Change Old Iphone To New With Extra Cost

For our customers, our service center offers a new service with which you can profitably update your phone. If you have an old iPhone, which is still under official Apple warranty, you can change it to a new phone that is similar in configuration and characteristics (device color, memory size).

1. What is needed to change an iPhone to a new one?

In order for you to be able to use the service of exchanging an old iPhone for a new one, similar in characteristics, it is necessary that several conditions are met:

  1. The iPhone must be serviced in accordance with Apple’s warranty policy in Russia, Europe or the United States (not for all devices sold in the United States).
  2. The iPhone should not have severe mechanical damage (cracks on the glass, severe damage to the case). Minor cosmetic defects of the case and shallow scratches on the glass are allowed.
  3. All components in the iPhone must be original (the iPhone was not repaired at third-party service centers).

The deadline for the exchange procedure is usually 5 business days. The exchange takes place through Apple service. All issued devices are new, original from Apple.

What should I do if the warranty for iPhone has already passed?

If the official guarantee (1 year from the date of activation) on the phone has already passed, then there is still the opportunity to exchange the phone for a new one. This offer is relevant for all iPhones, subject to service in our country.

2. Exchange iPhone for a new one, with external damage

During the warranty period, during operation, the device may fall, the screen, the back cover, or other damage may break. You, in your beliefs, do not want to repair it and just want to replace it with a new one. This is also possible!

For owners of the iPhone X, Xs and Xs Max, if the glass or the back cover is broken on it, we have a special service: replacing the iPhone with a new one up to 50% off. Read more about this here:

3. If iPhone damage is more significant

We fully prescribed the procedure for replacing your device with a new one in another article.

Change Old Iphone To New With Extra Cost

4. Why change the iPhone to a new one?

It is practical. Over time, the iPhone’s battery loses its capacity, resulting in a quick discharge of the phone and a decrease in battery life. As a result, in the future, the phone will need to change the battery. When you get a new phone almost at the cost of replacing the battery, you forget about the upcoming call to the service center.

It’s profitable. Paying an insignificant amount of money relative to the full cost of a new iPhone, you get a completely new phone in return for having already seen a lot of the old.

Warranty. For new devices that pass through the exchange program, Apple is given an official guarantee of 1 year (for Rostest phones), or three months (for devices that must be serviced in our country, but released for Europe or America). If before the expiration of the official guarantee of the European or American device, which is changing, more than three months remain, its period will also apply to the device received in exchange.

If you have questions regarding the exchange of the old device for a new one, please write them in the comments to this article. We will respond as promptly as possible. When handling, specify the model of your device. this will help us most accurately give you a preliminary consultation.