Can I Update iPad 2019

Many owners of the “apple” tablet of the first generation are interested in which version of the operating system they will be able to update it. It should be understood that this device is already 6 years old and initially it worked on the basis of iOS 3.2. However, officially on the iPad 1 you can install the 4th and even 5th iOS. But starting from the 6th version, things are a little more complicated, since the iPad 1 processor no longer meets its system requirements. Nevertheless, users want to use the “buns” of newer operating systems on their well-deserved device and often ask how to upgrade iPad 1 to iOS 7, not to mention the Six.

What is interesting in the “seven”

So what did the Apple developers add to iOS 7, which everyone wants so much? First of all, this is a fundamentally new minimalistic design, well, a couple of hundred functions. Among the latter, the improved multitasking and the appearance of the control point, which opens with a swipe from the bottom up and allows you to turn on / off airplane mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, adjust the volume, adjust the brightness and perform many other actions, are especially notable.

Unfortunately, you cannot install a full 7th version of iOS on iPad 1, but there is a workaround for a hacker to get its design and functional features. Do not worry: you can also start using almost everything.

Firmware WhiteD00r 7

In addition to the “native” updates of the operating system that Apple regularly supplies for their devices, there are customized iOS 7 firmware for iPad 1. Such updates are developed by hacker enthusiasts and usually come later than the next official version.

Developers take as a basis the standard version of the OS for an outdated gadget and supplement it with everything that is possible from the design and functionality of the newer iOS, while maintaining the stability of the device. In particular, for iPad 1, they took the penultimate original iOS 4 firmware, “dressed” it in the manner of the “seven” and called WhiteD00r 7. But after installing custom firmware on your iPad, the 4th version of iOS will actually remain.

Preparing iPad 1

First, make sure your iPad has a clean 4th version of Apple’s system. If you have jailbreak firmware, then first upgrade the device to standard iOS 4 using the instructions. In case of doubt about the originality of your OS or difficulties with updating, it is better not to experiment with custom firmware.

If there are no problems, then in the next step of preparing iPad 1 for firmware for iOS 7, create a backup using iCloud.

Then find the Redsn0w utility on the Internet and install it on your personal computer. Also download the archive of the WhiteD00r 7 firmware itself and extract the files from it. Finally, check if you have iTunes, and if not, install the latest version of the program.

Firmware installation

Now that you have prepared everything you need, proceed with the installation:

  • Connect your tablet to your computer.
  • Then launch iTunes or wait for the program to start on its own.
  • Wait for iTunes to detect your device, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Click on the icon with the image of the device in the upper left corner and make sure again that the original iOS 4 is on the iPad.
  • In the current window, click on the “Restore iPad” button, but before that, hold down the “Shift” key if you are a Windows OS user, or “Alt” if Mac OS (OS X).
  • In the explorer window that opens, specify the path to the file with the extension.Ipsw, which you saved earlier in the folder with the WhiteD00r 7 firmware, and click “Open.”
  • Wait approximately 15 minutes for the recovery process to complete.

After successful installation of the firmware, the device will reboot, and you will see a nice design of iOS 7 on its screen.

Can I Update iPad 2019

As it turned out, flashing the iPad 1 is not so difficult, but now you can safely begin to use all the advantages of a custom system, while performing the usual steps. Continue to enjoy great sound, watching movies and reading books on your familiar new-style gadget from iOS 7.