Call Forwarding On Iphone 7 No Network

Call Forwarding On Iphone 7 No Network

Forwarding to iPhone. how to use

The reasons why you need to set up call forwarding on your iPhone can be very different.

However, there are not so many configuration methods.

What is call forwarding?

First of all, it is used to redirect a call from one number to another. This is necessary due to many factors.

For example, you are on the road and are not sure that your phone will survive the trip, but you need to be available for communication.

Then they set up call forwarding to another number, for example, a colleague who still has a full battery.

In general, situations can be very different.

The approach to establishing this function is one. And Apple did not even change it, so the method below is universal for any smartphone of this brand.

Forwarding Types

Although the end result is the same. the call is redirected from one number to another, the forwarding has its own types. They consist in under what conditions this function will be launched.

  • Unconditional view. all calls are automatically sent to another number.
  • If the subscriber is busy, that is, the call will be forwarded only if you are already talking to someone. This is more relevant for work, because to interact with customers, a specific person is not always needed. Your colleague or deputy, for example, is quite suitable.
  • If the call is not accepted, after a certain waiting time on the line, the caller is sent to another number you specified. Many phones have only one SIM card. If you have two of them, you need an additional device. And if you accidentally forgot one of them, this function is quite useful.
  • The phone is out of range of the network. in a word, your iPhone is off or there is no network on the road. However, just in case you can put a redirect. Thus, you can be sure that you will not lose friends and relatives. That is, this feature is indispensable in travel. In addition, it is convenient to use it for uninterrupted communication at work or in the event that you decide to change the phone number. Your friends will simply automatically get new. And there you can already warn them that the old one is no longer active.

How to set up call forwarding on iPhone

Now let’s figure out how to enable call forwarding on an iPhone.

In fact, there is nothing complicated about this. However, note that when this function is activated, all subscribers will be redirected to another number.

You cannot establish the conditions under which this will be carried out, only with the help of your iPhone. Here you already need the support of your operator.

The site of your mobile communications usually provides all the necessary information about setting up call forwarding.

In addition, you can find out whether your, for example, MTS supports this function in general or not.

As for the installation of the function itself, we will carry it out in several steps:

    First step. Go to “Settings”, in the menu click on “Phone”. The necessary function will also be located there.

Do not forget to set as in the picture

In this way, the whole setup happens, in fact, everyone can cope with it.

Works on iPhone 4?

The above diagram is relevant for all issued iPhones. So, it’s unlikely that you will not be able to set up call forwarding.

Additional tricks

In addition, you can learn about the operation of this function using special codes.

  • # 21 #. will give you the opportunity to check the forwarding operation: which calls, sms and so on have been redirected to another number.
  • # 62 #. helps you check if you activated the function correctly. That is, you will be shown the number to which calls are forwarded.
  • ## 002 #. disabling the function, that is, you directly receive calls again.

How to turn off?

How to set up call forwarding on iPhone

You can turn off call forwarding in a different way.

To do this, you still need to go to the “Phone” menu and select “Call Forwarding”.

That is, by analogy with turning on, you turn off the function. Nothing complicated.

Could there be a problem?

Very unlikely. You configure everything through your iPhone, and not with the help of a mobile operator. There are problems with the second subject. True, they are solvable.

The main thing is to support the function itself in the list of operator services. By the way, as a rule, through the mobile network you can set up different types of call forwarding, and not just unconditional.

It’s not free?

Not. The iPhone itself is at least 7, at least 5s, at least 4 supports the function.

And it is carried out only by your device, if you configured it in the device menu.

Thus, your operator is not particularly involved here.

Even if you decide to install an additional type of call forwarding, it is rare when you need to pay for this service. So, you can safely activate.


Given the above, setting up call forwarding to an iPhone is not difficult.

Everything is solved with a few clicks in the settings menu. over, the above scheme is suitable for all Apple phones. So it does not matter iPhone 4s or iPhone 7 you are holding.

However, the type of call forwarding on the iPhone itself is quite primitive. all calls are immediately redirected to another number.

For additional conditions for enabling the service, for example, forwarding when the line is busy, you need to contact the mobile operator.

Basically, such a function does not cost the user anything, but it is better to clarify this in advance.

Do not worry that you can do something wrong and no one will ever call you again, call forwarding is reversible.

If your mother pressed something wrong again, you can fix it both with the help of the code and the old fashioned way through the menu.