Changing your voice when calling Android

Is it possible to change the voice on the phone

Sometimes people need to change their voice to make a phone call. But trying to implement this idea, many encounter problems. Trying to change the voice by affecting the vocal chords is not always effective, because you need an actor’s talent. But modern technology can help you change your voice beyond recognition, all you have to do is install special software.

You may need such a feature to solve work issues. For example, the director of a company wants to know how effectively his employees work with clients. Some people disguise their voice for serious negotiations.

But also do not forget that some subscribers like to play pranks on their friends and relatives. For fun, you can change your voice beyond recognition and congratulate someone on a holiday on behalf of a famous person.

Applications to change the voice on Android download free

Number of downloads Google Play: 100 000 000

A popular voice-changing app with many audio effects, including giant, squirrel, alien, helium, and many others.

You simply record a phrase or sentence and apply effects. The result can be saved on your smartphone or published on social networks. Also in the application there is an opportunity to attach a picture to the file or set it as a ringtone.

All filters and effects in the app are free, and buying the paid version will save you from ads.

Video editor Change Your Voice

Change your voice and make funny videos

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Speech Maskers

The task of secrecy of telephone conversations appeared long before cell phones and personal computers. In order to protect the communication channel for negotiations, a special device, called in Russian “speech masker” was invented. Its essence is that if you use this device during the conversation, the offender who wants to listen to it will not understand anything because of the extraneous sounds. The interlocutor on the other end will hear you perfectly well if he has a special decoder.

Here is a video clip describing the program for changing the voice of the call “Voice Changer”:

How to change the voice on the phone using improvised means

You do not have to use special applications or complex electronic devices to change your voice and intonation of speech. It can be done much easier, with proven methods.

  • The easiest way to do this is to pinch your nose with two fingers, your voice will change and become gnarly at once. It will be extremely difficult to recognize it.
  • If you inflate a balloon with helium and then take a sip of the gas, your voice becomes squeaky. The caller will feel like a child is on the other end of the line.
  • The kazoo, a wind instrument, has no problem changing your vocal pitch. It looks like a conical cigarette with a removable tip. It has a thin paper membrane that vibrates under the influence of sound waves and distorts the voice.
  • Volumetric glass vessel will help to transform your voice into a computer voice with metallic notes. It is necessary to hold it near the receiver during the whole conversation and to pronounce the words into the throat.
  • If you cover the tube with a handkerchief or a piece of dense cloth, and change the voice, the speech becomes muffled and has an unusual timbre.

But the easiest way to cope with such a task can be people who know the art of acting. Nature gives a talent of imitator to few people, so they try to use their gift, working on the dubbing of foreign films and programs. Recognize that the voices of several or even all of the characters speaks the same person, can only a professional.

Using voice masks

To preserve the anonymity of interlocutors and ensure the secrecy of telephone conversations, specialists began to think long before the invention of personal computers and mobile devices. To protect conversations in the fixed telephone network, a special device was invented. a scrambler, called in Russian a speech masker.

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Its working principle is simple: during a conversation on the whole communication channel it creates special noise and interference. An intruder connected to the network will not be able to understand anything, because he will hear muffled speech. Subscribers will be able to hear each other because special filters will cut off the noise. To prevent tapping attempts scrambler must be turned on and near the phone throughout the conversation, and at both interlocutors. Otherwise the protection will be one-way.

Today, manufacturers produce a wide range of speech maskers, designed for installation on both stationary (local) and cell phones (connected as a headset). And yet the owners of mobile devices prefer to use cryptophones. smartphones with more secure crypto protection.

With the help of an application for smartphones

Today the most popular option for voice communications are mobile networks. The use of smartphones has led developers to create special applications to ensure proper privacy. Dozens of apps can be found in the Google and Apple service stores today.

How to use such programs, we can consider the example of Funcalls. You should first find and download a utility from Play Market

  • When the program asks for access to contacts and other functions, you should agree to everything and press the “Allow” button.
  • Find the keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen and tap on it.
  • Select your country code and enter the phone number you want to call.
  • Select the effect you like from the list. The only exceptions are the options “Helium” and “Scary”, which are available only after a paid subscription.

You can check the application in test mode. To do it, choose the “Free demo” option in the lower left corner of the screen, call your number and try the functions for three minutes.

