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Problem solution on Wacom graphics tablet

The graphics tablet has long been as much of a necessity to me as a “mouse” or keyboard. I use Wacom tablets in my work. Even though Wacom is a leader in this field, I have constantly encountered a number of unfortunate problems. Changing versions of operating systems, drivers are updated, new models of tablets, but alas, always need a file to file and fix bugs. Below I will tell you about the solution to the driver problems with Wacom graphic tablet

Let’s start with the most unpleasant. Wacom drivers problem. During work, the driver can glitch, so to speak, and the tablet stops working in pen mode. The operating system has a built-in driver to work with touch panels, which begins to work with the tablet. The problem is usually a silent one without any warnings. And though the tablet still receives commands from the pen to move the cursor, it can no longer be considered adequate. When trying to bring up the tablet settings panel, you will get a message that you can’t find the tablet driver.

There are a few ways to solve the problem with the Wacom graphics tablet driver. First, you can simply restart Windows, and if it does not help, reinstall the tablet driver. However this method is time consuming and not very useful when the problem occurs in the middle of a workflow. Fortunately, there is an alternative, faster and easier solution. Restart the tablet service.

  • Go to Task Manager (any way you like, I, for example, right-click on the taskbar).
  • Select the Services tab.
  • In the bottom right corner of the window, click on the Services link.
  • In the appeared list find WTabletServicePro (the service version for Bambu is called WTabletServiceCon)
  • Right-click on it and select “Restart.
  • See the restart.
  • To check if everything was successful, go to the Start menu, find the section on the tablet there and click on “Wacom tablet properties”
  • If everything is done correctly the setup program will start. which means that the tablet works.
wacom, graphics, tablet

In most cases this will help. However, all of these steps can be simplified to a double click of the mouse. To do this, you need to create a text document. Write to it:

Net stop WTabletServiceConNet stop WTabletServiceProNet start WTabletServiceConNet start WTabletServicePro

Then save and replace the extension with “.txt” on “.bat”. Now a double click on the file will run the script that will restart the necessary service on your Wacom tablet. If you are too lazy to make such a file or you failed, you can download it by clicking on. download the Wacom tablet driver restart script

  • Create an empty text file named PSUserConfig.txt
  • Insert the following line into the file. UseSystemStylus 0
  • The resulting file should be placed on the path:
  • For Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 version. C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Settings.
  • For Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 version. C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2017\Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Settings.

Resolving driver problems with Wacom Intuos 5 (and new Pro) tablets

Hello dear readers, I have already described the solution to the driver problem with the Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet, today I will write, how to overcome a similar “attack” in a professional line of tablets. this is Wacom Intuos 5 (4) or their updated versions, called Intuos Pro.

(I will refer and copy some points from my old article, since.к. some steps are similar, but as we know. the main thing is the result.)

For a very long time now, all owners of Wacom products have hated the “crooked” graphics tablet drivers that are failing so many people, and with driver updates. this problem hasn’t gone anywhere.

There are several solutions. reinstalling the driver (but each time it takes a lot of time), restarting the computer (hoping that the driver does not fail again) and restarting Wacom Intuos tablet service.

I chose to restart the Wacom Intuos tablet driver service because.к. This is the fastest solution to the problem. Here we go.

At the end of the article, you can download a file to automatically restart the service.

Here we are, once again turning on our computer and seeing the sad message from the tablet driver. “Unable to start the graphics tablet driver”:

The Intuos tablet is recognized as a touch screen and does not allow normal operation of the pen, not responding to pressure, tilt and additional buttons.

When trying to enter the tablet settings (via the control panel), “Wacom Tablet Properties” (on the new version of the tablet. Intuos Pro, the name may be different), we get a message. ERROR! “The tablet driver was not found”:

Reboot the computer for a long time, and not the fact that this time everything will work. We solve the problem of tablet driver failure by restarting the service. To do this, we need to perform the following actions:

Go into the Task Manager (by any means, I, for example, right-click on the Taskbar).

In the bottom right corner of the window, click on the Services link.

In the list that appears, find WTabletServicePro (the service version for Bambu is called WTabletServiceCon)

Right click on it and select “Restart”.

To check if everything went well, go to the Start menu, find the section on the tablet and click on “Wacom Tablet Properties”

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If everything has been done correctly, the setup program will start which means that the tablet works.

