composite ADB integration, so you should reinstall it.

  • Open the “Device Manager”, find Andro /
  • Click “Next” to install the driver.
  • Open the command line as an administrator:
  • For Windows 10, press the Windows “X” keys and select the “command line” (Admin);
  • For Windows 7, Open “Start. All Programs. Standard”, there, right.Click on the “command line” and select “Starting on behalf of the Administrator”.
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This solution works with Android 5.0 and more new OC, but it can also be compatible with old Android versions. Users reported that it is not always worth uploading the USB driver from Google, and often this problem is resolved simply by performing the first four steps.

Reload the Android device

At times this simple solution is the most effective. People have repeatedly reported that after rebooting the phone, the computer recognized the mobile phone without any problems.

Connect the phone directly to the computer

Some USB devices may not be recognized if you connect them to a USB hub or extension cord. Therefore, if you use a USB concentrator, turn it off and connect Android directly to the PC to solve the problem.

Clean the cache and data for external system storage and data storage systems

This solution works on Android 6 and above. But if you have an older system installed, still try to do it.

  • Open “Settings. Applications”.
  • Touch three points in the upper right corner and select “Show System Applications”.Synchronize Android with a PC using a third.Party application

This does not guarantee 100 percent performance, but often helps. Just install the Play Market synchronization application, which will help the computer recognize. Try, for example, Mobile GO for Connect and data transfer from Android and iOS to PC.

There are many reasons why the computer does not see the Android phone. We hope that these solutions will be useful for you, and you will solve your problems.

Comment Connecter Son Asus Rog Phone 5 à Son Ordinateur en usb?

On Passe Maintenant à La Manipulation La Plus Souvent Demandée, à savoir Comment Connecter Son Assus Rog Phone 5 à Son Ordinateur En USB? Cette Manipulation Est Assez Simple Mais Peut être Un Peu Perturbante Lors de Sa Première Réalisation, Retruvez Ci-Dessous Les Différentes à Suivre POUR LE FAIRARY CORERERETMENT

  • Branchez Votre Câble usb à un port de votre Ordinateur et à votre asus rog Phone 5
  • Votre Asus Rog Phone 5 Risque de Vous Demander L’Ccès à vos Fichiers, Validez L’Autorisation
  • Vous Devrez und Temps Normal Voir Apparaître Sur ” /” CE PC “Votre SmartPhone et du coup avoir unoir uncès à tout votre Contenu, vous viS VOS VIOS CLISK
  • Si Jamais CE N’EST PAS le Cas, Faîtes Glisser la Barre de Notifications de Votre ASUS ROG Phone 5 Vers Le Bas, Cliquez Sur ” /” Transferring Media Files “et Choisissez L’APTION

How to connect a smartphone to a computer via USB to transmit data

  • After you found a cable, insert a small output (microUSB) into your smartphone, and insert a USB output into a special connector for your PC.
  • Open the Start menu, then go to the “computer”.
  • In the section “Devices with removable carriers” you will have to have a new shortcut with the name of your phone.

That if the phone does not connect?

In this case, there are several solutions to the problem. Try to solve each of them, probably one of them will definitely help!

Turn on USB debugging

  • In order to enable it, open the settings on the smartphone, go to the “On device” section (may be called “On the phone” or some similar name).
  • There, find the tab of the assembly number. Press it several times (usually 5-8) until you have a fur notification that you have become a developer.

Now return to the smartphone settings where a new tab will appear. It can be called in different ways: the parameters of the developer, the developer menu, etc.D. And t.P, go to it, find the debugging item for USB and turn it on.

Then you should try to connect the smartphone to PC again. A special menu called USB should appear on the smartphone screen, if one does not appear, then open the notification curtain, it should be there.

connect, asus, phone, computer

Most likely in this case, you will have a “charging” function, switch it to the multimedia transmission function (MTP). What is the difference between the MTP mode from the image transmission mode (PTP), I think it is clear: the first can transmit any files, while the second photo is only.

Look at the computer again: you, with a huge degree of probability, should have your phone with which you can work.

If the phone is still not displayed, you should check whether it is at least charging or not.

If the charging does not conclude is simple: you have either a cable broken or broken by a USB-Gnesdo on a computer.

To check the performance of the nest, try to insert a mouse into it. If it continues to work, then everything is in order with the nest and the problem lies in the cord. Try to replace it with another and check if the phone will appear now or not.

The problem can also lie in Windows. If you have Windows XP you will be updated to a newer version: “Seven” or “Eight”. By installing this protocol, you can work with Android and on Windows XP.

If this method did not help, you will need to contact the company’s service center that produced your smartphone. Probably the problem can be somewhere in the gland or in the part of the system that an ordinary user is not able to change.