How to change the timbre of your voice

If the owner of a smartphone is not facing the task of radically transforming the voice, you can do with changing its timbre. Sometimes it’s helpful to use the following tricks to temporarily disguise your voice:

  • During the conversation say the words through clenched teeth;
  • Softening consonant sounds by adding a “y” in front of vowels;
  • to speak in a particular dialect;
  • practice in advance the pronunciation of speech with an English, German, French or, in a pinch, a Caucasian accent.

Some people try to change the timbre of their voice by changing the position of their lips: pushing them forward or pulling them in a pout.

How to change your voice over the phone with the help of a service provider

Fans of playing a prank on relatives and friends, to prank their colleagues, turn for help to mobile operators. Major providers around the world give their customers the ability to change their voice, but only on a fee basis. Today Russian cellular operators also offer a similar entertainment service.

Voice Changer from Tele2. To use the service you will need

  • Dial short number 334 and press call button;
  • Select the filter you like for voice imitation;
  • To enter number of caller to play a trick on;.

After that the connection will be automatically established through voice change module. After the end of the call the service is terminated, the cost of the call and the subsequent conversation is 12 per minute.

changing, your, voice, calling

“Voice for Hire” from MegaFon. To make a call using this service you need to send a USSD-request 0696#9XXXXXXXXXXX and wait for the connection. Subscriber number can be specified in the following formats: 79XXXXXXXXXXX or 89XXXXXXXXXXX.

To choose an effect you like, you can familiarize with each of them in advance. Voice demonstration will be available after pressing the “” key in the voice menu.

How to change your voice when calling on the phone. the best apps on Android

Everyone knows that today there are many applications for Android phones, allowing to significantly increase the standard functionality of the device. For example, with the help of a certain program you can turn your smartphone into a professional microphone or camera, and what is even more interesting. you can change the voice of the call. This can be useful for some prank or to clarify information in a person. In this article let’s get acquainted in detail with the applications that are designed to change the voice while talking to another subscriber on the phone.

Best applications to change the voice

If you decide to try to find a program to change the voice on Google Play, you will be offered a variety of applications, among which it is really difficult to find something worthwhile. That’s why we decided to ease the search, compiling a rating of the best utilities. You can read about all of them in detail below.

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The Funcalls app is one of the best when it comes to changing the voice of the call. It is completely free of charge, and the most important thing is that there is no advertising at all. However the only disadvantage for Russian speaking users is that the interface works in English only. Although this is not a minus, because below is a detailed description of how to use the software. So, the first thing to do is to go to Google Play and install the application:

  • In the search enter the name of the program Funcalls.
  • Go to the page with the utility and click the “Install” button.
  • Next, launch the application and provide the necessary permissions.

At this point the initial settings are complete, and it means that we can move on to changing the voice and use it as intended. For this, by tradition, we will use the step-by-step instructions:

  • Click on the keyboard icon, located at the bottom of the display.
  • Enter the phone number of the person you want to call. Then select the option to change your voice, for example you can pretend to be a rude man, a cheerful child, or someone mysterious. Simply tick the option and press the button to make a call. By the way, if you check the box next to “Record Call”, all conversations will be recorded.

In the settings you can change your phone number, share recorded conversations with friends, watch a training video or contact technical support.

By the way, although the program is free, but to get more features you need to buy the full version. The basic version is available only three types of voice and the total duration of the conversation is equal to thirty minutes.

Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer is an excellent alternative to the previous application that has the same functionality. The program can also be completely free to install from Play Market, which we will certainly do:

  • Enter the name of the Call Voice Changer utility into the Google Play search.
  • Navigate to the page with the application as shown on the screenshot below.
  • Click on the “Install” button and wait for the installation procedure to complete.

Install Call Voice Changer app

And now we can proceed to the settings and use of the software. The detailed guide below will help you to do everything properly:

  • Open the installed application.
  • Click on the “Allow” button in the window that appears and grant the necessary permissions for the program.
  • Next, if you wish, review the privacy policy and select “Skip”.

Configure the Call Voice Changer program

After the above steps the program is fully ready to use. In order to change the voice during a call, call the desired subscriber, and then click on the button “Changing“. You can choose from several editing options, including the voice of a child, man, robot, woman or girl. It is also possible to save the conversation in a file for subsequent sending it to friends.

changing, your, voice, calling

Note that the application does not work correctly on all devices, so if something went wrong, select another program.

