Computer Health Checker

AIDA64 is the most popular software for detecting hardware, comprehensive testing and monitoring of major nodes.

Sandra is the oldest and most functional software for iron analysis, testing and monitoring.

HWiNFO is a free and very convenient program that provides full information about the computer and its components.

3DMark is the most popular computer performance test in complex three-dimensional applications (games).

Speccy is a very simple and affordable program for detecting computer hardware. From the creators of CCleaner.

Cinebench is a popular and completely free test. It belongs to the category of tests using three-dimensional demo scenes.

PCMark is a popular test of overall computer performance from the creators of the popular 3DMark.

Geekbench is a test of computer performance in real conditions. The test simulates everyday computing tasks.

CPU-Z is a simple utility that provides critical information about key components of a computer.

Core Temp is a tiny program for analyzing and monitoring the current state of a computer’s processor.

FurMark is a popular stress test for a computer graphics card. Known as an extremely intense test. Represents a demo scene.

ASTRA (Advanced Sysinfo Tool Reporting Assistant). Program for determining computer configuration and diagnostics.

MSI Afterburner is the most powerful and most popular tool for overclocking cards, with chips made by Nvidia and AMD.

Computer Health Checker

GPU-Z is a small utility for the complete analysis of a card and all its parameters. Almost all chips are supported.

HWMonitor displays information from the main sensors of the system (values ​​change in real time).

Sidebar Diagnostics. the sidebar of the desktop, which displays basic information about the main components of the computer.

VRMark. a test to test your computer for performance with virtual reality systems.

SIW. the program displays detailed information about all components of the computer.

OCCT is a free program for monitoring and testing key hardware components of a computer.

Belarc Advisor checks the system and creates a detailed report on the hardware, software, network and security of the tested computer.

HD Tune Pro is a diagnostic and diagnostic utility for hard drives and flash drives.

FRAPS is a program that calculates FPS (frames per second) in games, as well as in other applications.

A free utility that provides wide data on storage media: HDD, SSD and external connected via USB.

CrystalDiskMark is a small program for testing the performance of storage media HDD and SSD.

UserBenchMark is a simple computer performance test with an online database of user test results.

Unigine Benchmark is the most popular series of benchmarks with three-dimensional demo scenes (Superposition, Valley, Heaven, Tropics and Sanctuary).

ATTO Disk Benchmark. the most popular utility for testing the performance of storage media.