Configuring Huawei Hg531 V1 Modem

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The range of Rostelecom routers has replenished with a new model of ADSL WiFi modem. Huawei HG532E. This model is widespread among such large providers as Ukrainian UkrTelecom and Belarusian ByFly. Now they began to use it in Rostelecom (although according to some reports it began to be supplied to some MYFFs at the end of the summer).
For some providers, it may have come with branded firmware. Our branch at the time of writing is not locked. those. in fact with ordinary software.
Based on the practice of its use by other telecom operators, we can definitely say that the HG532E model has already been tested by time and is a good ADSL modem with average performance by modern standards.

On the back there are copper ports. power, RJ11 and 4 LAN ports. There is also a reset button. Reset.
Status indicators are located from the upper end, which is not always convenient.
From the right side of the case. the power button modem, wireless adapter WiFi and WPS:

WiFi antennas of internal design and very weak. only 2 dBi. That is, it is most likely not enough for a large apartment, for a private house, and even more so.

The main characteristics of the device:

Processor. Ralink RT63365E
Flash Memory. Winbond W25Q32 4MB
RAM. Winbond W94256G6 32MB
Ralink Wireless Controller. RT5392L
ADSL Chip. Ralink RT63087N
Ports. 1xWAN RJ11, 4xLAN RJ45 FastEthernet 10/100 Mbps
ADSL2 Support. Yes
AnnexM Support. Yes
Work in bridge mode. supported
Wi-Fi module:
Frequency. 2.4 GHz
Standards. Support for 802.11 b / g / n
MIMO support. yes
Maximum theoretical WiFi speed. 300 Mbps
Information Security. WEP, WPA, WPA2
WPS support. yes
DHCP server. yes

Basic setup of the HG532E router:

As I said above, the current firmware version is not locked under Rostelecom; accordingly, you can configure the device for any provider that provides Internet access using ADSL technology.
The only thing that says that this modem belongs to this service provider is the initial setup wizard and 3 created connections. Therefore, if you need to configure Huawei HG532E for Rostelecom and you received it at your branch, then this process will not be any difficulties.
We go into the web interface of the router using its IP address (URL of the web interface The first thing you will see is an authorization request:

By default, the login for access is admin and the password is admin.
The next step will be to change this password to your own, so that no one else can enter the web interface.

Enter it and click on the “Submit” button.

The next step will be to enter data for authorization with the provider, i.e. login and password for access to the Internet:

Configuring Huawei Hg531 V1 Modem

These data should have been given to you at the conclusion of the contract.
We proceed to the next step:

This is a WiFi wireless network setup. In the “WLAN SSID” field, its name will be indicated, which, however, can be changed to your own. And in the “Key” field, you need to enter the password for Wai-Fi. Click on “Next” and get to the modem status page:

This means that the device is configured and you can connect a telephone line. Please note that by default, 3 services are configured on the modem. Internet, IPTV and IP-telephony. Accordingly, a separate LAN port is allocated for each service:
Internet ports 3 and 4
IPTV. port 2
IP telephony. port 1.

Advanced device configuration:

If you are a more advanced user and want to configure everything yourself “from and to”, then in this case you need to go to the section of the Basic menu. WAN:

Here you will see the created connections, which we will delete. We click on each of them in turn and click the “Remove” button. Each time you will be asked to confirm the action:

After all the existing virtual channels are deleted, we proceed to create new ones. To do this, click on the “New” button and start filling in the fields:

First, for each of the created connections, make sure that there is a daw “WAN connection. Enable”. In the VPI / VCI fields, enter the channel parameters for the Internet, which must first be found in technical support. In our branch it is 0/33. In the “Service List”, you must select INTERNET or INTERNET_TR069, which is almost the same. Skip the “Port Binding” section. “Connection Type” set PPPoE and scroll down the page below. “Connection trigger” set to “Always On”. In the “Username” field, enter the login to access the Internet, and in the “Password” field. the password. Click the “Submit” button and check access to the global network.

Setting up IPTV digital television:

Create another ATM connection using the “New” button:

Enter the VPI and VCI values ​​for IPTV, select “Other” in the “Service List” list, and in the “Port binding” section put a daw on the port where the STB set-top box will be included. At the same time, note that the “Connection type” must be selected “Bridge”. this means that the connection will be of the type “transparent bridge”. Also, I would advise you to check Enable in front of the item “DHCP transparent transmission”. Apply the settings by clicking “Submit”.
WiFi network setup
In the Huawei HG532E modem interface, WiFi settings are collected on the “WLAN” page:

The wireless mode is set to universal by default. 802.11b / g / n, so we leave it that way. In the field “SSID” you need to write the name of our WiFi network. any word in Latin. We put a daw “WMM”. WiFi Multimedia. In the “Security” list, select the type “WPA2-PSK”, or mixed. “WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK”. In the “WPA pre-shared key” field, enter the password for Wi-Fi. it can be any alphanumeric sequence no shorter than 8 characters. If you do not use WPS technology, it is better to remove this daw. Apply the settings.