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Airpods on Android: how to connect, does everything work as in iOS and how to check the charge

Who said the comfortable and popular AirPods wireless headset can only be used with iPhones? Owners of gadgets with Android will find it useful to learn about the capabilities of their device with AirPods. It’s easy to connect a headset, although it’s even easier on iOS. After turning on and pairing the device, the user will have at his disposal the same famous wireless headphones.

Can Apple Watch Be Connected To Samsung

Before you start using it, make sure that the charging case for the AirPods and they themselves are sufficiently charged. The headset should fit inside the box and Bluetooth on the Android device.

How to connect AirPods to Android

1. Place AirPods inside the case if you haven’t already.

2. On your Android device, open “Settings”.

3. Select Bluetooth.

4. Open the lid of the case with AirPods.

5. Press and hold the button on the back of the box until the indicator blinks white.

6. Return to your Android device and wait for the AirPods to appear in the list of Bluetooth devices. After that press the “Pairing” button.

7. Close “Settings” on Android. Airpods will pair and connect to the new device.

You can check the performance of such a bundle by listening to music, podcasts or any sound from an Android device. Sounds should go into and out of the AirPods as expected. As long as the headset is connected and paired with an Android phone or tablet, AirPods will become a wireless audio device used by the operating system to output audio.

On the AirPods side, working with Android devices is no different from working with a Windows computer. Don’t be surprised, but this is also possible. Yes, and Mac AirPods are perfectly connected, which is generally logical. Setting up a pairing with a macOS device is easier if the headphones are already connected to an iPhone with the same Apple ID. You just need to open the settings of Bluetooth devices and manually start the pairing process with the headphones. The accessory behaves simply and clearly, like any other Bluetooth-device or wireless speaker.

Note that when using AirPods alternately with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android, it’s best to disconnect the headset from the current device, but not uninstall it. Only then can you connect AirPods to the new platform. If you accidentally delete some of the device’s settings from Apple in the Bluetooth settings, then you can always re-configure both iOS with Android and macOS.

How to check the charge of AirPods on Android

2. After installation, open the charging case cover of the connected Airpods.

Checking the charge on Android with the AirBattery app installed works in much the same way as on iOS gadgets. You just need to open the lid of the charging case, and the application will display information about the current charge of Airpods. The application also has a Pro version, which allows you to receive an iOS-style pop-up notification without having to launch the application itself.

Troubleshoot AirPods with Android

If you have problems pairing your AirPods and Android, you can start by resetting your headset by pressing the button on the back of the case. You can also try rebooting your Android device.

As additional troubleshooting steps, you should make sure Bluetooth is turned on on Android, there is sufficient charge on AirPods and the branded charging case.

Some AirPods features do not work with Android

If you plan to use AirPods with Android, then you need to be aware of the unavailability of some proprietary AirPods for Android. For example, Siri functionality will not work in conjunction with a headset with an Android device, simply because this operating system does not have a voice assistant from Apple at all. A feature such as auto pause will not work either. This does not mean that the devices do not work well with each other. Even if you don’t get the full benefit of Siri, the Android AirPods experience will still be great.

How will we connect bracelets to Samsung Health?

It is impossible to bind third-party bracelets to the Samsung app, as mentioned above. Therefore, we will go the other way and do the following:

  • Install the Health Sync application on your smartphone, which will upload activity data from Google Fit to Samsung Health
  • Linking Google Fit and Samsung Health with Health Sync
  • Set up data synchronization with Google Fit in the bracelet application

Thus, we get the following data transmission chain: Bracelet application. Google Fit. Health Sync. Samsung Health

All this will work in the background without your participation. All data will be automatically transferred from the bracelet to Samsung Health.

How to connect Amazfit Bip or Xioami Mi Band to Samsung Health?

If you use one of the Xiaomi bracelets, it means that the Mi Fit application is already installed on your smartphone and the bracelet is successfully linked to it. If, suddenly, you have not yet tied your Mi Band to your smartphone and do not know how to do it. Read the details in the article about Mi Band 3.

