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Check Icloud Binding

Since 2011, Apple has been offering a virtual storage and data synchronization service, the so-called iCloud, which literally means iCloud.

What is iCloud for?

ICloud is a completely free storage for photos,s, documents and contacts, with a capacity of 5 GB, with the possibility of expansion. By the way, the cost of data storage in iCloud has significantly decreased, and among similar services, it has become the most affordable. And an additional amount of data is offered in the amount of 20 and 200 GB.

Connecting an apple friend to the cloud opens up broad prospects for data management:

Access to information of anyone connected to an Apple device account from anywhere in the world. That is, each of your photos taken during the day will automatically appear on all the gadgets that are registered under your account. Therefore, it is advisable not to forget about checking the synchronization of the iPhone with iCloud before uploading personal information to the iPhone. Otherwise, a situation may arise, as with the heroes of the movie “Home”.

The situation is similar with programs, applications and games downloaded through the Apple Store, all of which will automatically appear on all Apple gadgets synchronized with iCloud. And when you connect family access, five more people get the same opportunity. At the same time, when buying personal content, you can hide it from other members of the group. If purchases are made by children, then they can be possible only after the approval of the choice by the parents. Also, when connecting to family access, all photos are automatically recorded in the general family album, and in case of transferring the date of the family event, a warning will be sent to all participants.

Automatic data backup according to the specified parameters. This function will help to recover accidentally deleted documents. And return all the data and settings after resetting the iPhone, or as a result of its loss.

Also, using iCloud, you can track the location of the phone, and block it if necessary. The function of determining the geolocation will allow you to find out where your loved ones are (if necessary, it can be easily turned off).

In general, icloud has much more pros than cons. And you have to deal with its shortcomings if the Apple ID synchronized with iCloud suddenly becomes inaccessible to the owner of an iPhone or iPad.

When do I need an iPhone check for icloud?

Before buying at an unauthorized point of sale, you should make sure that your iPhone is not connected to iCloud, because when you try to update iOS, or reset it to the factory settings, the iPhone can turn into a “brick”. A similar situation can occur if the password for Apple ID has been forgotten, and the email to which it was linked is no longer relevant.

How to check the lock?

The easiest way ─ in the settings, select iCloud, and view the field / account /, if it is busy, then on this iPhone or iPad there is a connection to iCloud. And, when you try to reset the data to the factory settings, or update iOS, the iPhone will ask for the Apple ID and password for the account in the cloud.

In addition, Apple has personally taken care of the possibility of checking apple gadgets for binding to iCloud from any gadget. Now, to check the iPhone for a potential brick, it is enough to know its serial number or IMEI. These codes are located in the gadget itself, in the menu / Settings / General / About this device /. And if access to the menu is not possible, then IMEI can be read from the back cover of the gadget, from its packaging, or from the SIM card tray. Then everything is simple, you need to go to the iCloud page, in the section / check the status of the activation lock / enter in the IMEI, or serial number, captcha, and get the answer: is activation lock on this gadget enabled.

From the foregoing, there are several rules for the successful use of iCloud

1. For an iCloud account, use only a real email address, and be sure to type in additional email to reset your password.

2. Try to write down the ID, password and mailboxes in several places, on paper, as well as in the home computer database.

3. Answers to control questions are better to remember and write down

4. Do not give anyone your Apple ID and password! To register a new account, it will take several minutes, but to restore a blocked one, it may take several days or months.

5. Before selling your gadget, be sure to reset your iPhone or iPad by deleting all accounts and bindings to iCloud. Your buyer will be grateful to you, and you will be spared the problems with other gadgets that are in sync with icloud under the same account.

6. In the event of a breakdown in relations with another user, it is also worth replacing the existing ID number, disconnecting this person’s apple devices from iCloud. Or change your own account, leaving your previous Apple ID to the second user, in this case, you need to back up and delete your data from the cloud, as well as be ready to provide the account password that will be required during the first update.

7. Sell iPhone from hand to hand, as there are very frequent cases of fraud associated with the transfer.

8. Before buying, perform an iPhone check on iCloud, and reset the previous Apple ID. The easiest way to check for an Apple ID is to go to the Apple Store and try to make a free purchase, if the iPhone is free from an iPod number, the pop-up window will have a button: “create a new Apple ID”.

In our practice, we often encounter a request to restore the Ai-di number or the need to set up an iPhone in iCloud. Therefore, we have accumulated enough experience in this area to solve the problems of apple gadgets associated with ioblac. You can get a free consultation by contacting one of the iFix service centers, or by contacting a chat specialist.