Cannot Install Apk File On Android

Install applications without using Google play on the Android. the task is quite simple. In addition, she has several types of solutions. With this instruction, you will learn how to use each of them.

Why do you need to install applications without using Google play? And would it hurt the phone? Among the main reasons why you have to use third-party sources, you can highlight the traffic savings (sometimes it takes more money to download the game than to buy it), money saving (you can often find free on the Internet APKs those applications for which Google play will have to pay money), and, in addition, the lack of an application on Google play (some developers distribute their applications bypassing the Store from Google, to monetize development with site visitors. Example. Streaming Player Sopcast) Therefore, the ability to install applications without Google play will always be useful to you.

Installing third-party applications from trusted sources, such as, won’t harm your phone. On our site, all applications are checked for viruses and malicious scripts, and therefore your phone will always remain completely safe. It is worth noting that even installing the application using Google play far from always guaranteeing your device complete safety.

In order to freely download and install applications from third-party sites, you need to allow the phone to install from unverified sources. This is done simply. In new versions Android appropriate settings can be made by going to SETTINGS, and further to the section SECURITY. One of the graphs in this section is the graph “Unknown sources”, in which it is necessary to put a tick, and then agree to the introduction of changes.

Cannot Install Apk File On Android

In addition, you will need any file manager. recommends using for these purposes Total commander. Click on this link to download it using Google play.

That’s all! Now you can install applications not from Google play.

1. The first and easiest way is to install applications on the phone itself.

In order to upload the application to your smartphone, you must immediately download it. Use the internal browser of your phone for this (in the screenshot, an example from Google Chrome for Android) Enter the website address in the address bar of the browser (for example,, find and download the one you need apk file. Online links to download applications are under reviews where you can download them for free.

Next, you need to tap on the link, after which the download of the application file to your device will begin. Usually, by default, the download occurs in the folder sdcard / Download in the internal memory of your phone. After downloading, you can exit the browser to proceed to the next step.

Next, you need to run your file manager (in our case, this Total commander), after which in the file system of the device find our Apk file. As already mentioned, usually it is in the folder Download in the internal memory of the phone.

After you find the downloaded application file, you need to open it. Total commander when you click on the application icon gives three options: Install, Open as ZIP and Google Play. Choose “Install”. Further, the device itself once again asks you about the installation. Click again “Install”. We are waiting for the installation process to complete. and that’s it! The application is uploaded to your device!

2. The second way to save mobile traffic is to install the Android application from a personal computer using USB cable.

We launch any Internet browser from the computer and go to the website with applications, for example, on We search for the program you like and download it, as in the previous method. Save apk file to any folder on the computer.

Next, connect your device to the computer using USB cable. After that, pull out the “curtain” on the Android device and select “Connect as a storage device” or “Media device”. After that, go to “My computer” and look for your phone or tablet there.

Copy the downloaded earlier APK file to any folder of the device on Android and remember it. After copying is complete, you can disconnect the smartphone from the PC.

Using all the same Total commander or any other Explorer, we are looking for the folder in which the application was saved. Have you found? You are almost there.

As in the previous method, open Apk file, tapping on it and double-clicking “Install”. We are waiting for the completion of the installation process and rejoice. The application is uploaded to the smartphone!

3. The third way to install applications on Android Regarding the installation of games with a cache.

The fact is that some developers to reduce the size of the downloaded file separate part of the game elements from apk file. In this case, you have to install the game separately, and separately the cache. An exception is games that, after installation, “download” the necessary files themselves.

So what do we need for this type of installation? The easiest way is to install using PC. To get started, download apk file applications and attached to it cache. Save both files to any folder on your computer. Next, using the second method described above, install the application file (APK).

After that, go to the cache. Online the installation instructions always describe in which folder you need to put your cache. We search and open it with “My computer”. In a separate window, open the cache file. It is usually archived in ZIP or Rar-file. Using the appropriate archiver, we extract the folder with the cache from the archive. After that, copy it to the phone in the folder specified in the review. This is most often a folder sdcard / Android / data / obb, however, there are exceptions. For example, the cache sometimes has to be copied to folders sdcard / Android / data / or sdcard / gameloft / games / (games from Gameloft) In any case, downloading applications from, you are not mistaken. The main thing. pay attention to the instructions.

After the cache is copied to the desired folder, disconnect the smartphone from the PC and launch the application. Done! Good game!