Can I Charge Iphone 7 Wireless Charging

Hello! In the comments, they often ask me: “Here I have USB charging from Samsung, Acer, Sony, etc. or PowerBank of some company. can all this be used to charge the iPhone? Will the battery or the device itself be damaged? Or do you have to headlong run for the original adapter, lay out a large amount (at the time of writing. about 1,500 rubles) for the “native” power supply from Apple and only charge it? “

But really. do you have to pay extra (which never are) money? Or is it possible to do without all of these “Original Made in Apple” official accessories? Let’s try to figure it out, let’s go!

Important notice! The entire article is an exclusively personal experience of the author, his friends, many friends and strangers. Information in no way claims to be the ultimate truth. I repeat, personal experience and nothing more. But it can be useful, right? 🙂

So, we are interested in:

  1. The wire.
  2. USB power adapter

Of course, if you have an Apple cable and power supply, then it is better to use them for charging. everything is certified, thought out, there are special controllers inside, etc. So, the iPhone will receive energy exactly as the manufacturer wants.

And if there are no Apple accessories and you don’t want to buy them? Is it allowed to charge by others? Let’s get a look!

The wire

The case when saving is definitely not worth it. In fact, this is the most important part that is involved in the process of charging your iPhone.

Apple is so cleverly certifying the wires for its devices that even Chinese masters still cannot properly fake these cables.

To be more precise, they do it, but not for long. As a rule, after just one or two iOS updates, the iPhone refuses to accept charging and “pleases” the owner with the inscription “accessory is not certified”. How many similar wires I saw. absolutely all of them stop working after some (very short) time.

And of course, the use of fakes negatively affects the device’s battery. since they do not have any special controllers and chips to properly charge the iPhone.

Conclusion: The cable should only be used original or certified by Apple (the packaging will bear the Made For iPhone mark).

Power adapter

And here is much more room for imagination. A standard charger for iPhone 5 W costs about one and a half thousand rubles and, admittedly, this is not a little money.

Can I Charge Iphone 7 Wireless Charging

By the way, it’s worth recognizing one more thing. this is a big deal from Apple 🙂

Is there any way to replace it with something else? In my opinion, yes:

  1. If you really want a branded accessory from Apple, then the adapter from the iPad will cost you almost the same amount. Apple officially authorizes its use with the iPhone. Yes, and the gadget will be charged faster.
  2. If there is no desire to spend money, and at home there is a power supply from any other well-known manufacturer, then it can be safely used to charge the iPhone.

Why? Yes, because any self-respecting company monitors the quality of its accessories and I do not think that the power supply unit from the same conditional Samsung is something seriously different from the “native Apple”.

For four years now I have been using three adapters alternately: from an iPad, an Asus tablet (1.5 A), a Samsung phone (1 A). And a year ago, Xiaomi’s external battery was added to all this. Are there any problems with the iPhone battery? Not.

Conclusion: An “apple” charger or not is not that important. The main thing is that it be of high quality.

But what about voltage, amperage, and “that’s all”?

The original and certified wire, as well as the charging controller in the iPhone itself, simply will not allow the phone to take more than what it needs.

Most importantly, do not use very cheap adapters from obscure manufacturers at the price of “100 pieces per kilogram”. Since the money saved in the future can turn into big troubles.

Instead of an afterword or summarize: iPhone can be charged with any (with some minor caveats) USB charges. The most important thing is to use Apple’s original or certified (Made For iPhone) cable. And then everything will be “OK.”

I repeat, the whole article is exclusively the author’s personal reasoning. Do you agree with his opinion? Or do you have any other experience? Tell us in the comments, very interesting!