Change Glass To Ipad

How to replace glass on iPad 2 with your own hands

You can replace the screen on the iPad 2 yourself. This article focuses on how it can be done correctly and without negative consequences. In it we will talk about the difficulties that can arise when replacing the glass of iPad 2, and, most importantly, how you can overcome them.

For full-fledged work, you must have the following tools:

  • Hair dryer for contactless soldering;
  • Screwdriwer set;
  • Transfer adhesive tape;
  • A scalpel, thin metal spatula, or other thin, hard object.

It is advisable to disassemble the iPad on an antistatic table. If you don’t have one at hand, you should wear anti-static gloves or a wrist strap. Electrical equipment is very sensitive to static electricity, so it can be damaged. And then you will have to not only replace the glass of the iPad, but also the elements of the motherboard

However, you should be aware that any mistakes can lead to irreversible consequences, and the tablet will simply have to be returned for spare parts. Therefore, you need to think several times before starting the analysis with your own hands. If you don’t want to take risks, but the glass of the ipad 2 is broken, then come to us and we will fix everything! The specialists of our service center in Novosibirsk will carry out a high-quality repair of the iPad and return it to its previous appearance. So,

Step-by-step instructions for replacing the iPad 2

The touch glass is glued to the body firmly and securely. Therefore, to remove the iPad 2 screen, you need to warm it up with a hair dryer. The temperature should be no more than 200 Celsius, otherwise the plastic frame around the wheelbarrow may melt. Be careful to warm up the space next to the Home button so as not to melt it.

To remove the glass on the ipad 2, gently lift it with a thin metal spatula, pushing the tool between the glass and the case. At the same time, we continue to warm up with a hairdryer along the perimeter, moving the blade itself in the same direction simultaneously. If you lift the touch ipad cold, it will simply crack.

The tool should be very thin so as not to crush the touchscreen even more and not to cover the display with debris, which could scratch it. Some engineers use plastic paddles. But they can melt from high temperatures.

If the touchscreen is not broken and you do not need to replace it, but you just need to get inside the device, you need to be especially careful not to damage the cable. If you put the tablet so that the Home button is on the left, then the bus will be located in the upper left corner. If you break it, you will have to change the sensor itself.

The touchscreen is disconnected, lift it up and put it down. Now you need to remove the iPad 2 display. The touch glass cable otherwise cannot be connected. To do this, first remove the remnants of broken glass from the case.

Change Glass To Ipad

The touchscreen is removed. It remains to disconnect it from the system. To do this, you need to disconnect the cable, which is located under the display. If the touchscreen is being replaced, then for the convenience of work, the tire can simply be cut.

We proceed to remove the display. To do this, unscrew the four bolts located in the corners.

The iPad 2 screen itself is also folded up. We do this carefully so as not to break. In this case, you cannot pry it off with a screwdriver, otherwise the glass will crack. We take by the ear and raise.

Disconnect the screen cable. To do this, raise the clasp and pull it out. Ipad 2 screen can be put aside for now.

Disable the loop of the touchscreen itself and remove.

We clean off the remnants of glass and glue with a thin object, heating it again around the perimeter with a hairdryer. Previously, this was not worth doing because fragments could get on the display and scratch it. From the inside of the device, the debris can be simply shaken out.

Remove the button from the broken iPad 2 wheelbarrow. It is also glued, so we warm it up from the inside and remove it with a thin tool. Care must be taken not to melt the plastic.

Now we remove the metal plate that frames the camera. We also warm it up and peel it off.

Installing touch on iPad and assembling the device

Install a metal plate on the new iPad 2 touchscreen. There should still be enough glue on it, so you can warm it up and attach it. If there is not enough adhesive, use adhesive transfer tape. The plate must be installed correctly so that the camera peephole clearly falls into its center after assembly.

We glue the button. Here it is important to position it correctly so that the square is not displaced, but clearly looks forward.

Now we glue the transfer tape around the perimeter. It is red-orange in the photo. Let’s start assembling. In fact, all the steps are done in the reverse order: first, we install the touch, because if you put the display earlier, you will not be able to connect the sensor cable. Then we put the display.

We check the performance. The glass should be sensitive to touch, and the display should show the picture. After making sure that everything works, we begin to assemble the device. It is important to completely clean the display so that it is free of dust, fingerprints, lint, hairs, etc. Otherwise, they cannot be removed after assembly.

Peel off the base of the transfer tape and glue the iPad touch.

How to change glass on iPad: fast and reliable

Broken glass on a tablet screen is a common problem. Many users are interested in how to change the glass on the iPad, and whether it is worth contacting a professional specifically for this.

In fact, if you have the appropriate skills and experience, replacing the display glass along with the touchscreen (which are a single structure, since they are connected) will take no more than an hour or two, or even half an hour.

Why glass replacement is needed

Most often, owners of iPad tablets turn to repair shops because they need to replace the touchscreen. In most cases, this happens after falls, mechanical damage, and so on.

Despite the fact that the glass on the apple tablet is very durable, it still cannot protect it 100%. Even if small chips or scratches appear on the surface of the touch screen, it may partially lose sensitivity, and therefore it will be necessary to replace the glass one way or another.

