Can I Charge Phone Via Usb

Each device: tablet, smartphone, e-book or laptop comes with its own chargers. At least that was until recently. Now most modern smartphones and tablets have a Micro USB connector, and this is becoming the standard. Against this background, the question arises: is it possible to already charge all my gadgets through one charger?

Despite the fact that over time more and more chargers are produced according to a single standard, several types of chargers are still widespread:

  • Laptops. Unfortunately, they still have not come up with a single standard for charging laptops and netbooks. There is no universal connector, which means that each device needs an individual charger.
  • 8-pin connectors (lightning connectors) for Apple gadgets. Since 2012, Apple has standardized the 8-pin connector, and now all devices released after this year: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Nano, can be connected using a charger certified and developed by Apple.
Can I Charge Phone Via Usb

8-pin lightning connector

Older apple devices have a 30-pin connector, and for those who have them left, Apple is releasing lightning → 30 pin adapters.

  • Micro USB chargers. All new smartphones, including devices based on Android and Windows Phone, are available with a standard micro USB connector, so you do not need to select individual chargers for them, like for old mobile phones. To meet this standard, Apple offers Lightning connectors → Micro USB adapters.

Can I charge any device with a connector Micro USB from any charger Micro usb?

In principle, each Micro USB charger can be plugged into a device with such a connector, which means that it can be used in general for any device, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or even a laptop. Very convenient. if you buy a new smartphone or tablet, you can charge it with an old charger. The only difference is in voltage and amperage, but more on that later.

Micro usb connector

Even through the adapter Micro USB → USB, you can easily charge the device from a laptop.

Dangerous Chargers

The HP Chromebook 11 is the first laptop to use a Micro USB port for charging. Most laptops require more power and cannot be charged in this way.

But this laptop was also discontinued due to reports of overheating of the charger, which could cause a fire. An HP representative advised users who purchased the HP Chromebook 11 not to use the original chargers that came with the device.

You can continue to use the laptop by charging it through one of the micro-USB chargers verified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (United States Standardization and Certification Company), for example, from a tablet or smartphone.

You’ll easily recognize the chargers tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. they have the UL Listed logo on them.

This means that the charger is tested for safety, will not cause a fire and will not shock you. But in some cases, even proven chargers can cause trouble, namely when the device’s battery is faulty. So a non-original cheap charger and a cheap, not certified battery can become a cause of a fire.

Voltage and current

All USB connectors are rated for 5V. This means that you can safely connect the charger to the device via micro USB.

Another thing is the current strength. To charge the device faster, the chargers increase the amperage, which is measured in amperes (A). The chargers that come with Android tablets are rated for more amperage than similar devices for Android smartphones. For example, a tablet charger is designed for 2A, while a smartphone charger is only 1A.

If you connect the charger from the smartphone to the tablet, the tablet will charge very slowly, because the current is not enough for normal charging. If you try to charge the smartphone through the charger for the tablet, nothing bad will happen, and your smartphone will not explode and does not light up.

Most likely, the smartphone will not take the maximum possible number of amperes that the charger provides, so that everything will be fine. Maybe the smartphone will only charge a little faster.