Can I Use Iphone While Charging

Every owner of the brand new iPhone 7 is firmly convinced that he knows almost everything about him. After all, having become the owner of such an expensive branded gadget, I want to fully enjoy all its sophisticated functions and capabilities. But such a trivial question: how to properly charge the iPhone, for many users it can cause slight surprise and even bewilderment. Well, what can be simpler and more understandable of this procedure. you insert a charger into the iPhone and connect it to the network. At first glance, there is nothing complicated in this process. Can ordinary charging harm the electronic gadget? But in fact, there are a huge number of different nuances that affect the quality and speed of charging, as well as responsible for the durability and condition of the battery.

IPhone Charging

A rechargeable battery is the heart of any mobile electronic device. And in order for it to last as long as possible, not only from recharging to recharging, but also to the complete exhaustion of its resource, you need to know how many times and how to properly charge your iPhone. Neglecting all these tips and rules, gadget owners may be faced with the need to change failed branded batteries too often. over, replace with new, and not always good quality, analogues. And this is admitted, an expensive pleasure.

One part of users charges their electronic devices almost every day. Others, on the contrary, resort to this procedure only after the battery is completely discharged. One way or another, all gadget owners want only one thing. so that their device is always active and does not fail at the most crucial moment. But how to find that middle ground, so that the battery lasts for a long time, and the user saves himself from the need to constantly resort to recharging it. Experts recommend: in order for the battery to last as long as possible, it can neither be charged to 100% of the maximum, nor discharged to zero. The most optimal charge level is considered to be from 40% to 80%.

The effect of chargers on battery status

The correct charging of the iPhone 7 is affected not only by competent and orderly user actions, but also by the quality of the power supply, network adapter and USB cable. Every owner of an apple gadget should know that only original equipment from the manufacturer should be used to recharge the battery. The thing is that branded chargers are equipped with special microcontrollers that monitor the process of receiving current. And if the charging conditions are outside the acceptable range, for example, the temperature rises, the voltage jumps or the current drops, then the battery just stops charging.

In network adapters and power supplies from unknown manufacturers, there can be no talk of any microcontroller. Therefore, you need to use such devices very carefully, only in the most hopeless situations and for a rather short time. Otherwise, such an adapter can not only burn the power controller in the iPhone 7 itself, but also completely disable the battery.

Charge your iPhone 7 just bought

But, despite the fact that the new iPhone, although it has a small charge of energy, it still needs the first charge, which is also the most important. It is she who lays the foundation for the future uninterrupted and long work of the gadget. It is worth noting that the first charge of iPhone 7 is no different in principle from recharging previous models. The initial cycle of charging iPhones of almost all models consists of the following simple steps:

  • The iPhone connects to the charger for 3 hours;
  • after 100% charging the battery, you need to use the iPhone until it is completely discharged;
  • connect the recharge for another 2 hours and do not use any gadget applications;
  • bring the charge again to 100% and then you can fully work with the device.

As soon as the battery is fully charged, the controller, which is built into the iPhone, automatically turns off the power supply. It is he who tries to charge the battery as soon as possible and prevent its recharge.

Optimal iPhone Charging Time

In principle, there are no clearly established boundaries that determine the charging time of iPhones. The gadget will be connected to the network exactly as much as it will need to set the required amount of energy charge. And it depends on a number of factors:

  • iPhone discharge depths;
  • battery capacity;
  • temperature condition. optimal is considered to be from 16 to 22 ° C;
  • the presence of an original or certified charger;
  • wire lengths;
  • using the gadget during the recharging process.

If you approach it purely theoretically, it may take from one and a half to three hours to recharge the battery from 0% to 100%. Here, everything will depend on the model of the device and the parameters of the battery. It is clear that the iPhone 7 will charge longer than all its predecessors. And all because he has the most capacitive battery, which not only draws more power from the gadget, but also works 2 hours longer than the batteries installed on previous iPhones.

Apple Recommendations

You can find out how to charge iPhone 7 by studying the instructions that come with any new gadget. In it, Apple experts give several important tips and recommendations that will help not only save battery life, but also extend its life. Among the most important recommendations are:

Can I Use Iphone While Charging
  • use only branded or certified equipment to charge;
  • you can not charge the iPhone, which is in the case, or covered with any object, this can provoke strong heating of the device, which will negatively affect the battery itself;
  • It is not recommended to use the gadget in severe frost;
  • if the device is temporarily not to be used, then before turning it off and hiding it is necessary that its battery is 50% charged;

To extend the battery life, you can reduce the brightness of the screen, as well as disabling rarely used applications and programs. However, it is up to the user to follow these tips or not. After all, they are all purely recommendatory in nature. And if for some reason you need to turn on the iPhone in the cold season, this does not mean that the battery will immediately fail. The main thing. Only use original chargers and safety precautions. And everything else, albeit with a few caveats, but you can not pay attention, of course, to the detriment of the durability of the battery.