In general, this is how we solve the problem, but every time you boot up the computer, I am bored with all the steps to restore the driver Intuos, and I decided to do everything more automated (as in the version with Bambu).

I already had the experience of restarting the service automatically, so I quickly made an executable that restarts the Wacom Intuos driver service (the service in the new Wacom Intuos Pro graphics tablets is called similarly).

It’s simple, “WTabletServicePro” is our service, “Net stop” is to stop the service, “Net start” is to enable the service, that’s it.

How to make a file. I create a simple text notepad document, insert our lines, save, rename the file extension to “cmd” (command file).

I call and get the file “Restart wacom Int.cmd”.

Test our “script”. right click on the file. “run as administrator”. confirm changes and admire the restart:

We try to run the tablet settings, everything works, happy:

So the problem with the Wacom Intuos 5 (and new Pro) driver failure is solved, everything is done in a short time, without extra “gestures”, and it is not required to disconnect the tablet.

I am attaching the file in the archive, to restart the drivers, unzip and run as administrator.

I hope my file will help you, because.к. Such problems are totally annoying because of “routine” solving them.

Update: in Windows 8, my way works partially.к. There was something changed in services management, I tried to reproduce the error through a virtual machine with Win 8 installed. but I didn’t get a driver error.

wacom, graphics, tablet

It was also determined that the error occurs on slow hard drives or “clogged” systems, after I bought a new hard drive, my error disappeared.

Due to the discontinuation of the comment system (third party plugin) many useful Комментарии и мнения владельцев cannot be seen, I managed to save them. and I am posting the most useful ones below, hope they help you.

The service name was TabletServiceWacom

In the installation file is hard-coded address to install the “drivers” in the folder “Program Files. Windows uses the same “Program Files” folder by default to install programs Sometimes deliberately or “arbitrarily” they change it to another one.

You can change or check this with the registry editor.

Find the “ProgramFilesDir” parameter at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion and change it to “C:\ Program Files.

wacom, graphics, tablet

Reinstall the Wacom tablet driver

A faulty driver may be causing your hardware not to work. To fix this problem, try reinstalling the Wacom tablet driver:

1) On the keyboard, press the Key with the Windows logo and the X at the same time and click Device Manager.

2) Expand Human Devices and right click on the Wacom Device you see in the Device Manager window, select Uninstall Device.

Click Delete to confirm the change.

3) Restart your computer. Then Windows will find the driver for you. Install according to instructions.

Homemade slate

The slate in the pen over the tablet became very short, and there was a lot of work to be done. I searched in the pantry and found a roll of thick fishing line (presumably from a grass trimmer). The diameter fit perfectly. The following is the process of making a slate with tools from a makeup bag.

1) Take out the old slate, you can pick it up with something sharp. It comes out with a little effort. We measure a piece of fishing line, straighten it and nibble with nail clippers.

2) Use a rough nail file to sharpen one side.

3) use a fine file to shape. You can use 400-1000 grit sandpaper. And we put the slate in the nib.

P.S.The prototype was made with a toothpick clamped in a drill chuck. This is much longer and the wood is not very nice to slide on the surface of the tablet. Although, if you soak it in candle wax, it gets softer. Not a very technological solution, but as an emergency will do.

How to connect a graphic tablet to a mobile device

Connecting the graphical device to the mobile device is quite easy.

I will describe the connection instructions for two of the most popular brands of graphic gadgets. Wacom and Huion. The connection principle of other brands is the same.

Instructions for connecting Wacom devices of the Intuos line (Intuos Pro and Intuos Paper Edition, among others):

  • Check if your phone/common tablet computer is compatible with the graphics tablet. Supported devices include Asus Zenfone 4, Caterpillar CAT S60, Google Pixel 3, Huawei Honor 8X, Huawei P30, Huawei Mate 20 Pro UD, Huawei Nova 4, LG G6, LG Nexus 5X, Nokia 9 Pure View, Oneplus 6, Oppo A5, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Samsung Galaxy S10, Sony Xperia XZ2, Vivo Y93, Xiaomi Mi9T Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Xiaomi 5X and other models. See a complete list here.
  • Find a compatible OTG USB adapter.
  • Connect one side of the OTG to the wire from the graphics tablet and the other side to the charging jack of your mobile device.
  • Slide the stylus over the working area of the graphics device. A mouse should appear on your smartphone’s display, repeating the movements of the pen. Important: Only the left side works.
  • Open the app and start drawing.

