How Much Can A Turtle Live At Home

Turtles are unique animals, they are very different from all the others in their external data and certain characteristics. These reptiles can be both land or water. It is interesting that even these inhabitants of the animal world were domesticated. Small turtles people keep at home in aquariums. Such pets are often bought for children. […]

How To Bathe A Turtle

Rules for caring for a turtle include not only keeping a terrarium and creating a balanced diet, but also procedures such as bathing or washing turtles. Bathing turtles is recommended at least 1-2 times a week. Land turtles need weekly warm baths in which they enjoy spending time. Tropical species of turtles in the absence […]

How To Independently Determine The Gender Of The Red-Eared Turtle

The content of red-eared turtles has become fashionable recently. Terrarium animals are unpretentious and require a minimum of attention from their owner. To give a name to your pet, you need to determine the sex of the reptile, which can only be done after it reaches puberty, when distinctive signs appear. How to determine the […]

How Many Turtles Sleep

Put the baby to bed: hibernation of the red-eared turtle In nature, there are aquatic red-eared turtles of various species and sizes. They are successfully kept in captivity in aquatorrariums. At the same time, hibernation of the red-eared turtle in the conditions of home maintenance is a certain difficulty for its owners. Owners of turtles […]

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