Can I Install Browser On TV

It is high time to forget about those times when the ceiling of the TV’s functionality was showing television channels from other countries. Now the level of development of these devices has grown so much that they can’t even be called televisions, because by their capabilities they are more like computers. It is not surprising that now such a technique is called Smart TV, which means smart TV.

Can I Install Browser On TV

App TV Features

Naturally, you will not surprise anyone when you hear that using standard browsers you are logged into the World Wide Web. But this is on the computer, but what about the TV? It turns out that the result does not change from the rearrangement of terms, that is, on the TV the browser is also used to access the Internet. Samsung has installed its standard browser, which is included in the factory equipment of Smart TV. It is called App TV and you can immediately find it when you go to the menu.

Users claim that this browser is one of the most functional in comparison with similar options, but from other manufacturers. We will not give an assessment, since each user decides for himself whether this configuration suits him or not. However, consider the features of this application:

The program is built using Flash technology;

The browser is multi-tasking, especially compared to other analogues;

In the process, it allows you to open a large number of windows without compromising functionality.

In addition, Samsung has also released several interesting add-ons that improve browser performance. Here are the coolest of them:

Ability to support the HTML5 protocol;

Ability to work in WebKit-based.

How to download and install a browser on Samsung Smart TV

Often, owners of smart TVs are poorly versed in how you can install a new browser there, and whether this is possible at all. On many models, this is indeed permitted, but not at all. Therefore, before committing any actions, you need to find instructions for your TV. Read if it can replace a web browser, for example, with Yandex or Google that are popular today.

If yes, then you should do the following:

Samsung Smart TV has a special assistant program called “Smart Hub”. To immediately get into this application, you need to take the remote control, and press the bright hex button;

A window will open where the user can see a list of programs that can be downloaded and installed on the TV;

Searching for the desired browser is very simple. you can either rewind the sentences until you find the one you need, or enter the application you are looking for in a special search bar;

After the selection has been made, the application needs to be downloaded and installed.

How to update browser on Samsung

Most Samsung TVs have a browser built into the firmware, and it can only be updated with an update of the entire firmware. Naturally, this creates problems, because the manufacturer often forget that Smart TV is a TV for surfing the Internet, so they do not add improvements to the standard browser in the software.

How can it be updated so as not to lose the feature set that was already there? Good luck here.

It is most convenient to read the description of the new firmware, what features it adds, etc.

You can also search the Internet for the comments of those users who have already tried the update, and share their impressions on specialized forums.

If there is no suspicion about the quality of the new firmware, then you can install it. This is done according to the standard principle:

Next, go to the “Support” section;

Select “Software Update”;

When he sees that there is a possibility of updating, he clicks on “OK”.

It remains to wait for the download, install, and the browser, along with the entire system, will be updated.