How To Increase Brightness On A Windows 7 Computer

How to adjust computer screen brightness automatically and manually Often there is a need to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen, this action can be done manually or you can configure the system to change everything automatically. In today’s article, we will consider both options for adjusting the screen brightness in Windows. How to adjust brightness manually on […]

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Install Whatsapp On A Windows 7 Computer

The popular WhatsApp messenger is most often installed on mobile devices. smartphones and tablets. However, some are uncomfortable using mobile clients. they are used to always use only a personal computer. Here we will look at how to download for free WhatsApp Messenger in Russian, installation methods on a laptop or desktop PC running Windows 7. the most popular and […]

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How to Set Up a Router on Windows 7

Hello! Today we will analyze in detail how to configure a local network via a wifi router using the Windows 7 or 10 operating system. You can create it for simple file sharing between computers, as well as for online games. Starting to write this article, I mean that you have already set up your router and connected a couple […]

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