In order for the data on steps, workouts and sleep to be uploaded to Google Fit, you need to do the following:

  • Open Mi Fit app
  • Go to the Profile tab
  • Select Add accounts
  • Go to the Google Fit section and click the Add Google Fit button
  • In the window that appears, select your Google Fit account
  • If the account is successfully connected, the Stop syncing with Google Fit button will appear at the bottom (see the 4th screenshot)
  • Close the application

That’s all! Now the data from the bracelet goes to Mi Fit, from there it is uploaded to Google Fit, after which the Health Sync application automatically transfers it to Samsung Health.

Download and configure the required applications

Before linking the bracelet to Samsung Health, you need to download and configure several additional applications:

If you haven’t installed Samsung Health yet, then download it too. Next, we need to set up each of these programs, starting with Google Fit. For this:

Launching Google Fit

  • We connect to your account by clicking the “Continue as Name” button
  • If desired, fill in the data about yourself
  • In the second step, we refuse to track workouts by clicking the No button
  • Press the Next button until the Finish button appears
  • Click Finish and close the application
  • This completes the Google Fit setup, we will no longer need this application.

    Now we launch and configure Health Sync. Please note: Samsung Health app must already be installed and configured. Running Health Sync before you set up Samsung Health is not recommended.

    If this is not a problem, then let’s continue:

    Launching Health Sync

  • In the pop-up window, select the direction of Google Fit synchronization. Samsung Health
  • Press the button Check the connection with Google Fit
  • In the window that appears, select your account (the one that was indicated earlier when setting up Google Fit)
  • Check the boxes for the desired synchronization parameters (as shown in the screenshot below)
  • When selecting options, the Samsung Health app may ask for permission to read and write data. You need to give permission:

    As you have already noticed, in addition to Google Fit, the application supports many other services and bracelets. This means that if you want to connect FitBit, Polar or Garmin fitness trackers to Samsung Health, you don’t even need to install Google Fit. With Health Sync app, you can sync these apps directly!

    After this simple setup, close the Health Sync app. We also don’t need it anymore. But in no case should you delete it, otherwise the steps from the bracelet will no longer be taken into account in Samsung Health.

    Now all that remains is to set up the branded application of your bracelet so that it uploads data to Google Fit.

    How to connect bracelets from Xiaomi and Huawei to Samsung Health. And also why and who needs it?

    All modern fitness bracelets differ little from each other, starting with the appearance and ending with the standard set of sensors and functions (pedometer, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and, at best, GPS). The main struggle is at the software level.

    Some companies focus on sleep tracking algorithms, while others implement convenient reports on activity and training. But there is one application, the functionality of which is superior to all other solutions. We are talking about Samsung Health with Together, which unites millions of users into one large community, turning daily walking into an exciting competition with people from all over the world:

    We have already written about the benefits of such applications and, in particular, about competitions in Samsung Health. You can get acquainted with them using the links below:

    The only problem is that none of the applications we are considering (Mi Fit for Mi Band bracelets or Huawei Health for Honor Band trackers) support data synchronization with Samsung Health.

    In this article, we will show you how to “make friends” these fitness trackers with the app from Samsung to start “joint walks” with other users around the world.!

    How to connect Honor Band to Samsung Health?

    Huawei bracelets work with smartphones thanks to the Huawei Health app. If you already have a bracelet and it is successfully configured, then all that remains is to link the application with your Google Fit account (if you don’t know how to connect the Honor Band to your phone, read the details in this review).

    To connect Huawei Health with Google Fit, we do the following:

    • Launching the Health app
    • Go to the I tab
    • Open the Settings menu item
    • Go to the Send data menu
    • Choosing Google Fit

    Now the data from the Honor Band goes to Huawei Health, from there it is uploaded to Google Fit, after which the Health Sync application automatically transfers it to Samsung Health.

    If Step Information Does Not Appear in Samsung Health

    After launching the Samsung app, you should see the total number of steps taken by the bracelet. If this data is not available, then check how the application displays the steps.

    The fact is that Samsung Health, by default, counts steps on its own (using the smartphone’s accelerometer) and does not display information received from other sources. Therefore, it is necessary to do the following:

    • Launch Samsung Health
    • Click on the diagram showing the steps
    • Under the photographer, click the Mobile button
    • Select All Steps

    Now you can compete with other people in all Samsung Health competitions using your Xioami or Honor bracelet!