Call Voice Changer

Finally, the last application in our ranking is Call Voice Changer. Yes, the name of the program is similar to the previous one, so use the step-by-step instruction not to make a mistake when choosing the software:

  • Enter Call Voice Changer in the Play Store search.
  • Open the application page, which has the exact same icon as in the screenshot below.
  • Click the Install button.

Install Call Voice Changer

Note right away that the program has a lot of ads, so if this annoys you, it is better to choose another application. And if not, we move on to its configuration:

  • Click on the button “Allow” in the window that appears several times.
  • Then select “Start.
  • Now you can set up voice changes, which will be noticeable during the call. To do this, click on the item “During Call Setting” and select the desired option.

Configure the application Call Voice Changer

Now you can call the desired person and press the appropriate key to activate the voice change. There are many options, so everyone will find a suitable voice format for themselves.

In conclusion, we note that this article presented the best applications to change the voice of the call on the Android phone. In order to make the right choice you can install each of the programs and choose the best option for you. If you have any questions, write them in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We are always happy to answer and help you!

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Where to Download a Program to Change the Voice in Games on Computer or Android?

As for changing the voice in a computer game, it is a little easier. Virtually all network games, which involve not only playing with rivals, but also communicating, have a built-in voice changer. You just need to choose the right option in the game settings and then communicate with other players.

If you are an active user of a messenger like Skype, you will need a program like Clownfish to change your voice. This program is specifically designed to work in conjunction with Skype. The Clownfish program can be downloaded from the official website

Once downloaded, the program is installed on your computer. Now you need to synchronize Skype and Clownfish. First open the application, and then Skype itself. By default, when you open Skype, you will be asked to access the Clownfish program, allow it. In case this does not happen, you will have to configure it yourself.

To do this in the Skype settings open the tab “Advanced” and select there “Control other programs access to Skype.

In the window that opens we enable the use of Clownfish. The settings are made, now the voice can be changed during the call, based on the effects provided in the program.

It is worth noting that Clownfish is essentially a plugin for Skype and does not work separately as a program!

Nowadays hardly anyone talks through a computer, except via Skype. Most people use cell phones. And they already have more and more functionality similar to computers.

If you remember, the first cell phones were exactly the phones, they did not even have a camera. But, civilization develops and this is all normal. There are a lot of applications that can help you change your voice during the call.

If you want a quality application with a wide range of functions you should choose the paid version. If you just want to have some fun, free programs with minimum functions will do. But they do have many different sets that can be used to change your voice.

The two most popular programs among all of them are Funcalls and Call Voice Changer. Downloading them is not difficult, just go to “Play Market” and type the names of these programs.

And then we install these programs and begin to use them.

Voice Modulator with 50 effects

At the bottom of the Voice Modulator app are the main functions: Record Audio, Open Audio, Saved Recordings and the button with information about the program itself. Record an audio recording or select a saved recording from the folder, we can listen to the fun effects and save them. Then you can trim the desired fragment, share it with your friends or delete it.

than 50 effects are available thanks to a combination of several: Robot, Chipmunk, Child, Old Man, Martian, 6 kinds of Glee, Drunk, Valley, Church, Telephone, Underwater, Broken Language, Bee, Alien, Nervous, Duck, Horrible, Devil, Big Robot, Little Robot, Alien 1 and 2, Giant, Fan, Big Alien, Raspy, Voice of a Woman, Helium, Hexafluoride, Monster, Tunnel, Low Battery, Accelerate, Robot Chipmunk, Broken Tongue Robot, Robot Duck, Martian Chipmunk, Martian Duck and others.

There are a lot of people who like to make fun of their neighbors or just “stand out”. That is why the number of such applications in the software stores is enormous.

We have considered only some of the most popular programs for mobile devices, leaving out of sight not only their less successful analogues but also a lot of similar software designed for PC.

It’s worth remembering once again: You have to know the limits in this kind of fun. Otherwise an overly successful joke can turn into a serious problem for the joker himself.

Never played Dandy, but I have played a lot of games and tested a lot of apps on my smartphone. Doing what he likes to do. Keeps track of the “Games” and “Applications” sections.

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