How to connect via Bluetooth

Before implementing this connection method, you should make sure that the computer is equipped with a Bluetooth module. If it is, then it needs to be in accordance with. On a laptop, this is done like this:

  • It is necessary to click on the Bluetooth icon with the right mouse button, which is located in the trias in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Next, select the item “Open the Parameters”.
  • Then go to the section “Joint Use” and allow the computer detection, transfer and receive files in it, putting a checkmark opposite the corresponding line. There you can also specify a place on the disk where the transferred files will be saved.

After setting up the computer, you can turn on Bluetooth on the phone and run the device detection process. It must be remembered that this function on smartphones is active over a limited period of time, as a rule, of 2 minutes. If during this time devices with Bluetooth turned on are not found, then the function automatically turns off.

After the detection on the smartphone, you should again click on the right mouse button on the aforementioned icon in the system of the laptop and select “Add the device”. A list of devices available for connecting devices will be displayed in the window that opens. From them you need to choose the name assigned by the mobile phone and click “Next”. Then there will be a notification with the code. The generated code should be the same as on the phone. If the codes coincide, it is necessary to confirm the conjugation on both devices.

As soon as the message appears that the connection of devices to each other is successfully installed, you can proceed to the necessary action. It can be:

Bluetooth connection controls and its possible functions are carried out through the same menu in the laptop tray, in which you need to select the “show devices” option, in the window that appears to find the name assigned to the smartphone, click on it with the right button and select “control”.

Sooner or later comes the moment when you need to connect the phone to PC. For example, to lose music, documents, films or update the firmware. There are several ways to do this, but the most universal and reliable-through a USB cable. Despite the fact that everything seems simple, sometimes difficulties with conjugation arise: the gadget is not determined by the Windows operating system or only charging is operating, and the transfer of files is not available. So that you do not have problems from now on, we will analyze how to connect the phone to the computer correctly in order to avoid possible troubles. In addition, we will consider ways to solve popular problems that may arise.

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The computer does not see the Android phone through USB | Drivers for Android to a computer

Through a USB connection, data stored on a smartphone can be transmitted to PC or music can be transferred from PC to a new mobile phone. But what to do if the connection between two devices does not work and the computer does not see the Android phone via USB. What can you do so that the computer recognizes the smartphone, you will find out now.

If the smartphone connected via a USB cable and PC is not detected, then there may be several reasons for this. However, there are several ways to solve this problem. We will show you the main ways to eliminate this problem.

If the phone is divided through USB, then the problem is probably related to the connection itself. Therefore, first try the following:

  • Many problems with connecting a smartphone and computer can be solved by restarting a smartphone. However, this guarantees that both devices will not be connected to each other during this time.
  • In addition, when rebooting a computer, sometimes there are problems with the connection. Again, you must make sure that both devices are not connected to each other during this time.
  • Check if there is a USB cable and a USB port on PC. For example, connect another device via USB to PC, try another cable and other USB ports on a computer.
  • If you have such an opportunity, the smartphone connects to another PC or laptop. If the phone is recognized here, the problem is related to PC.
connect, asus, phone, computer

If you connect the PC phone and the computer sees it, but the device is not displayed in the conductor or is displayed empty, try the following solutions:

  • So that the data on the smartphone is displayed on the PC, the telephone lock screen must be unlocked.
  • Often it also helps to change the memory of a connected smartphone. To do this, drag the notification panel down and tap the record “Connected as a multimedia device”. Now the USB parameters are displayed for connection. Press the “camera (PTP)” and then “media device (MTP)”.
  • For Samsung devices. There is a special approach. If the phone is not recognized, set the volume slider from “without sound to loud”. Some users reported that it helps.

How to Enable Developer Options in ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1. OTG Connection

When you connect a smartphone to a computer, drivers are loaded automatically for Windows. If the automatic download or the drivers themselves do not work properly, the drivers are removed with PC. To do this, you cause an overview of the system using a combination of Winr keys or in the “Start” menu, select the “execution” option. In the window that appears, it is necessary to enter DEVMGMT.MSC and click OK.

The link is located on the left side of the open window. Now use the “View” menu in the device dispatcher to display “hidden devices”. Now scroll down, open the section “USB controller” and search for the entry of your device. Click with the right mouse button on the device, and then click “Delete”.

Now the connection between the PC and the smartphone is turned off and both devices are restarted. After rebooting, you can connect a smartphone again. Expects drivers will be loaded from Windows.

If automatically loaded drivers do not work, you will need to download free alternative drivers on a computer and install them manually. Attention link to download below and absolutely free)

If you have an Android smartphone that does not support automatically loaded drivers, delete them as described above. Then download USB drivers for free Universal Android (by clicking on the link http: // Adbdriver.Com/). This is a package of driver for android on a computer that includes drivers for almost any Android Smartphone.