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    Possibilities of working with a flash drive on an iPhone or iPad

    So, we have already found out that connecting a USB flash drive to an iPhone or iPad can be simple and really inexpensive. Now let’s take a look at the interoperability capabilities of Apple devices, Lightning to USB USB stick adapter. You can copy files of various types to a USB flash drive, and then open them on a smartphone or tablet.

    1. The dimensions of modern smartphones already make it quite comfortable to watch movies and TV series on them. But the volume of the drive is constantly not enough. Connecting a flash drive can solve this problem. In the iPhone or iPad itself, you no longer have to download gigabytes for later viewing on a trip. You can simply write files to a USB flash drive, and then open them in the Files application and then view them using the built-in player. Of course, this application cannot be called flexible and functional, but for a simple viewing it will be enough.

    2. Music. A similar approach applies to a music library. True, more and more users do not bother to load tracks directly into the memory of an iPhone or iPad. Apple Music’s solution makes such a task meaningless.

    3. Migration and. A flash drive allows you to throw any on it or from a smartphone. To do this, the file must first be transferred from the storage “”, where it is originally located, to “Files”. Of course, this solution looks like a kind of “crutch”, nevertheless, the ultimate goal is achieved. Multimedia in its original resolution appears on the flash drive. And then you can already do with it, whatever you want. Give it to friends or transfer it to your computer.

    4. Documents. It is very convenient to use a USB flash drive to work with documents on the iPhone. For example, you can copy PDF or DOC files to a drive and then open it in Files. At the same time, it is advisable to install a high-quality file manager on the device, for example, Documents from Readdle, which allows you to comfortably work with documents. It is possible that “Files” will not even support the format of the existing file, but it is possible to work with it in an application that supports it.

    Bonus. Lightning to USB adapter lets you connect a wired gamepad to your iPhone or iPad.

    Connecting a flash drive to an iPhone or iPad is an inexpensive way to expand storage

    It used to be thought that everything related to Apple products. Accessories and expandable functionality. Is certainly expensive. At first glance, connecting an external drive can also be an expensive task. But do not be afraid. You won’t have to buy an expensive proprietary Lightning / USB adapter for connecting a camera from Apple for 3 thousand rubles. Any high-quality analog can be used as an adapter.

    So, you have an adapter on hand, and your iPhone or iPad has iOS 13 (or newer) installed. Now use it to connect a regular USB flash drive to your smartphone. The connected drive should be identified in the Locations section, the Overview tab of the standard iOS application Files.

    The adapter itself looks very simple. On one end there is a female connector for connecting USB devices, and on the other there is a Lightning connector for connecting to an iPhone. Differences from the proprietary adapter lie only in the quality of the assembly. Nevertheless, the Apple product stands out with a pleasant to the touch material, the plastic is monolithic and does not creak.

    How to connect a regular USB flash drive to an iPhone or iPad

    With the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, Apple’s mobile devices received many interesting and useful innovations, thanks to which there was even a rethinking of the capabilities of these gadgets. For example, the Files app on iPhone and iPad now fully supports external storage. Now even an iPhone can be connected to the most standard USB flash drive and work with it without any restrictions. It is worth using such a solution and feel the full benefits of it.

    Required flash drive format

    Describing all the possibilities of working with a flash drive, it is important not to miss an important point. The USB drive must be formatted in exFAT or FAT32 format, as a last resort (instructions). The popular NTFS file system will work on a smartphone or tablet only for reading files from a USB flash drive, without the ability to write data to it. To fully work with the drive, you need to format it correctly.

    Device sync app

    A smart gadget connects to an Android phone using utilities that can be downloaded from the Play Market. Most commonly used: Wear OS by Google, BTNotification, Mediatek SmartService and others. All these programs are freely available and free. The interface of all programs is almost identical.

    Nuance: Some branded watches have unique applications designed for a specific line. They will more fully unleash the potential of smart watch.

    After the application is selected and installed on the smartphone, you need to open it, at the same time turning on the watch. Further guide contains 6 steps:

    Go to the application menu, click “Configure”.

    A list of languages ​​appears on the watch display: you need to select the appropriate.

    Follow the instructions of the gadget until the settings are completed, until the name of your chronometer appears on the screen. Click on it.

    A code will be written on the smart watch itself, these numbers must be entered in the appropriate field on the phone screen.

