Can I Connect Ps3 To Computer

Gamers are increasingly thinking about how to connect a PS3 gamepad to a PC. Can this be done at all? After all, a computer is a multifunctional, complex machine, to which various components are connected. And joysticks are no exception. If we are talking about a gamepad designed for PC, the process will not cause any problems. Is this really the only option?

Is there a chance of connecting

You can connect almost any joystick to a modern computer. The main thing is to know what to do in a particular case.

In fact, the whole process is not a hassle. Even a novice user is able to connect the joystick from the PS3 to the computer. What features and nuances should I pay attention to? What actions will have to be taken to translate ideas into reality?

Can I Connect Ps3 To Computer

What do you need

First stage. training. How to connect a gamepad from a PS3 to a PC? To do this, the user will have to prepare a certain inventory. Without it, it will not be possible to carry out the procedure.

To play on a computer using the joystick from Play Station 3, the following items are required:

  • gamepad from a game console;
  • USB cable for connecting to a PC;
  • Bluetooth adapter (for wireless play);
  • special emulator programs for recognizing a connected device.

Nothing more is needed. It should be noted that “Bluetooth”-adapter is not a mandatory component. But all the other items must be prepared. It is impossible to do without them.

Driver download

Almost every gamer sooner or later has a question about how to connect a gamepad from a PS3 to a PC. It is not difficult to guess that the computer must recognize the device. There are often problems with this.

In general, sometimes it’s enough to simply connect the joystick from the Play Station 3 via a USB cable to the computer and press the round button in the center of the device. The gamepad will turn on. The operating system will automatically find the necessary driver and install it.

But similar situations. rarity. Often you have to manually search for drivers. How to connect a PS3 gamepad to a PC via Bluetooth or USB? You will have to download the driver search program and use it. To date, the Play Station does not have official applications that allow you to download drivers for gamepads on your PC. Therefore, you have to turn to the help of third-party programs.

The leader is here. this is MotioninJoy. To use it, just follow the instructions:

  1. Download the latest version of the program and install it on your computer.
  2. Connect with a USB joystick from the PS3. It is advisable to precharge it.
  3. Launch MotioninJoy. Go to the Driver Manager tab.
  4. Mark the necessary driver for the device with a tick and click on Load driver.
  5. Go to Profiles and select Select one mode.
  6. Check the box next to Custom.
  7. Save changes.

It should be noted that MotioninJoy allows you to customize the gamepad for yourself. There is nothing special in this process. Simply go to the appropriate tab of the application, and then save the changed settings.

Via bluetooth

How to connect a PS3 joystick to a computer using “Bluetooth”? This can be done in a few minutes. It is imperative to do all the steps listed above. Pre-connect the gamepad using Bluetooth to the computer.

Now what? The PS3 joystick is connected as follows:

  1. Open MotioninJoy.
  2. Go to the BluetoothPair tab. Open there “Bluetooth”.
  3. Select the required adapter. Click on Pair Now.
  4. After some time, a slight vibration will pass through the joystick. This is a signal of a correctly completed connection.

No further action is required. It’s clear how to connect the gamepad from the PS3 to the PC. Windows 10 or any other OS. it is not so important. The main thing is that the process is the same everywhere.

Dualshock 3

and more often, players need to connect DualShock 3 to a PC. This process will be slightly different from the previously proposed algorithm. For example, you will have to work with another application. Or rather, several programs.

How to connect a gamepad from a PS3 to a computer? Just follow some simple directions. Namely:

  1. Download the latest driver for Sixaxis. Typically, the archive contains several files: USB Sixaxis, PPJOY, BtSix.
  2. Install app. To do this, initialize PPJOY and LibUSB.
  3. Unpack BtSix to any convenient place. It is best to choose a desktop for this venture.
  4. Connect Bluetooth Dongle. Next, you will have to update the drivers for it. You can find software in BtSix, in the Driver XP directory.
  5. Open PPJOY. Run Config Joysticks from there.
  6. Add a new object and give it a name. For example, Joystick 1.
  7. Reconfigure the gamepad buttons for the user. To do this, save all changes to PPJOY. You can do without this step.
  8. Close Config Joysticks.
  9. How to connect a gamepad from a PS3 to a PC? To do this, you need to establish a connection between Sixaxis and the Bluetooth Dongle. After this step, you can enjoy the results.

Connecting DualShock 3 sometimes causes problems. In particular, due to the synchronization of programs with a gamepad. How to conduct the process? This will be discussed later!


First stage. Sixaxis registration. This procedure is reduced to the following actions:

  1. Connect the joystick to the computer using USB. The first connection will cause the operating system to begin searching for and installing drivers.
  2. Run the previously unpacked BtSix.
  3. In the application, click on the Adress button.

At this point, the joystick will be registered. But that is not all! How to connect a gamepad from a PS3 to a PC? It is proposed to complete the action by synchronizing the device with the Bluetooth Dongle.

What is required for this? Necessary:

  1. Connect to a PC Bluetooth Dongle.
  2. Launch BtSix. Be sure to unzip the application before starting the process.
  3. Press the button once in the center of Sixaxis.

Now you can check the operation of the joystick. As a rule, the actions taken lead to the fact that he begins to work on the computer. That’s all! Now it’s clear how to connect the gamepad from the PS3 to the PC. Practice shows that not all BT adapters are compatible with the joystick. Every user should pay attention to this nuance.

The main problems connecting a PS3 gamepad are finding drivers for it. Following these instructions, you can easily play using the Play Station 3 joystick. Even a novice user will cope with the task. The main thing is to find the necessary programs for implementing the idea.