If the phone is still not detected by a computer, despite all efforts, a defect in the device may occur. This is a case for repair specialists.

Connection of the phone to the computer via USB

How to connect a phone to a computer using a USB cable, a smartphone connection modes to a computer, what is MTP, PTP, modem mode, phone synchronization programs and computer. Consider all this in the article.

Phone connection modes

There are several androids connection modes to a computer. This or that type of connection (configuration) is selected depending on the goals.

  • File transfer (or MTP. Media Transfer Protocol). Used as a standard option for data exchange between a mobile device and a computer/laptop. You can exchange files of any type (photographs, music, documents, videos, etc.);
  • USB modem (also has the names of USB Ethernet and Rndis). It is necessary in the case when you need to create an access point on which the computer should connect (for example, for distributing the Internet from a mobile device to PC);
  • Connection as MIDI (MIDI. Musical Instrument Digital Interface). This configuration allows you to use the phone as a MIDI device, which is very useful in music;
  • PTP photo transfer (PTP. Picture Transfer Protocol). Used when it is necessary to work only with images and videos. Other types of files will be ignored;
  • “Charging this device” is a mode in which the phone does not exchange any data with a computer, but only charges from it.

To install a particular type of connection by default, it is necessary to unlock the menu for developers in the system settings. This can be done as follows:

  • Open the settings, after which we find the “System” item (depending on the version of Android, the manufacturer of the device and firmware of the name may differ) or “On the phone”.
  • We are looking for a line called “assembly number”. We click on it 5-10 times before the emergence of the pop-up inscription “does not need, you are already a developer”.
  • We return to the main settings menu and find the “for developers” item (you can use the search line).
  • We activate the settings for developers and go to the “Default USB Configuration” section in the list (may be called “USB configuration”), where we select the necessary mode. Now, when the USB is joined by the USB, this type of connection will be automatically used to PC.

Why android the phone is not visible on a computer on USB and only charging occurs. Simple reasons and solutions

Before proceeding with additional methods of solving the problem, when the phone is not visible through the USB connection, I recommend paying attention to the following simple points: very often the reason is somewhat of the listed:

  • If you have taken a USB cable from a non.Original cheap charge or that comes with another device (for example, for charging wireless headphones or other devices not intended for receiving and transmitting data), then the reason may be this: not all Cables can transmit data, there are no appropriate contacts, and outwardly not to notice this. Solution. A working cable with a guaranteed possibility of data transfer.
  • If you are faced with the fact that when connecting a smartphone to a computer it is not visible, and recently there was a telephone repair and something related to a board or connector was repaired, it is likely that the repair caused the problem: very often the connectors are soldered so that after that only charging works properly. The solution is only to redo.
  • If you have a Mac OS, just install the Android File Transfer application for the possibility of data transfer, official website: https: // www.Android.COM/Filetransfer/
  • If you suddenly have Windows XP, install the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) driver. Https: // www.Microsoft.COM/EN-in/Download/Details.ASPX?ID = 19153

Additionally, take into account that the connection of even a serviceable cable via a USB hub (a USB port border) to a faulty USB connector of a computer or laptop, and sometimes PC can cause the problem to be considered to be the front panel. Try a direct connection to USB, another connector, the rear panel of PC, if connected to the USB 3 connector.0 (usually blue). Check if the problem will be preserved when connecting to USB 2.0.

And the last simple point: after connecting the phone to the computer, so that it starts to display in the conductor with the ability to view photos, videos and other files, it takes:

  • Unlock the phone when connecting, if it is blocked. Gain access to data on blocked modern Android phones will not work.
  • In the field of notifications, click on the notification of the USB connection (by default, most phones are connected only for charging). If the notification does not appear, more precisely, it does not report that it is the USB connection, but only the text about charging, which means from the “point of view” the phone does not serve to transmit data (incorrect cable, cable damage, the connector on the phone or computer). Below are screenshots with the appearance of notification on pure Android 9 and 8, on Samsung Galaxy and Android 6-7.
  • Select the MTP file transfer mode for USB-Division. On the old versions of Android, there may also be a point for connecting as a USB Mass Storage, it is also suitable, and it can work even better.
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If the listed methods have not helped, let’s move on to more complex ways to correct.

The computer does not see the content of the phone

Everything is easy here when you connect ASUS Zenfone Max Z010D to the computer, in the connection settings, select the “file transfer” and the Anroid operating system will allow Windows OS to view files on your mobile device.

How to enable usb debugging on asus zenfone 4,5,6,

If the problem did not dare to eat a workaround, throw the files on the computer by uploading them to the mail, to the messenger or cloud. And you can also connect a USB flash drive through an adapter and copy data on it.

The phone is charged all the time, when connecting.