    Next, click the “Connect” button, complete all further steps to complete the synchronization (the system will give prompts).

    After the connection process, which can take several minutes, everything will be ready.

    Important: you will not be able to connect the same watch to different mobile phones. If the user decided to connect the watch with a new phone, it must be disconnected from the old system. Only then can the watch be paired with another model, for example, with Asus ZenFone Max Pro.

    When synchronizing the watch with a smartphone, codes appear on the devices. This feature was added to make the connection more secure. First you need to check if the codes match and then confirm. If the numbers do not match, you need to restart the smartwatch and try again.

    Note: before you synchronize your smartwatch with your phone, you need to make sure that both devices are charged. If one of the gadgets is discharged at the most crucial moment, the connection will not occur. The second condition is activated Bluetooth.

    Smart Watch and Android smartphone: manual for synchronization

    Often, smartwatches come with instructions in a foreign language, usually in English or Chinese. Not every user is convenient, you have to search the Internet or ask your friends how to connect a smart watch to an Android phone? The article offers a detailed manual on this issue. To remember the instructions, you need to repeat each paragraph in practice immediately after reading.

    Android Wear and iPhone watches

    It is not yet possible to link directly between the smartwatch on the Android and the iPhone, and therefore the first step is to pair the smartwatch and the Android phone. How to do this is described in the previous sections. When the connection has already occurred, then you need to:

    Download Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS to your Android phone, it will be automatically transferred to your watch;

    Activate Aerlink through the watch, start searching for the device;

    Enable the program downloaded to the iPhone, go to the Peripheral tab;

    A pairing code will appear on the watch, which must be entered in a special line on the phone screen.

    Then the accessories will connect. The Android watch paired with iOS displays all notifications, allows you to set up music, accept or reject calls. By the way, the dial for incoming calls is designed in the style of iOS devices: simple and concise.

    Nuances of setting up Apple Watch

    During connection, the watch itself will show a list of available functions that will work in conjunction with the iPhone. This search for a lost phone, geolocation, Internet access and others. They appear on Apple Watch automatically.

    In addition, you can choose other options in the settings, for example, the voice assistant Siri. When you activate it in the watch, the function will automatically become available on the iPhone, even if it has never been used before. During the connection, the user also installs all the programs he needs, creates a password for Apple Pay, and more.

    The signal about the completion of synchronization and all settings is a slight vibration effect in Apple Watch, including in Series 4 models. As soon as this happens, press the side wheel and everything will be ready.

    Apple Watch and iPhone: Pairing

    This duo doesn’t need any additional apps. The preparatory work only includes the activation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the iPhone, as an option, the XR series. Further step by step:

    If the watch is new, you need to put it on your hand and turn it on by holding the button on the side of the case until the logo appears.

    Bring the watch to the iPhone. An inscription about the settings through the gadget menu will appear on the screen. Click “Next”.

    Aim the camera at the chronometer dial. Wait for a signal that the connection was successful.

    Register your watch by creating a login ID.

    Now you need to configure Apple Watch. If suddenly during the settings the system requires an OS update, you need to confirm the action by updating it to the latest version.

    How to connect a smart watch to a phone: ways for 2 smartphone operating systems

    Smart watches are now at their peak of popularity: they are an indispensable attribute in the image of young people, an authoritative assistant for caring parents, an accessory for proper time planning, and much more. Every 5th Ukrainian uses smartwatches in professional activities and everyday life, but in order to get the most out of a gadget, it is necessary to combine it with a smartphone. How to connect a smart watch to a phone based on Android and iOS. Further in the text.

    How to connect AirPods to Android smartphone

    There is nothing difficult in connecting AirPods to Android and pairing between headphones and a phone on Android is almost as fast as with an iPhone.

    The first condition for a successful AirPods connection, no matter how trite it sounds, is to activate Bluetooth on your Android device.

  • Then, take the AirPods case, open the cover without removing the headphones from it.
  • Next, hold down and hold the round button on the headphone case (located on the back), holding until the green indicator flashes white.
  • The next step is on an Android smartphone in the Bluetooth connection section, select pairing with AirPods.

    After pairing the devices, you can freely listen to music in AirPods from your Android smartphone or tablet.