So, if the iPad does not react to our touches in any way, reacts partially to them, or does not process requests correctly, the glass may be damaged.

Is it worth it to engage in amateur performances, or is it better to consult a specialist?

Glass replacement steps

Let’s start with the fact that not everyone can handle this procedure. Suffice it to say that even a master is capable of inadvertently damaging any train.

In this regard, it is recommended to contact proven service centers to qualified and experienced specialists.

The fact is that such repair bureaus often provide a guarantee for the work they have done, which means that you don’t have to worry about your iPad.

Their specialists are faced with replacing the glass and touchscreen every day, and therefore for them this is a familiar procedure. All the elements of the apple tablet are so tightly fitted to each other that the master must have a sufficiently high qualification, and also be extremely attentive.

Self-activity in this matter is unacceptable, since it can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences, and as a result, the owner of the iPad will have to overpay for repairs.

Workshop change process:

  • During the repair process, the master heats up the glass of the device around the entire perimeter using a soldering hair dryer.
  • After that, he peels it off and gently lifts.
  • Then he unscrews the bolts, carefully removes the cable and removes the screen.
  • The next step is to carefully peel off the touchscreen and remove the glass. Following this, the surface is cleaned from glue residues.
  • The Home button is removed and installed on a new touchscreen.
  • It remains to reassemble everything by gluing new glass and check the tablet’s performance.

Self repair

If you don’t want to pay extra money, then you will have to figure out how to change broken glass on your iPad yourself. To complete this operation you will need the following tools:

New original glass.

  • Heating technology.
  • New adhesive tape.
  • Solvent.
  • A thin knife or plastic wrap (usually used in packaging equipment, a hard plastic bottle will do).
  • Small screwdrivers.
  • Protective glasses.

In addition, the temperature must be monitored when heating. You can heat the device with a hair dryer, but it will be difficult to achieve an optimal temperature of 90 degrees.

Self-service replacement of broken iPad glass

How to change the glass on your iPad yourself in order to save a little on contacting the service center? In principle, this operation can actually be performed on your own, but this will require special equipment and some skills in repairing equipment. Failure to do so could damage components that were not originally damaged.

Replacement in the salon

The safest way to replace damaged glass on an iPad mini or another Apple tablet model is to contact a service center. But here another question arises: how much does the work of specialists cost?

On average, replacing a touchscreen will cost 2500-3000 rubles. If there is a promotion, then you can save money, but in any case, in a good salon you should count on at least 2,000 rubles. The execution time depends on the workload of the wizards, but you will definitely have to wait a couple of hours.

After contacting the salon, a specialist will examine the tablet. At this stage, the technician must confirm that the glass needs replacement. If it is broken, then no questions arise, but there may be other problems, for example, incorrect operation on touches or stripes on a damaged display. If not only glass is damaged, then the cost of repair will be much higher.

Removing damaged glass

If you heat the tablet to a temperature of 90 degrees, then the glass will separate faster and without unnecessary effort. It is possible to remove the glass without heating, but then the likelihood of damage to other components increases. After heating, pry the touchscreen with a thin screwdriver and push the plastic film into the gap formed. Wear safety glasses to prevent glass fragments from getting into your eyes. Begin separating the glass from the top left corner of the tablet, as there are button loops on the right side.

Make sure that the film is visible from the inside of the touchscreen so you can be sure that the adhesive layer is damaged. When peeling glass, pay attention to several dangerous places:

  • Slightly to the left of the lower right corner is the Wi-Fi antenna in the form of a film, which is glued to the touchscreen. Make sure the film or knife goes between the antenna and the touchscreen. There is a lead-in cable between the antenna and the case, so if you pull it, the Wi-Fi will stop working.
  • The zone just below the upper right corner here is a loop of power and volume control buttons. Pass the tape effortlessly so as not to damage the train. If the film does not go, see what is in the way, or go from the other side.
  • The upper part of the touchscreen is where 3G and GPS antennas are glued in the form of films. Keep track of them and don’t make extra effort.

After separating the glass from the case, it is necessary to disconnect the touchscreen cable. Unscrew the matrix screws, lift up the connectors and disconnect the ribbon cable. Done damaged glass removed.

Installing a new touchscreen

Before installing a new touchscreen, peel off the remnants of the old tape on the case. Remove dirt with a cotton swab and solvent. Degrease the surface to which the new tape will be glued with the same solvent. Stick on double-sided tape. In the place where the cable passes, use 3 mm tape, in other places 8 mm. Do not leave gaps between strips of tape to prevent dust from accumulating between them. Don’t forget to cut out the light sensor.

To check if the touchscreen is working properly, connect the ribbon cable. Turn on your tablet and make sure the entire screen is responsive to touch. If everything works fine, re-paste the Home button from the old touchscreen to the new touchscreen. Check the operation of the button and proceed to gluing the glass. But first, do not forget to screw the matrix to the body.

Remove the protective film from the touchscreen and adhesive tape (leave the protective tape on the side of the ribbon only).