Can I Charge My Phone From Another Phone?

Many people have at least once been able to charge the phone not in the traditional way, but to come up with alternative, sometimes wild, options. What can’t you do for a couple of percent of the battery when you need to make an important call! We tell you how to charge one phone from another in the absence of a power supply or outlet.

Can I Charge My Phone From Another Phone?

How to charge from a smartphone

In an emergency, when your smartphone is discharged from any minute to another, another mobile device will come to the rescue. This way of recharging is very helpful if there are no outlets nearby. Naturally, the second smartphone should have a battery reserve.

Without special devices, most smartphones do not have the ability to connect to another mobile device. To charge, you will need a standard USB cable and a special USB-OTG cable. This device is tiny, affordable. It does not take up much space in the bag, so you need to safely purchase it and take it with you in case of emergency.

How to use a USB-OTG cord and charge your smartphone with another, the procedure:

  1. We connect USB-OTG to the phone, from which another gadget will be charged.
  2. We insert the USB cable into a connector resembling a USB slot on a computer and in discharged telephone.
  3. The charging process starts instantly.

Miss Purity Magazine advises that both smartphones must support the USB-OTG function. Sometimes you need to install the appropriate application.

Another minus. the battery drink is much slower than from the outlet: an average of 5% in 15 minutes. USB-OTG is not able to provide amperage equal to the charger. Due to the low power, not all devices can start the process.

Conclusion: you should not rely on a full-fledged result, charging one phone from another will turn out only by a small amount of percent.

A few tips to help you charge your phone faster when you have no time to wait:

  1. Do not use the device while recharging.
  2. Put the gadget on airplane mode or temporarily disable data transfer (Internet).

In the same way, you can charge tablets and other gadgets from your phone.

Reverse charging

The latest models allow you to connect gadgets to each other for charging directly. These are smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy s10, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and other flagships of leading manufacturers.

Reversible wireless charging is not impressive in speed. For half an hour, she squeezes about 10%. But this is better than nothing, especially in an emergency.

A smartphone that distributes energy loses as much charge as a consumer smartphone receives.

The mechanism of this function is the use of electromagnetic radiation. A field forms between the two induction coils in the devices and charging starts. Interestingly, the function was originally intended to fuel the more “lighter” gadgets: headphones, smart watches.

Thus, using a small cord and reverse charging, you can at any time solve the issue with the battery, being away from outlets and not having the original power supply. The only problem is finding nearby people with mobile devices who will be ready to share their charge and free time.