Changing the voice when talking on the phone

Programs to change the voice on Android in real time online

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There are situations when you need to mask the voice, so the person you are talking to won’t know who you are talking to. For this need, there are plenty of mobile apps that convert the sound signal, that is, the voice, in various ways. Check out the best of its kind applications.

Voice changer apps for Android download free

Number of Google Play downloads: 100,000,000

Popular voice changer app with many audio effects, including giant, squirrel, alien, helium and many others.

You simply record a phrase or sentence and apply effects. Save the result on your phone, or share it on social networks. Also in the application there is an opportunity to attach a picture to the file or set it as a ringtone.

All the filters and effects in the application are available for free, and the purchase of the paid version will save you from advertising.

Voice changer for calls (Change Yo Voice)

Change Yo Voice is a fun program to change the voice of the call with a clear and simple interface. Imagine how surprised your friend or acquaintance will be when they hear a funny voice!

If you want to fool around, have fun and cheer yourself up, the application is just for you. Ask you how to change your voice when speaking on the phone? Voice changer works very simply! You need to choose one of the famous characters by whose voice you want to make a prank call, then choose the phone number of the person you want to play a prank on (or enter the number manually if it is not saved in the phone book) and make a call. In this case, the transformer (change) of the voice from the first second of the phone call. There is no need to record or save your speech!

Voice changer for Android

In the voice changer the choice of voices is presented in the form of tiles from the icons of funny characters.

9 voice effects are available: voice of monster, child, Darth Vader (Dark forces), robot, macho, chipmunk, cyborg with metallic timbre, cartoon effect, ECHO.

You can listen to sample voices before the call. You just need to click on the icon of each of the characters and listen to how they will approximately sound on the other end of the wire.

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This is a very fun voice changer app that you can use to make fun of someone. You can call any unknown number and prank anyone. You can call your sister, brother, aunt, classmate, co-worker. Anyone.

Let me remind you that the voice changer works in real time.е. The voice changer happens online. Calls from the program, however, are for a fee.

As in most countries anonymous calls are forbidden and to make jokes on your friends you have to wait until April 1st. On April 1st, you can’t trust anyone! Only on this day you can call anonymously as much as you want and make jokes to your heart’s content using voice simulator.

This voice changer is a very cool and fun program on Android to change the voice when calling. In addition, you can also record a video postcard with greetings or a joke and send it via social networks or e-mail.

Usually such programs are organized so that you must first turn on the microphone and record your speech, then there are further actions. In this case, the developers have tried to change the voice during the conversation. This is really cool!

It is worth noting that the program to change the voice Change Yo Voice works with a stable Internet connection 3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi.

Delight your friends, acquaintances and relatives with a friendly joke, prank or an unusual greeting! Amuse the audience with an impressive voice, filled with different effects. Laughter prolongs life!

P.S. Unfortunately, no app is available at the moment 🙁

List of the best applications for calls with modified voice

There are various applications that can be used to change the way we talk when we make a call. Remember, these tools must be activated before and deactivated after the call.

Among the best we found are the following:

Best Voice Changer-free

This app is not designed to change your voice while you are talking. Nevertheless, is a good option to achieve divergent results in your phonology when creating or sending notes, as it allows you to record and modify it with different filters or even use old audio files and fix them. It’s a great choice for those who like to send audio.

Call Voice Changer-IntCall

This tool is currently only available for iOS devices. Although it was previously available on Android, for reasons unknown to us it was taken from the Play Store. However, it works perfectly on these computers.

With it, you can change your voice with different effects that you can use during the call. It has a demo mode, so you can try how you are going to listen to it. One possible disadvantage is that it is paid. but it gives you two minutes of testing to call a friend, and if you want, you can buy it.

A variety of plans and times you can see them in the app. It used to cost 5 minutes equal to 1 euro and 170 minutes equal to 40 euros. These may have changed, even though it’s a very good price that perfectly matches what it offers.

Funny call: phone shenanigans

Another program that is available for iOS devices that allows you to change the phonology and change it during calls. Unfortunately, you don’t have a demo call option, but you do have the option to record it to test the effects.

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The disadvantage is that this account has different ads that can be annoying, but, nevertheless, they do not appear all the time. But because it is considered an inconvenience, it is an advantage because you can get 30 seconds for free with this ad. Their range from 1 to 20 euros for 64 minutes.