    Can AirPods Connect to Android

    Yes. It is possible to connect wireless headphones to AirPods to Android, so the opinion that Apple headphones are suitable only for iPhone is wrong. The fact is that AirPods headphones are connected via Bluetooth, and therefore all devices that have bluetooth technology can be connected to headphones and listen to audio content.

    Important points when using Apple headphones with Android smartphones:

    • When using AirPods with Android, you will have access to the voice control function, since this requires the voice assistant Siri, which works only in the eco-system of Apple devices;
    • Also, you will not be able to see the charging indication and control it. These features are only available when paired with an iPhone;
    • When you take out the headphones, the music will not stop like in the case of the iPhone
    • Is it possible to connect AirPods to an Android smartphone?

      Your android Android OS How to connect AirPods to Android

      With all the credit for Android smartphone manufacturers, we must admit that Apple, and in particular AirPods, brought innovation and impetus to the development of wireless headphones. The rivalry between the two leaders of Google (Android), including smartphone manufacturers and Apple, has created many technologies in mobile devices. In our article, we want to share whether it is possible to connect Apple wireless headphones to Android smartphones and offer you instructions on how to connect AirPods to Android.

      How AirPods are connected to an Android smartphone. How to unlink AirPods from Android phone

      To disconnect AirPods from an Android smartphone, you need to remove the device in the settings, connect via Bluetooth, and the wireless headphones will be untied.

      How to connect to iPad?

      The principle of connecting Apple Watch to an iPad is no different from the method of connecting to an iPhone smartphone, which you can familiarize yourself with above in this article.

      Method Two: Break and Re-create the Link Between Apple Watch and iPhone

      In the watch settings, open “Settings”, then select the “General” tab and press “Reset”, then “Erase content and settings”.

    • In the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, you need to select My Watch and tap on the watch at the top of the display. There will be an “i” icon next to the watch symbol, click on it and select “Unpair Apple Watch” from the menu. You must press twice to confirm the action.
    • Now pair your Apple Watch and iPhone following the instructions above.

      Pairing Apple Watch with iPhone or iPad

      If you have already become the owner of a smartwatch from Apple, then you should connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone in order to use all the functions of the watch. This article will show you how to pair your Apple Watch. Here you will also learn how to connect your watch to your iPad, how to check if there is a connection between devices and what to do if Apple Watch cannot see the iPhone and the connection cannot be established between.

      How to pair with Apple Watch. Pairing process

    • What iPhone Apple Watch works with?
    • How to check the connection between Apple watch and iPhone?
    • How to connect to iPad?
    • What to do if Apple Watch can’t see iPhone?
    • Method One: Reconnect
    • Method Two: Break and Re-create the Link Between Apple Watch and iPhone
    • Method three: Apple tech support

      What to do if Apple Watch can’t see iPhone?

      The first thing to do in this unpleasant situation is to check for a connection, as described above in this article, if there is no connection, then the problem lies precisely in this.

      The smartwatch manufacturer offers several ways to solve this problem to choose from.

      What iPhone Apple Watch works with?

      It all depends on what kind of watch you have, but one thing is for sure. You cannot connect even the earliest smartwatch from Apple to an iPhone whose model is younger than 5s. Also, a prerequisite is the presence of a version of the operating system iOS.

      Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) and all earlier watches will work with iPhone 5s, or later phones with the latest iOS installed.

      Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS Cellular) will only work with iPhone 6, or a newer device (7, 8, X) with the latest version of iOS installed.

      How to pair with Apple Watch. Pairing process

      There are 2 ways to pair Apple Watch, iPhone. Automatic and manual. The first way to connect gadgets is faster and easier, for it you will need:

      Turn on your watch, press the side button (bottom right) and hold it for 2 seconds.

    • Place the watch close to the iPhone.
    • Wait for the notification that appears on the smartphone screen “Use your iPhone to set up this“ Apple Watch ”then select“ Continue ”. If the notification did not come, go to the “Apple Watch” application and click “create a pair”. It is worth noting that the watch should be near the smartphone throughout this entire process, it is also important that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on on your smartphone.
    • Watch app on iPhone

    • The system requires you to bring the Apple Watch to the phone camera and position them within the field for subsequent scanning.
    • Follow the program instructions.
    • Choose the hand on which you will wear the watch.
    • Read and agree to the operating rules.
    • Next, the system will ask for a login and password from your Apple ID.
    • Read the information about geolocation and click “Ok”.
    • The system will now introduce you to the Siri voice assistant.
    • Diagnostic information appears on the screen.
    • Come up with a 4 or 7-digit password and enter it.
    • At this point, the program will ask if you want to configure simultaneous unlocking of devices.
    • Choose the auto-install feature for apps, or come back later.
    • If you now receive a pairing notification on your iPhone, then everything is ready!
    • Place both devices next to each other.

