Tortoise Eats Nothing

Sometimes reptile owners have to figure out why the tortoise eats nothing. A pet can refuse food in several cases, while not all of them carry a danger to his health. To correct the situation and still feed the pet, you need to find out the reasons for his refusal of food and eliminate them. […]

Sea Turtle Care

Turtles are one of the least dangerous exotic reptiles for humans, which have easily taken root as pets and are especially popular. When choosing such a new tenant of your house, the first thing you should do is to find out what care and what kind of food is needed just for your chosen type […]

The Content Of The Yellow Turtle

The most common species of reptiles kept at home are the red-eared turtles. However, their popularity falls somewhat, as more and more people prefer to get such a pet as a yellow-eared turtle. This reptile has a pronounced color, characterized by interesting patterns on the shell. What is the difference between red-eared and yellow-tailed turtles? […]

How Turtles Breed

How turtles breed in nature The mating season in reptiles falls on the most favorable time of the year – spring, allowing the laid eggs to warm up during the summer season. Males mature earlier regardless of species. From females, in addition to more modest parameters, they are distinguished by the presence of a special […]

Yellow Tortoise

As a rule, at home they contain red-eared turtles. But recently, interest in this species of reptile has somewhat weakened, and many plant yellow-eared turtles. This is due to the fact that this species of turtles has a more attractive appearance. What is the difference between the red-eared and yellow-eared turtles? The yellow-eared turtle belongs […]

Domestic Turtles, How To Properly Maintain A Turtle At Home

A house without a pet is almost empty. Many people in childhood and throughout their entire adult lives have a favorite little animal that loves and is always waiting for its owner. Someone prefers a cat, someone a dog, some give birth to fish, parrots, hamsters and guinea pigs. Daredevils raise crocodiles and snakes, poisonous […]

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