Can Three Attach To Phone

In 2014, the authorities of our state issued a single transport card, called the “Troika”. With the help of the funds on her balance, people have the opportunity to move around the city in underground and ground public transport. This is a traditional “plastic” with a unique number assigned to the holder, acting as a personal account.

The user can expect to deposit a certain amount of money on him and spend it on travel. Until recently, all operations on the card could be performed only at certain points, but today it has become possible to do everything through a telephone device. How to attach a Troika card to a mobile phone. all this will be discussed in the article.

What is Troika and how it works in practice

As noted before, Troika is an electronic product designed in the form of plastic, endowed with the option of a travel document. It allows you to ride around the Russian capital on almost any type of public transport.

Can Three Attach To Phone

Funds can be credited to the account, which are automatically transferred from trips, as well as debited for the purchase of standard tickets such as “Single”, “90 minutes”, “TAT” and others. In addition, the card promotes the use of aeroexpress services, through which you can reach any airport in the capital. In addition to driving directions, the card can be used when going to various events and in entertainment venues.

Where to buy a Troika card and at what price

The Troika card on your phone is a great opportunity to simplify your own life. The purchase of this product is now available not only among residents of the capital, but also among city guests.

You can buy this product at the box office at one of the metro stations or at a kiosk. The cost is only 100 rubles. But if for the client this product loses its usefulness, he can go to the cashier and return his finances back.

The fare on this card is only 35 rubles for 1 trip. To compare with the usual price, we can draw an analogy: one trip without this card costs 55 rubles. That is, for several such trips the card pays off at 100%. Therefore, the card is not only convenient to use, but also incredibly economical. The maximum value that can be credited is 3000 p. If these funds are not spent over a 5-year period, they will “burn out”. The Troika card in the phone is very convenient, practical and functional.

Features recharge from a cell phone

In addition to the classic option of replenishing the card balance through cash desks in the subways, there is another option. the transfer of funds from a mobile phone through the use of SMS service. For this you need send an SMS message to 3210, the text part will look like this: TROIKA 0012345678 500, where the set of numbers is the number of your card marked on the back, and the last three-digit number is the transfer amount.

After sending this SMS you will receive another message containing a request to confirm the transaction.

Further, funds will be debited from the user’s balance, and the indicated amount will be transferred to the account of the named card. For 1 time, through this service, a monetary value of 10. 2500 rubles can be credited.

Top-up is available for subscribers of several operators, including Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Tele-2. To use the trip was possible, required activation.

At each metro station, there are yellow terminals on the walls, to which you need to attach a card for the activation procedure.

Features of checking card balance using a mobile phone

The Troika app for your phone is a convenient way to make your life easier. Unfortunately, at present, there is no opportunity to receive information about the card balance, if we talk about SMS service. The only option for remote monitoring of the balance state is to make a call to the customer support service, which involves dialing 3210. All that is required of you is to connect with the operator, dictate the card number to him and ask him to announce information about the balance state.

Another way to remotely control the balance sheet state is to install a special application on a mobile phone. It is referred to as “My Three.” The procedure will take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time, we will talk about the features of the settings later. But the most reliable and sure way to track the state of balance is the use of special wall-mounted terminals at checkpoints in the subway. Next, consider how to attach the Troika card to the phone and do it quickly.

Is it possible to link the card to a telephone device and how to do it correctly

To take part in the program, you must complete the registration procedure:

A mobile application for working with ANDROID devices

The Troika card in a mobile phone will become a real find for people who value their own temporary resource. Currently, you may encounter a large number of applications used to purchase travel documents, but Troika has a special application. Through “my Troika” you can quickly and without too much difficulty deposit funds into your travel account. Unfortunately, replenishment of the balance sheet status of this account is possible only with debit or credit “plastics” of the bank. In order to deposit a certain amount of money into a personal account, you must specify the card number and the amount in which the transfer is made.

The procedure will take a couple of minutes of time. Downloading can be done remotely through various services. So, managing the Troika card via the phone is currently problematic, because the functionality, although it is developed, is not completely. Nevertheless, there are a large number of proposals in terms of applications and mobile programs that contribute to improving the quality of customer service at all levels. Due to this, managing your own finances on the balance sheet will not be difficult for you.