Computer Does Not See Windows 7 Drive

It happens that the next time you start the computer, the Windows7 OS does not detect the drive. You can solve this problem more often yourself, without contacting the service department.

What to do if the computer does not see the Windows 7 drive

The reasons why a PC stops finding a CD / DVD drive can be either physical or software.

To correct the situation, the following methods should help.

Hardware Verification

If the device is not detected, then you need to check its performance. The reasons can be various:

  • No power. Press the button on the drive to exit the CD tray. If he does not respond, then it turns out that power is not supplied to him. Perhaps a modernization of the PC was made and the connectors were poorly inserted back. Check the connector that goes from the drive to the power supply.
  • In a loop. This cable connects the drive to the motherboard. To test performance, the best option would be to replace it.
  • In the drive. Due to dust during operation, the laser starts to junk and discs may not play. In this case, it is recommended to clean the head from dust, but for this you will have to disassemble the component. The best solution would be to purchase a special disk to clean the head from contamination. It is enough to insert it into the drive and run.
  • In the controller. If the catch is in the firmware, then you need to go to the manufacturer’s portal and download the necessary drivers. They are installed according to the instructions downloaded by one archive with drivers.

Bios setup

You should see if you see a cider in BIOS. Each manufacturer has its own hot keys for entering BIOS. Most often, the “Del” or “F2” keys are used to enter. If you don’t know how to get into the BIOS, you can read here.

Computer Does Not See Windows 7 Drive

The “Main” tab displays the connected disk devices. If you do not see “CD-ROM” on this page, then to display it, find the section

and set the value “Enable” on all ports.

Exit with saving.

So, if the computer does not determine the device for working with DVD / CD discs, then you definitely need to check the permissions for it in BIOS.

There is one more nuance. When the “CD-ROM” value is present in the BIOS, but is not displayed by the operating system, there may be a conflict between the motherboard and the drive enable mode.

Look at the contents of the “SATA Mode” item in the “Main” section. If you have a new drive and an old motherboard, then perhaps it does not fully support the hardware. Try switching SATA Mode to another mode.

Checking settings in the operating system

First of all, remember what software was installed recently. It happens that when installing games, they create a virtual space that can cause a conflict with the DVD-drive.

Check for hardware in the system:

  • Right-click the mice on the “Computer” folder.
  • Go to the “Properties” item in a pop-up window.
  • In the new window, on the left, select the line “Device Manager” and open it.
  • On the right, stand on the line “DVD and CD-ROM drives” and open it.
  • See if your drive is displayed in it. And whether there is a yellow exclamation mark next to it.
  • If there is a yellow warning near the CD drive, uninstall the driver. To do this, double-click on the line with your device, in the window that appears in the tab “Driver” click “Delete”.
  • Reboot the computer.

When loading the Win7 OS, it will automatically update the software for the missing component.

When the CD drive in the system is determined to be working, then:

  • In the contents of “Device Manager”, click on the name of the drive and right-click on it to open a pop-up menu.
  • Check the “Device Status” in it. It must be turned on.
  • If not, turn it on. If it is enabled, then click “Disable”.
  • Reboot the computer.

Reinstall the IDE and ATAPI drivers. To do this, find the “IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers” section in the contents of the “Device Manager” section and expand it. Delete all parameters from it one by one. At the end, reboot the system.

Use the Check Device Utility

This program checks for connected equipment in Windows and, if it is not recognized, reinstalls the driver.

  • Run the program Check Device.
  • In the main window, open “Disk Devices” and check the drive information.

If the drive is problematic, then in the top menu “Actions” you can select “Search for driver”.

Correct the registry

If there are errors when trying to reinstall the CD-device, then you need to remove 2 parameters from the registry “LowerFilters” and “Upfilters”. They may contain erroneous data. They can be found via the function key “F3”.

After deleting these entries, be sure to reboot the PC.

Scan for viruses.

There are viruses that cause PC hardware locks.

Therefore, an anti-virus program must be installed on the computer. It is not necessary to have a paid one, for home use there are many free antivirus programs.

In the event that the cause of the disappearance of the sidirome was viruses, it is possible to restore the visibility of the missing component using the DVD Drive Repair program.

Perform System Restore

If the drive for Windows 7 is not displayed and the failure occurred in the OS itself, then it is possible to restore the previous state by selecting a rollback point. This item is located in the “Control Panel”. “System and safety”.

When restoring, select the point at which the cider worked. At the end of the procedure, the PC will reboot.

If the above methods did not help, then the CD / DVD drive itself is not working properly and you should contact the after-sales service.

As you can see, the problem why the computer does not see the Windows 7 drive is solvable. And the above methods usually help eliminate the cause. Good work!

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Thank you, you clearly explain, BUT. The laptop DOES NOT SEE the drive and, naturally, it is not in the device manager. What to do with this? Rollback did not help.