Instructions for connecting Huion graphics tablets (exclusively for Android phones):

  • Check the compatibility of your mobile device with Huion. The only requirement for your smartphone or standard tablet to be compatible is that it has the Android 6 operating system.0 and up.
  • Find the right USB OTG adapter.
  • Go to the settings on your phone/traditional tablet, and check to see if OTG recognition is enabled. To do this, go to settings, then to “Other settings”, and then move the slider next to “Enable OTG” or “OTG” to the enabled position.
  • Connect the USB cable of the device to the OTG connector and plug the adapter into the charging port of your smartphone.
  • Check if your graphics device works by swiping the stylus on the left side of your workspace. At this time, a mouse cursor should appear on the phone’s display.
  • Launch the app.
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There are many phone apps that you can draw in. AutoDesk Sketchbook, Bamboo Paper, ibisPaint, MediBang Paint are popular among them.

Wacom graphics tablet not working

windows7 doesn’t see my wacom graphire4 tablet. I tried drivers, still nothing. Is there anything I can do??

“does not see”. I mean the driver won’t install or doesn’t see the device at all (WinR, “devmgmt” without the quotes, [Enter]. There to see if there is anything with an exclamation point (better to take a screenshot)) If “does not see it at all”. plugged in? (into the back of the computer, into the keyboard, into the hub on the table, into the connectors on the face of the housing. )

It would be nice if you also specified what kind of drivers you “installed”. What and where from ))

x86Driver from wacom website, for this tablet and this system. Before installing it, the system sees it as an unrecognized device in the device manager displays as wacom mouse monitor without the exclamation mark. But nothing happens, I can not even move the cursor, not to use as a tablet. Plug it into a USB port on the back of my system.

Lennonenko, inserted. I forgot to write: the tablet works on other computers, only mine does not want to

after installing it, the system sees it as an unrecognized device after installing the driver it (the device) disappears, or is simply hidden in the “Mice and other pointin device”?The battery in the pen did not lose weight by any chance? =) (then it will not react. It’s not uncommon for them to suddenly sit down)

standard measures. remove and insert the battery (if it is ok), plug the device to the next port (after installing the drivers). check on another account (create a temporary one). tried?

on another computer / OS tablet check it is possible? (to clarify if the problem is with the OS or the tablet)

/(I wrote this post yesterday, but only now could I post it, hence the extra crossed out clauses.)

After installation, the device does not disappear, it is visible in the “Mice and other pointin device” section, and exactly as “wacom mouse monitor”.On the other two computers, after installing the driver it appears as a “pen tablet”.

i have tried with battery and other ports, i also tried with other battery, no result.

Young’s module, the other two computers have a different OS, I guess?(the name can be different from this)

option. more of the “classic”. uninstall the driver (in the same Task Manager), reboot, install the driver again, reboot. Ah, yes. double check that the driver is for version 32. Well, just in case I’m writing =]

next option. if “on other computers” also Win7 (or just “ran out of options”) :

open the “monitor” in “device manager”, tab “driver”. update. choose for yourself. choose from the list if there is nothing else (more suitable) in the list except “mousemonitor”, click “from disk” (“Have Disk” on the screenshot), specify the path to the driver, click “OK”, uncheck “show compatible devices”, choose a more suitable one, click “next”, confirm that you are sure (you can roll it back later). “OK”. you get a string of windows, look. did it help (rebooting won’t hurt). here is the network card. but it’s not the point, the window will be the same, only with a different list )

so you can try with several variants

з.ы. There should not be an exclamation mark, of course, after forcing the driver)

Similar questions

Afternoon! A few days after purchase, all the side buttons stopped working, although they worked fine in the beginning. В.

I got the error. no supported Bamboo tablet found, what to do?

My Wacom Bamboo PenTouch graphics tablet doesn’t connect to a computer via USB, what’s the reason?

I have recently purchased a tablet One by Wacom (CTL-671), installed the driver from the disk, did everything according to the instructions, and nothing starts.

Writes the following: “The tablet driver doesn’t respond”.

Open the control center, but the tablet is not in the list.

See how the tablet is detected by the computer and see that the Wacom Tablet is fine.

After spending 18 hours trying to run the driver I heard a rumor that it should be installed in the default directory. I had it through the registry changed to the drive D, so the system partition is not clogged.