    • Turn on Wi-Fi or mobile network on your iPhone.
    • On the iPhone screen, tap the “Watch” app icon.
    • Turn on “start pairing”.
    • Then select the “manual installation” mode at the bottom of the screen.
    • Tap the “i” symbol.
    • The iPhone should now see your watch.
    • Then just follow the instructions of the program.
    • Alexander Shcherbakov

      Can you keep the magic of Apple if you use branded wireless headphones not with iPhone and MacBook?

      The announcement of AirPods was a definite step in the development of wireless headphones. Apple has created a new level of convenience and simplicity between a smartphone and headphones. You open the case, and the headphones instantly connect to the smartphone, put them back, they charge. This is the so-called Apple magic. I don’t have and never had an iPhone, MacBook, or even an iPad, so I wondered how Apple headphones would work outside the ecosystem. With an Android smartphone and a Windows laptop. There is a story to tell here.

      Airpods Windows = pain

      Before buying AirPods for a computer on Windows 10, it is better to think many times, and even better. To test this bundle. The system as a whole is not on friendly terms with wireless headphones, and the situation is even worse with AirPods.

      If you only connect AirPods to a Windows laptop and always use two headphones, then there will be no problems. Except for one thing. They do not work in headset mode, in general, in any way. I came to this conclusion after a long search for information on thematic forums. This is a big disadvantage, because Apple headphones are very convenient to use for conversations, and this cannot be done with Windows. But you can even play them, the signal delay is comfortable for this.

      Another problem appears when you try to use the headphones one by one. If you sit with one earphone and try to get the second one, then the system falls into a stupor. Only one of them will work. Even if you just open the lid of the case, the connection can be cut off for a couple of seconds. Then you have to go into the settings, untie the headphones, put them in the case and take them out again. Horror.

      Airpods Android = good

      Airpods with iPhone work perfectly. The headphones connect instantly, work without interruption, there are gestures. Before buying headphones for connecting to an Android smartphone, you need to be prepared that this will not work as smoothly.

      First of all, it should be understood that AirPods outside the Apple ecosystem are turning into regular wireless headphones. But they can be connected to any device that supports the transfer of music and sounds via Bluetooth.

      They are connected simply. You need to open the case cover and press the only button on the case so that the indicator starts blinking white. It remains to find AirPods on the smartphone in the Bluetooth settings and you can use it. It is possible to connect headphones one at a time, using them as a headset or two at the same time.

      With Android, you can’t see how much charge is left for the case and the headphones separately. The function to automatically stop playback when you remove one of the earbuds from your ear still does not work. Well, for obvious reasons, the launch of Siri does not work. Despite these shortcomings, AirPods remain comfortable headphones.

      Some of the functions of Android headphones can be added using apps. The most popular on the Play Store is AirBattery, which is what I use. It adds a battery charge display and an automatic pause when you take the earbud out of your ear. There are nuances here. First, you will need to pay 85 rubles to disable ads. Another percentage of the battery is displayed incorrectly, if you connect it several times in a row, then each time you can see a different result. A spread of 10-15%. But for a rough estimate, this is enough. For automatic pause, the application is kept active in the background, so the smartphone will be discharged faster. This function seemed to me unnecessary, so it is disabled.

      In general, if you have Android. Airpods can be taken. Not as comfortable as an iPhone, but still better than most other wireless headphones.

      Should you buy AirPods for Android and Windows


      Airpods are comfortable but very expensive headphones. It is pointless to discuss sound quality here, they are definitely not for music lovers. In addition, the shape of the earbuds frightens off, because the surroundings are well heard in them, in some cases this is even a plus.

      In general, I was pleased with the headphones, the proverbial magic is lost with Android, but they still work well. Windows is worse, but I have long planned to switch to Mac, so these are temporary problems.

      TURBION.NET 2021