Can I Watch Tv In The Dark

Dear readers! Technological progress does not stand still. Modern technologies are so firmly entrenched in our everyday life that we can no longer imagine our life without objects that greatly facilitate our work and life. Among them is a TV. Watching TV shows and even just listening to them during household chores has become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, the question is obvious: are there rules and recommendations on how to watch TV properly so that there is no harm to health.

Very often the TV works for a long time. Someone watches TV shows for nothing for hours. Parents of young children, so that children do not bother them, include for them television programs with cartoons. Of course, our television carries not only an entertaining idea, but a lot of educational programs are also broadcast on television.

Brief historical background

The idea of ​​transmitting images from a distance has existed since ancient times. There are images of this in myths and tales, for example, in the tale of a silver platter and a bulk apple. But only at the end of the 19th century did the technical and theoretical basis for creating such a device appear after the creation of the radio.

In 1884, the German inventor Paul Nipkov invented a device. Nipkov’s disk, which formed the basis of mechanical television. I will not bore you with discoveries and inventions in the field of radio engineering. It was a rather lengthy process and you can read about all this on the Internet. An interesting fact is that the first such device was called a radio watchman.

The first telecasts began in the USA in 1927, of course, they were far from perfect, like the televisions themselves. Later, in 1936, regular television broadcasting began in Europe. In the USSR, regular television broadcasting began on March 10, 1939.

In 1953, in the United States, after the development and creation of the NTSC system, color television appeared. At the same time, the first color TVs appeared, which had to be very difficult to set up. Color television became widespread only in 1966, that is, when Japan started production of relatively cheap color TVs.

Rules. how to watch TV

TV has long been a faithful companion in our lives. But is it possible to watch TV with health benefits?

Perhaps everyone knows that watching TV is harmful for a long time. But what if there is a very interesting program, series or football match, from which it is impossible to break away? There will be no harm from watching such programs if you follow certain rules on how to watch TV.

How long can I watch TV

When watching TV for a long time, eye fatigue occurs. There is heaviness and pain in the eyes, headache, dizziness, irritability may appear. Long viewing can even lead to insomnia.

To avoid such negative consequences, the duration of the viewing should not exceed 2-3 hours: this is the average time of watching a movie or some interesting show. It is after this time that you can feel the above symptoms.

To minimize the negative consequences, you need to take a break every 15 minutes and tear yourself away from the TV screen. Such breaks can be arranged, for example, during the display of advertising. With health benefits, you can get up and go to drink a glass of water. Why this is necessary, you can read in the article about the benefits of water for the body.

At what distance is it better to watch TV

The correct distance will be at which you will be comfortable to see the image on the TV. Many adhere to the figures. 3 meters.

But medical experts say that the comfortable distance can be calculated by the formula: “TV diagonal” multiplied by 5. For example, the TV diagonal is 80 cm, multiplied by 5, we get a distance of 4 meters. It is at this distance that the eyes will not suffer from watching television. You also try to calculate your comfortable distance.

Equally important is the height of the TV above the floor. For comfortable viewing, it is not recommended to tilt your head back or tilt it. The TV screen should be at eye level when you are sitting. It is approximately 1. 1.5 m from the floor.

How long can a child watch TV?

Medical specialists do not advise children under two years old to watch TV. For them, this is not only an excessive load on their eyes, but also a negative effect on the central nervous system. The child may become overexcited, and then for a long time will not be able to fall asleep or be naughty.

Children over 2 years old can watch TV in total no more than 30 minutes a day. Children from 3 years to 7 years can watch TV no more than 1 hour a day, from 7 years to 13 years. two hours is enough. However, it must be remembered that you can watch TV continuously for no more than 1, 5 hours.

The correct position in front of the TV

How do we usually watch TV? The most comfortable pose, many consider the reclining position or half-sitting in an armchair or sofa. And this is wrong! Why?

  1. The desire of a person to take an asymmetric position indicates a problem with the spine.
  2. If they sit cross-legged, this can trigger the onset of varicose veins due to stagnation in the blood vessels.
  3. With prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable position, blood circulation in the small pelvis is disturbed and cause hemorrhoids.
  4. A prolonged uncomfortable posture can provoke the development of intervertebral hernias.

In order not to have health problems, you should sit in front of the TV correctly. Sit upright, moving as close as possible to the back of a chair or sofa, put a small pillow under the lower back. If you feel uncomfortable, you just need to get up, walk around the room and sit back in the correct position.

Can I Watch Tv In The Dark

Doctors recommend using balls for fitball instead of a sofa or chair. In this case, the muscles of the spine will not be tensed, there will be no stagnation of blood during prolonged sitting. over, when sitting on such a ball, the pleasant can be combined with the useful: you can do some simple exercises between things literally on all muscle groups.

Watching TV with light or in the dark?

Watching TV shows in the dark should not be. The sharp contrast between the darkness in the room and the bright screen very quickly tires your eyes.

It is best to watch TV in a bright room. The main thing is that the light source is not reflected on the TV screen.


All of the above are recommendations. Nobody and nothing will wean us from the TV anymore; it has so firmly entered our lives. But tips and tricks on how to watch TV correctly will help you maintain your health. Do not forget to ventilate the room while watching. Our body needs fresh air, since oxygen is needed for the body to function normally, including the eyes.

How to relieve fatigue from the eyes when watching TV help special exercises, which I wrote about here. Read and be sure to follow them. Then your vision will not deteriorate.

Wishing you good health, Taisiya Filippova