But even after installing it to the directory “Program Files (x86)” it would not start. And then I turned to the program from Microsoft “Process Monitor” and began to monitor the behavior of the driver and then I found out a very curious thing (in addition to the fact that in the installation logs shows a lot of non-existent files and errors associated with it)

The driver suddenly tried to find two files. One does not exist, and the other is in a completely different directory “Program Files”, from which I conclude that the developers of this driver directly pointed to where to go to the driver, but did not affect the installation process itself. In confirmation later I noticed the accesses to another file also on the same strictly specified path.

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It follows, that the Wacom driver should be located strictly at the address: C:Program FilesTablet and nowhere else.

League of PhotoJumper

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Excessive politicization of the work is also not welcome.

Remember, the community is for fun, so get positive

What was wrong with it?? Only applies to Wacom?

This solves not only the problem with wacom, but with any tablet that does not have pressure in CC, except that everything is perfectly googled and when I had problems I found the solution in 5 minutes.

Thanks. I am an amateur painter myself, but I got so fed up with this problem that I started writing music and gave up drawing)

In the second line of the file put a space.” Use_SystemStylus” instead of “UseSystemStylus”

After adding a space and restarting PS the problem disappeared.

Thank you very much author! After the manipulations you described in your post, I finally got rid of the pen sticking when using the eyedropper (first click of the fsh didn’t see it at all) and the damn text window that appears when I try to draw a straight line for the trimmer with the shifter.

True, there was another bug(( Now the pen periodically, while working (and always after a color change via the color panel) loses pressure. At the same time, if you undo the wrong stroke through the hotkeys, the brush is fixed, but if you undo it through the history, it is not.

Recently, after almost a decade of working with Wacom, I’ve found the solution to all my problems. Bought myself a Huoin. I’ve forgotten all of Wacom’s bullshit like a bad dream. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner, I had it in my head that Wacom makes the best tablets. But that’s no longer the case.

After that I might even start mastering Fsh.

Gone that stupid sticking with the circle appearing which caused the trimmer line to appear with a delay.

Just checked in to say a huge thanks to the author of the post! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! How many days of tedious agony until I found this post. The tablet was “blacked out”. When I pressed the “circles” were spinning, when I took a new color with the Alt key pressed, the pen stuck, then abruptly broke off and drew me to the wrong place.And at the same time in the place where you take the color there is a stupid square with the word Alt. And the sample color is not always “taken”, often skipping it and drawing the previous one. The plastic didn’t have a good edge grip and I had to use the stylus several times to get the edge. On the toolbar, holding down the stylus did not open menus, but instead there was a friggin’ “circle” that kept spinning and annoying. Pen strokes when drawing were abrupt, Transformation did not work as it should. In general, I do not remember all of these bugs. Described the most memorable, to remain here as a search phrases and queries, perhaps someone else is suffering and can not find a way out, because my husband and I have two dug and re-pinned and re-set everything you can. The only thing that helped was this. Thanks again kind man!

Or disable Windows Ink in the Control Panel, as it’s been written everywhere for about 3-4 years now. But sincerely happy for those who have suffered and found a solution at least now

Often encountered problems

Let’s start with describing some common problems encountered by users.

  • It is quite common for the digital pen not to work well.
  • you can try to take the button out of the pen and adjust the resistor (it is better to leave this procedure to professionals).
  • Settings may also get confused. This is a common problem with Genius pen tablets.
  • Sometimes it happens that the pen does not respond to a touch on the device. Probably just a power-saving mode.
  • Sometimes certain pressure modes do not work. It is recommended that you check that all necessary drivers are installed. In addition, applications (especially Photoshop) should be opened only after plugging in the graphics tablet.
  • By the way, those who are active users of Adobe products should be aware that they can adjust a variety of settings, including brush diameter and level of transparency.
  • If the device doesn’t work, you might not have installed the driver.
  • If there is a real problem, you should call the service center. It is very convenient if we can still count on the device repair under warranty.
  • It is quite common when we connect the tablet and starts to “slow” the Windows operating system (most commonly found on Windows 7).
  • Sometimes the problem can be solved by reinstalling the drivers. Before that you can try to disable all the unused services. Go to the Control Panel and find the “Pen and touch devices” item.
  • Uncheck such items as “Gestures”, “Pen Buttons” and “Auto-learning. You can do the same in the Input options menu.
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