Connect A Second Computer To The Internet Through A Router

Connecting two computers to the Internet is easier to do through a router. This will allow them to simultaneously and independently of each other access the Internet and also unite them in a common network, where they can exchange information.

The router is a separate device with its own power supply, and now such a device is not as expensive as it was several years ago. Even the cheapest router can cope with its task, and will successfully distribute the Internet to several computers.

How to connect two computers to the Internet via a cable router?

We will not touch on the settings of the router, as they differ in different models. For acquaintance, you can see an example of setting up a TP-LINK router through a web interface. The principle of his work is as follows. The cable from the provider is connected to the router in the appropriate socket. The settings of the router prescribe all the settings that the provider provides for connecting to the Internet of the computer, namely, you must enter your IP address, enter the subnet mask, the main gateway, preferred DNS server and alternative DNS server. A duplicate of the MAC address of the network card can also be installed if it is controlled, as well as the login and password for accessing the Internet.

To connect two computers to the internet, You need to connect these two computers to the router with a cable. Most routers have four computer sockets. Further it is necessary to configure network connections a little.

1. Automatically connect computers to the Internet through a cable router

In modern models of routers, there is a function of automatically issuing an IP address, and therefore, when setting up network cards, you can check the boxes next to the items "Get IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically".

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2. Manual configuration of connecting computers to the Internet through a router with a cable

If it was not possible to automatically connect computers, you will have to enter all the settings manually. To get to these settings, you must go the next way "Start / Control Panel / Network and Internet / View network status and tasks / Change adapter settings ».

In most cases, the router has an IP address: and it is necessary to register the corresponding data on computers.

In the window "Network connections" we find the network connection of our network card and go to the properties by right-clicking on this connection and choosing "Properties" in the menu that appears. In the next window on the tab "Network" we select the protocol IPv4 and go to the properties. In the window that appears, we configure our network card.

We enter the following data:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Main Gateway: (router IP address)
Preferred DNS Server:

After clicking on the button "OK" The Internet should also work on a second computer. For the following computers, you must change the IP address, for example,,, and so on.

How to connect two computers to the Internet via a router via Wi-Fi?

Some router models also have the ability to connect via Wifi, then internet connection 2 computers can be done wirelessly over Wi-Fi. Usually this is how laptops and various PDAs are connected.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network created by a router is very simple. To do this, just know the network name and access password. In most cases this will be enough. Sometimes there may be problems in Windows with the connection due to a mismatch of the type of network selected, home or public.

When using a router with a Wi-Fi access point, a very large number of devices within range of the access point can connect to the Internet. When using a Wi-Fi router, you should take care of security by setting an access password or a filter for MAC addresses of devices.

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Connect A Second Computer To The Internet Through A Router