Can Airpods connect to Android Samsung

What features will and won’t work Airpods are designed to work with Apple technology. It is because of this that their functionality will be limited when connected to Android devices. However, a number of functions will still work, among them: Touch control. You can control playback with two short touches (double-touch). Built-in microphone. Airpods are convenient to use as a […]

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How To Install Android 10 On Honor

Parental control Google Pixel devices originally came with Digital Wellbeing. With it, you can control the time you work with different applications, as well as completely block the device for a certain period of time. In Android 10.0, an improved version of “Wellbeing” became available for all devices with the new operating system. In the new version, it became possible […]

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Program For Downloading Video On Android

Listening to your favorite music on your smartphone is convenient and easy. You can do this on the road, on the street, doing household chores. Mobile applications for downloading music will greatly simplify the process of downloading files. Standard programs are not suitable for these purposes. Their capabilities are not enough for a mobile device. We bring to your attention […]

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