Can I Remove Msa On Xiaomi Redmi

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Xiaomi MSA. what kind of program is this

Not so long ago, after my Xiaomi Redmi smartphone was updated to MIUI 11, I took care to remove all kinds of advertisements, with which the shell is packed quite tightly. In the process of this struggle, I came across an interesting system service. msa. You can find it in the list of applications. On the Internet you can find many opinions, up to the point that this application is used to monitor the Chinese corporation for user actions. Let’s figure it out what kind of MSA program is on Xiaomi, what role does it play and is it worth it to be removed or can it be left ?!

What is MSA responsible for?

So, to begin with, there are several opinions on the Internet about what role the MSA application plays in the overall MIUI shell system.
In online application databases, the program is listed like this:

Can I Remove Msa On Xiaomi Redmi

Class name: com.xiaomi.ad.server.AdLauncher

To start, I think it’s worthwhile that several years ago information appeared on the network that, when connected to the Internet, a Xiaomi or Redmi phone downloads the AnalyticsCore.apk file from its servers. Next, the exchange of data begins between the device and the cloud services of the corporation, and even in encrypted form. A key role in the exchange is played by the MSA application.

The first reaction is panic! Oh oh oh! Xiaomi merges user data! Later, when the tantrum passed, the enthusiasts began to delve into the “guts” of the program and found not quite what they expected. It turned out that this program is responsible for downloading ads on the phone in accordance with what it is looking for on the Internet. Well, at the end of the story, the representative of the developer on the official forum MiCommunity announced that the MSA service is part of the MIUI Analytics system.

Summarizing all of the above, we conclude that MSA is a service that transmits non-personalized data about the interests of the user, and in response receives the code of advertising banners, which is already distributed further through the phone’s firmware.

How to remove or disable MSA ?!

Today, uninstalling the MSA program from your Xiaomi phone just doesn’t work. This is already part of the shell and its standard means of “picking out” the system service will fail. There are two ways.

The first way is to simply block the application from collecting data and sending it over the Internet. It is done like this. We open the smartphone settings and go to the “Passwords and security” section.

Next, you need to open the “Access to personal data” subsection. There you will find a list of programs that collect personal user data.

Removing a system service

If you still decide to remove the MSA program from the phone, then you will either have to get root rights on it, or use the special Xiaomi ADB FastBoot Tools utility. I will not dwell in detail on how to download and use it, but I will touch on the essence.

Using this utility, you can fully dig out Mi Analytics from MIUI, or just one msa service by ticking it and clicking on the Uninstall button.