Can I Connect Mobile Bank Via Phone

Today we’ll talk with you about how to connect via telephone “Mobile Bank”. In addition, we will consider other ways that will help us start using this service. In fact, there are not so many options. Nevertheless, to understand them is worth it. Let’s see what Sberbank offers us.

Can I Connect Mobile Bank Via Phone

What is required?

If you plan to use the system “Sberbank Online”(“Mobile Bank”), you can activate this service only if certain documents are available and after some preparation. In fact, all this is not so difficult as it seems.

The first thing you need is a plastic card. You won’t succeed without it. In addition, you will also need the details of your “plastic”. Usually there is no problem with this.

The second point is the availability of a passport. For some operations, you will have to appear in person at a bank branch, where they will start servicing you if you have an identity document. Also not so problematic.

The last moment is a mobile phone. If you are thinking how to activate the service “Mobile Bank”, then, of course, you have to take your cell phone with you. Actually, without it, nothing will come of it. The last point is time. Be patient. Now you can get to work. After that, you can easily use “Sberbank Online”. “Mobile Bank”, which we are trying to connect now, will help you with this.

Personal visit

Well, let’s consider with you the most interesting, but not the simplest scenario. The thing is that if you are thinking how to activate the service “Mobile Bank”, then you can always carry out this action through a personal visit.

All that is required of you is to write a statement. After that, you confirm your desire to use this function. Have you taken a card, passport and phone? Then go to the nearest Sberbank branch and take the line leading to the customer service window regarding plastic cards. A few minutes to fill out the application. and all problems are resolved. Honestly, this is easier than thinking how to connect through the phone “Mobile Bank”. Nevertheless, there are a number of other possibilities. Now we will get to know them.

Help desk

Well, there is another quite interesting approach to solving the problem. If you think how to connect via phone “Mobile Bank”, then you can stock up on time and patience, and then call a special assistance service.

Take the phone and call 8800-555-5550. Wait for an answer and contact the operator. Tell him the reason you turned. After that, you will be asked to give a bank card number, a secret word, your initials, as well as a place of registration according to your passport. When the employee makes sure that you are the real owner of the card, you will be asked what number you need to connect to “Mobile Bank”. Call him, and then wait for an answer.

As soon as the operator reports that the application has been completed, you can rejoice. After about a few hours, you will receive an SMS notification on your mobile phone that will inform you of the successful completion of the operation. That’s all. Now you know how to connect via phone “Mobile Bank”. True, this is not the only option. Now we will see with you what else can be done.

ATM terminal

Well, here’s another pretty interesting approach. We have already figured out with you how to connect “Mobile Bank” through the phone, now let’s look at another method that will help you in the task.

The thing is that any client of Sberbank can easily use “Mobile bank” using a terminal or ATM. That is, these machines will help us connect the service. This is pretty easy to do. You only need your bank card and mobile phone. When you decide, go to any ATM or terminal.

Insert your card into a special receiver. At the request of the system, enter the pin code. As a result, you will get access to the main menu. Find and select the following there: “Mobile Banking Service”. “To plug”. After that, a selection menu will appear. There they will ask you what tariff you would like to connect. “Full” or “Economy”. Choose whatever you like, and then press “Proceed”. In cases when you plan to actively use a bank card, it is better to choose the first option. It remains only to enter the mobile number to which it is attached “plastic”. That’s all. Now you can wait for the SMS alert, and then actively use all the acquired functions. Let’s now look at some more interesting questions regarding “Mobile bank”. All this will definitely help you.

Upon receipt

It should be noted that if you are thinking about how to connect “Mobile Bank” via SMS, you will have to leave this venture. The fact is that there is no such possibility. Nevertheless, there is another rather interesting approach to obtaining this function.

In modern financial institutions “Mobile Bank” It is connected to the client immediately upon receipt of a bank card. Honestly, this is very convenient. Especially if you do not want to understand connection methods for a long time. In addition, this service facilitates the work with the site. “Sberbank Online”.

So if you decide to get a bank card, then take an interest in receiving information about connecting to the service. Although, frankly, you should offer her bank employees. They will cope with the task in just a few minutes. After that, you can pick up the plastic and enjoy the results.

How to know connected “Mobile Bank” or not

There are several scenarios. Let’s start with you to deal with the most simple. If you are thinking about whether you are connected “Mobile Bank”, then try to make a purchase on the card, and then look at your mobile phone. When you change the balance you will receive special alerts. If they do not work out for you, then we can say that the function is disabled.

In addition, you can always contact the nearest bank branch for help. You will be asked for a passport, card number, as well as the mobile phone number to which you are attached “plastic”. Employees will let you know if the service is connected or not. Nothing too difficult. Now, let’s see with you what else might be relevant to our topic today. For example, let’s try to disable “Mobile Bank”, and also bind it to another number. Indeed, it is with these questions that modern customers very often ask.


Well, we have already examined with you how to connect via telephone “Mobile Bank”. Now let’s try to refuse this service. There are several ways to do this. Nevertheless, many customers note the fact that it is best to use an ATM or payment terminal.

If you decide “distinguish oneself”, you can use your own mobile phone or even a visit to a bank branch. In the first case, send an SMS with the text: “denial of services” (together) to number 900, and then wait for the results. After a while, you will receive a notification that says about your refusal. As you can see, nothing complicated.

The second option implies nothing more than a denial of services through the preparation of an application. Take your card, passport with you and go to the bank. Fill out the application there. Now you can wait for the results. Nothing complicated.

When working with an ATM, insert “plastic” to a special receiver, then dial the PIN code and visit the section “Mobile Bank”. Choose function there “Disable”, and then “Proceed”. That’s all. You will eventually be disconnected from “Mobile bank”. Now let’s see how you can attach a new number to the card.

All over again

So, if you suddenly needed to re-link the phone to the card, you will have to resort to using “Mobile bank”. Honestly, here you should turn to everything that was written earlier. First of all, refuse the services on one phone, and then simply choose any suitable method to associate a new number.

Honestly, an ATM is best for this. If you suddenly get confused, you can always ask for help from a bank employee. As you can see, the service is very useful. “Mobile Bank Sberbank”. Connecting and disconnecting it is quite simple if you know where to start. Now you know all the approaches that relate to this issue.