Check Samsung for originality by IMEI

How to check the Samsung phone for originality

Samsung phones. one of the most popular on the market of mobile devices. Every year the manufacturer presents a range of new smartphones, pushing further and further the boundaries of the possible. Because of their popularity and demand smartphones are massively counterfeited by little-known manufacturers who produce low-powered and cheap clones of the devices. How to avoid buying such a clone? And how to check your cell phone brand Samsung on the originality? We will tell in our material.

Most Samsung clone phones are produced with cheap components, reflecting their low quality. Therefore it is quite easy to detect a fake, simply by paying attention to the appearance of the purchased device.

Checking the originality of your Samsung mobile device can help you look at the following:

  • The screen is a fake screen made of cheap glass;
  • The fake screen is not as bright and vibrant as the original device;
  • Some of the sensors are not working or are missing altogether;
  • The “Home” button is not located in the same place as the original product;

Why Shall I Use Samsung Checker?

As you could notice above, our checkers allow you to reach an impressive amount of information. You probably didn’t even know about some of them, others are quite obvious. Nevertheless, it’s worth knowing how to check each of them because you never know when they might come in handy! Carrier. Origin County. Product Code. Production Date. and Location. as well as Warranty Date. are available here. If you are looking for some second-hand Samsung those details are priceless. You can double-check if the information that the seller passes you is exactly the same as our system holds. If the information is totally different, you may be sure that the seller is unfair and the offered product is fake. Also, you can also check important data about your current phone. For example, the expiration warranty date. which usually eludes us, yet often is a lifesaver!

over, it really is impressive that all you need to have to find all those data, is your IMEI Number. And right below you will learn about all possible ways to discover IMEI on your Samsung.

The main differences between the original and fake

Many of the copies are made with high quality, which causes a lot of difficulties during the verification stage. In appearance they can copy the original product to the smallest detail. In this case the discrepancies reveal themselves somewhat later, during the direct use of the device.

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Applications can not be installed on the phone normally, suspension occurs, lags, as well as communication quality is reduced. To avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters and save your own finances and nerves, it is recommended to get acquainted with the main differences between the original Samsung product from the highest quality replicas.

Assembly quality

Genuine Samsung smartphones are always made from durable and high quality materials with good quality components. And these components can be developed directly within the company or purchased from trusted suppliers who provide a full warranty.

Replicas are often assembled in secret underground factories using outdated or non-original components. The materials are also not very reliable and durable. Often this fact can be seen even with the naked eye and to the touch. Because of the use of internal elements of dubious quality fakes end up functioning much worse and fail quickly. There are regular failures, which, in some cases, simply can not be fixed.

software of the device

Just before release to the market, the software of Samsung brand devices goes through a multi-step testing. Initially, the developers themselves identify possible vulnerabilities and fix various bugs. And then there’s the Google verification, as the company is responsible for making sure the Android operating system works. The verification process always tests the speed of operation, as well as the efficiency of the security features used.

This approach helps to ensure that the gadgets are stable and secure software for users to manage their finances and keep personal information safe.

Samsung regularly releases updates for the software used. This way, users can keep up with all the latest trends in file and data handling. Also updates allow you to fix all the defects and bugs that have appeared during use. Advanced security system guarantees safety from cybercriminals gaining experience.

The software of fake devices often does not have these qualities. Unscrupulous manufacturers of replicas strive for external resemblance to the original, often overlooking a lot of important details in the shell. The dangers of using fake smartphones are not only related to the risk of failure, but also to a reduced level of security.

Official services and functionality

Genuine Samsung devices come preloaded with proprietary services that set them apart from the competition. These include the Play Market app store, Google services, as well as the proprietary payment system Samsung Pay. Such apps are specially designed to be used on specific models, so it’s hard to guarantee their performance on copies.

Original Samsung always has a warranty, in which the seller must record the date and place of sale. If the device breaks down or is found to be defective, the customer can get another product under warranty.

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Fake smartphones have no manufacturer’s warranty. The relevant document will simply be missing from the box or be a substandard copy.

New or refurbished Samsung Galaxy phone

Using the system code you can check if your phone is new or recovered. Go to the number dial and enter:

Two command buttons appear, one is “View” and the other is “Reset. Press “View”, then you’ll get the information you need about your phone. View the “reconditioned status” parameter. If it is set to “No”, then the phone is new.

Check using the service code

This is the easiest and fastest way to check any Galaxy Smartphone for originality. Each of the company’s devices has a proprietary menu that is launched by a secret code.

  • Open the dialer application
  • Enter the code #7353#
  • On the screen you should see the following menu, where there are various options to test the phone components.

Turn it on

A reliable way to test the Samsung Galaxy S8 for originality is simply to turn the device on. The method works only for a used smartphone that was previously used by another owner. The algorithm of actions in this case is as follows:

  • Press the power button.
  • Wait for the name of the brand Samsung to appear.
  • Next, the name of the Android OS is likely to appear.
  • The screen shows the name of the specific model.

If any of these elements is not displayed, it may indicate a non-original device. But this is not an exact method, because even in official Samsung smartphones there can be nuances.

Checking by IMEI

IMEI. mobile device identifier, which is necessary for working with cellular networks. This code is unique for each phone. The number of IMEI corresponds to the number of SIM-cards the device can work with, that is, a dual SIM smartphone will have two identifiers.

How to know IMEI of your Samsung phone: Open the application for making calls and enter service code #06#; data IMEI and serial number of the device will appear.

An additional way to check the Samsung phone for originality is to check the IMEI numbers in the firmware of the device and on its box. they must match.

go to official Samsung website; select “Support” section in the top menu; go to “Information & Warranty”. “Samsung Galaxy IMEI Check”; select your country of residence; enter your e-mail address (e-mail address must be real. this is where the report will be sent); enter your IMEI number; check both boxes at the bottom of the form; click on “Send Request”; wait for the report e-mail (this may take several minutes).

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Samsung IMEI check is not a full guarantee of device authenticity. In some cases, fraudsters find out the real numbers and bind them to fake smartphones, but this happens very rarely.

Example of official IMEI check report.

The official website does not always give information for devices older than Galaxy S7. In such case there is another way to check Samsung by IMEI. use special services, such as SNDeepInfo or

How to find out information about your smartphone through the SNDeepInfo service: Go to the home page of the site Click on the “Samsung” button above the field to enter the number. Type IMEI or serial number and press “Check” button (to get information about the country and date of manufacture it is necessary to specify the serial number).

Why should I use the Samsung Checking Service?

As you may have noticed before, our checks allow you to access an impressive amount of information. Some of the details you probably don’t even know, while others seem obvious to you. Anyway, it is always worth knowing how to access them, you never know when they might come in handy! Operator. Country of Origin. Product code. Date of Manufacture. And also the Place of Production. just like the Warranty Date. it’s all available here. If you’re going to buy your Samsung off-hand, this information will be invaluable to you. You can easily double-check the information the seller gave you and compare it with the one in our system. If the data doesn’t match, you can be sure that the seller is cheating and the product he offers is a fake. You can also find important information about your current phone. For example, the date of the warranty expiration. which we often forget, but sometimes it can save our lives!

over it is not less surprising that to find out all this you just need your IMEI number. And in the table below you will find all the ways to check the IMEI on your Samsung.


This feature is only available for Android users, moreover. only those who have their own Google account.

  • Go to your browser and open
  • After that, log in to your Google account.
  • Then, open the Android tab.
  • That’s all. Here you will find a complete list of Android devices that are linked to your Google Account, with all their IMEI numbers.
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