Change Call On Iphone 6s

Apparently, Apple developers are new to the concept of a user-friendly interface. Many ingenious settings, “troubles” with security and copyright. All this leads to the fact that users are forced to learn different approaches to working with the device and perform a bunch of unnecessary actions.

However, if someone has already figured out and offers clear instructions, everything becomes easier. Oh yes, there it is. cool guide for iphone. Installing music on a call through a computer with him is simple, “like twice two.” After all, it turns out all that is needed. this is to change the format of the composition and add it to the desired folder. Well, or use the application. Consider both options. So, let’s begin. So, let’s begin.

Step 1

To begin with, we need to see what formats we will be dealing with, and therefore go to the “Control Panel” from the computer, find “Folder Options” and “Folder Properties”, select “View” and uncheck the box next to the option “Hide extensions for registered file types. “

Step 2

After that, open iTunes and add the file of interest to the media library. We click on it with the right button and through the “Information”. “Parameters” indicate the start and end time of the call (the duration of the selected segment should not exceed 30 seconds), click OK and save the version in AAC format.

Step 3

Next, rename the extension of the resulting file through Windows Explorer to.m4r and drag it into the iTunes library. Since it is with this extension that all ringtones go, our new file should appear in the Sounds category.

Step 4

We synchronize our favorite device with a PC, after which you can put a ringtone on your iPhone, finding it in Sounds. Now you know how to set your melody on iPhone through iTunes

There is also a second option, how to set your melody on iPhone. It is suitable for those who have the desired composition located on the device itself. To do this, you need the RingtonesMaker application.

Step 1

Select a song from our playlist, and then set the range of the call. at what minute and second the melody will begin and at what point it will end. At the same time, we are allowed to make a smooth start and decay at the end, and this, you see, is very cool.

Step 2

The selected fragment is saved in the iTunes library. True, and here you have to connect the iPhone to the computer. we find in the RingtonesMaker applications the file we created, and then the “Sounds” synchronization.

We also add that the application has the function of recording a call to the recorder. That is, you can record any sounds or say a phrase, and then set the resulting work as a ringtone, message or alarm clock.