Further, we find out why the computer does not see the phone via USB Android, only charging? In the case when the computer and the gadget in the hands are generally silent, there are no errors and there are nothing. Nothing.

  • Try connecting to USB 2.0, not blue, there are on the back panel. If this is a laptop, then we are looking for. USB 2.0, ignoring the color.
  • Search, or ask friends, maybe they will lend some other USB cables, maybe you have a faulty cord in your hands, and others will work out to others!
  • The source of problems can be hidden in a faulty nest of a smartphone. Maybe it was already in the repair, maybe moisture came. And in this case, we must carry Android for repair.
  • It is worth checking such an opportunity as connecting a smartphone to another laptop, computer, tablet. Perhaps not regularly a nest at the laptop? But, this is if on another device, everything worked.

And here it is worth considering, and the flash card was ever connected to this “faulty” computer?

If the flash drive to the laptop has never been connected, then you can do it:

Go to the “control panel” (take all the steps on the computer where the cable did not work with the phone), then. “elimination of problems”, then “setting up the device” and the problem should evaporate automatically.

Nothing came of it, everything is still. We do it!

We try to go to the “Device Device” tab, and then turn off the energy savings. If nothing helps, even on other computers, therefore, the problem is: bad, hastily, Androd’s settings were checked; faulty cord; carry a smartphone for repairs.

There are several more methods that should help in solving the issue. Why the computer does not see the phone through USB Android only charging? We try them.

If you have the latest version of the Android in your hands, then it connects to a computer, USB cable, but only at the time of recharging. In warning, you can check whether other USB operating modes are available, if you have encountered such a model, then you should do this: select the “charging through USB” item, or try other options.

The computer does not see files on the smartphone

This problem is solved as follows: when connecting the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 ZB602KL to PC, select “File Transfer” and Android will allow the computer to view files.

If the problem did not dare to eat a workaround, throw the files on the computer by uploading them to the mail, to the messenger or cloud. And you can also connect a USB flash drive through an adapter and copy data on it.

What to do if the laptop does not see a smartphone

To establish why the phone is not determined when connecting to the laptop, without experience and special equipment it is impossible. To solve the problem, we advise an experienced user to check the presence of drivers and the condition of the operating system, as well as find and delete viruses.

However, to reflash the smartphone or repair the hardware part of the laptop do not recommend. The firmware versions found on the network are often not suitable or carries a malicious code, and the repair of details at home leads to damage to the working components. Both that and another ultimately aggravates the problem. Therefore, in the event of a malfunction, it follows:

  • Check the smartphone settings;
  • Check the condition of the ports in the “Device Manager”. If they do not work, you need repairs;
  • Restart the phone and laptop and try to connect the device again;
  • In case of failure. Order repairs in ASUS service center.

The restoration of laptops, smartphones and other equipment in the service center is performed by experienced craftsmen with five years of experience. With an urgent order, the service engineer will find and eliminate the breakdown per day. In the course of working with technology, technical specialists use professional equipment and branded spare parts, which provides reliable quality of the result at affordable prices.

Free download

To download applications, you need to use only proven resources to avoid applying malicious attacks to a computer. After that, it is necessary to follow the instructions for the installation and launch described above. Now in the connection of your smartphone and PC there are no difficulties.

Thus, this application greatly facilitates the synchronization of the computer and the mobile device, opening the wider possibilities for their operation. Numerous users have already appreciated the usefulness and quality of the program. Most of them leave positive reviews. Among the most remarkable advantages, the utility is usually distinguished:

  • Easy to use.
  • The speed of installation.
  • The simplicity of the integration.
  • Time savings.
  • Accessibility (program is free).

Asus Zenui PC Suite gives the owner of the device to combine it with his computer. This application is official called ASUS PC Link and is specially intended for direct connection with the computer.

Using this program, you can create a full.Fledged mirror of the screen of your mobile phone by increasing it on a computer to provide full control using a mouse and keyboard. Regardless of what exactly you want to do with your devices, you can do this using standard manipulation devices.

Когда проблема в поломке физического интеейса

Faulty physical intense, especially on a mobile gadget, it is advisable not to use at all (not to load the current in order to avoid aggravation of the breakdown), even if the phone or tablet has retained the ability to charge through them. You can organize content transfer by wireless communication (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), or through cloud services that are available on the same device. In particular, iTunes and iCloud for Apple, Google Drive, Yandex disc, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and many others. For all.

It is convenient to use cloud services to transmit photos, videos, music, documents and other types of files. For synchronization of contacts on Android and PC, Gmail mail features are enough. And to control the phone directly from the computer, you can put an application on them like MyphoneExplorer (consists of 2 parts for phone and for PC), which supports both wireless and wireless connection of devices, without requiring the installation of drivers. Very comfortably.

In a word, there is always a way out and often much simpler than it seems at first glance.

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