Check Display Iphone 7

When working in the SC for repairing apple technology, you come across various situations that can only occur with iPhone owners. Just because no other brand existing on the market is so different about its originality. And situations are funny.

For example, they bring in a broken iPhone for repair, bought for a very decent amount. And when disassembling, it may turn out that this phone is half Chinese, besides, being in use.

Or, you need to replace the display on the iPhone, and instead of a broken one, the client offers, bought with his own hand, a screen module. Which, for verification, turns out to be the production of the Chinese industry, and even not of the most worthy quality.

Therefore, today we will talk about the urgent about the urgent, if necessary, replace the iPhone display, the problem: how to distinguish the original display on the iPhone from Chinese. To do this, consider each of the representatives in more detail.

So, before us are two screen modules: Chinese and 100% original.

The main difference is the quality of workmanship. Real apples are made from the finest, finest, finest and finest ingredients. Therefore, if at least some element is loose, or has burrs, be sure that he came from Chinatown. However, Chinaprom also does not stand still, so this may be all right.

Let’s start an exciting game. find the differences!

Now, we turn both modules backside, the first thing that the original screen can boast of is the presence of vertical, protective stripes on both sides of the display. their function is to prevent gaps on the sides of the digitizer. The Chinese, of course, have no stripes.

In the licensed module, all components are reliably protected by special stickers and inscriptions, indicating codes and serial numbers.

Next, consider the loop of the display and sensor. In the original version, both connectors should have full marking. But the option of the presence of data on only one loop may indicate that the sandwich is prefabricated. Most often it is arranged according to this principle: apple display, but senor, ─ already Chinese. What follows from this, we will consider later, but for now we continue the search for differences.

Fortune telling by marker strip, or test for oleophobic coating.

Check Display Iphone 7

We are not looking for easy ways, and therefore, the easiest way to distinguish the original display on the iPhone from the Chinese, was left for a snack. It will require a regular marker. Draw a marker line directly on the front panel of the sensor. We look at what happened:

  • The original touchscreen has the ability to dissolve stains from touch and pollution. Therefore, the marker track spreads out into several tiny dots. Even with repeated erasing and drawing, on the touch glass of an iPhone.
  • A good Chinese copy of an iPhone, for the first time, may turn out to be approximately the same, but with subsequent attempts to reproduce a masterpiece, the strip will remain increasingly brighter and clearer. The success of the first attempt is due to the presence on the market of all kinds of protective equipment that allows you to temporarily repel dirt. But with each new wiping, this layer is becoming thinner and less effective.

What is bad about the original iPhone display?

The fact that the Chinese screen module is installed on the iPhone, the specialist will immediately understand:

  • When tilted, a track of pixels becomes visible on the display
  • In sunlight, the picture is less bright and clear
  • When scrolling with your fingers, the response is slowed down, or slippage
  • Light sensor malfunction

In addition to these disadvantages of use, the Chinese screen also breaks much easier than the original, because, due to savings on materials, it has increased fragility, with significant hardness. And this means that the replacement of the iPhone glass, for its owner, will occur more often.