Voice modifier

You can use it to change your voice to look like someone else. Although it has different voice filters, it has a problem and, unfortunately, it cannot be used for calls. So you can only use them to change notes, audio files or those you have saved on your device. It has an intuitive and easy to use interface, but is a little outdated.

False caller ID

Finally, we have one of the best free for Android as it not only allows you to change the phonology, but also to hide your number so that it appears as unknown when you create them.

It also gives you two free calls a day to do what you want at that time. You can download the app and check its limitations to see what services it offers and what benefits you get if you get the Paid version. But it’s definitely one of the best options available for all devices with this operating system.

Smartphone apps

Today mobile telephony is the most popular way of voice communication. In view of this, the presence of special programs for smartphones that would ensure adequate privacy is inevitable.

In the application stores for both “Android” and iOS, there are dozens of such applications. Some of them have a pronounced humorous focus, but there is also paid professional software.

Among the most popular voice encoder applications:

  • Voice Changer. the voice can be changed directly during a phone conversation. About a thousand speech filters are available. It is possible to convert men’s speech to women’s and vice versa. The main purpose of the program, according to the developers. entertainment and practical jokes. Probably the most popular app of its kind in the world: the number of its installations on “Android” is approaching 50 million.
  • FunnyVoice is a simple free app that also has a humorous focus.
  • Call Scrambler. before you “pick up the phone“, the program asks if you want to encrypt the speech. You can disable encryption at any moment of the conversation. Among the disadvantages should be noted the payment of the application.

Frightening voice changer

Sounds from horror movies, the croak of the devil, and much more will help create an unforgettable, terrifying prank on a friend or girlfriend. The perfect cheat for Halloween pranks. This changer includes special effects: vampire, ghost, zombie, devil, killer, devil robot, witch t.д.

Scary sounding in female, male variants. Your friends won’t know exactly who decided to make fun of them.

Scary Voice Changer. Horror Sounds

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Voice Changer. What to do if you also change with Melody?

This option also has a nice interface; and it has effects to mimic a robot, a child, an old man, a Martian and a very long and so on. A good preview menu and, in addition to this, which almost all previous applications have, you have the option to define our recordings as a ringtone or ringtone for mobile notifications. This is much more comprehensive than the others.

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While it doesn’t have the best interes of all, it’s right. And it’s especially interesting because while it has dozens of predefined filters, in each one it allows us to adjust details, such as speed and tone, at our whim. And it’s also designed to help us make our recordings more melodic, if the song change is not quite ours.

Apps with advanced functionality

Voice Editor. Voice Changer Recorder.

This program is already much more advanced options for applications to change the voice. It is installed from the same Google play and is available for Android. Its functionality is already more interesting than the previously described options. First, the app provides many more options for changing your voice. In addition to the standard list, there are many parodies of the voices of movie and cartoon characters. There is a possibility of sound processing, albeit not too broad. It is about the ability to cut the recorded material and cut some of its parts. In addition, there is a frequency control, bass amplifier and other tones. The application supports work with Tik-Tok, allows you to simulate different sound scenes (theater, karaoke, studio, etc.).

Voloco: auto-tuning voice harmonization

The program comes on both platforms. iOS and Android. It also can be classified as a more advanced voice editor. The recorded sound can be subjected to processing such as:

The application will allow you to run tracks from the library, recording your voice under them, subjecting them to processing. The results can be downloaded and shared.

Vocoder. voice change

This app can be installed on both iOS and Android. Has less functionality than other programs in the segment with advanced features. The big disadvantage is the lack of ability to use without headphones. Otherwise you can add effects to the recording, add some algorithms, control the range of tones.

All of the programs on this list allow you to change the recorded voice, but only some of them allow for really deep processing.

How to change your voice during a call on Mac

This is where the MorphVOX utility comes in. It costs 39.95 or 2929, but there is a free trial version that runs for a week without restrictions.

MorphVOX takes sound from a regular microphone and integrates it as a virtual one.

This feature of MorphVOX is very useful for us because now we can change our voice during a call in almost any application. Most importantly, set MorphVOX as the default microphone in the settings of the desired program. It works with FaceTime, Telegram, and Skype.

MorphVOX has several effects for the voice. You can pretend to be a robot, a strange woman or a man. In addition, users can buy and download additional voices. And the program has an equalizer and plugins.


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