Buttons on the remote TV do not work

How to repair the remote control from the TV with your own hands in 5 minutes

When the TV remote control buttons don’t work or are hard to press, to say the least, it’s annoying. At most, it makes it impossible to change channels or adjust volume. Modern TVs, LG or Sony, may not have control buttons on the body at all. To fix the remote, if it does not work well, you can at home. It requires only neatness and some simple consumables.

Frequent causes of defects

The first thing to do if the remote control doesn’t work is to check the batteries. Insert new ones and see if anything has changed. Or the device begins to work. In this case, the cause of the malfunction is simple. battery failure.

The problem becomes more complicated when one or more of the buttons stop working. Or the TV does not want to follow the signals from the remote control. At the same time, the equipment responds quickly and correctly to stationary keys. In this situation, there may be reasons for failure:

  • Frequent falls. This is the most common cause of remote control failure. Quartz and other critical components fail due to mechanical damage. Easy consequences are peeling of the cover or cracks in the case. In addition, one or more keys may fail, some of which require hard pressure. Often the remote control starts working only at close range.
  • Water gets under the housing. Often spilled on the device drinks, the most harmful of which are sweet juices and carbonated water. They not only damage the contacts, but also contaminate the device. Often the buttons just stick to their place and can not be pressed.
  • Long life. All devices have an expiration date. If buttons are pressed repeatedly, the contacts can get lost. And the remote stops working properly. Often natural wear and tear on all components is one of the few reasons to buy a new device.

In most cases, you can repair the remote control for your TV with your own hands. To do this, you need to make a diagnosis, identify possible malfunctions and choose the right tools to repair the device.

How to Disassemble a TV Remote Control?

If the old versions were easy and simple to disassemble, the new ones can often be a bit difficult. The thing is that the “old” set-top boxes were attached mostly with bolts (you open the battery compartment, unscrew them and that’s it). The new ones are on the latches, it is not so easy to disassemble the body (I mean without damaging it), of course detailed instructions on how to disassemble the remote will be in the video, here is just an example. We will disassemble from a Sony TV (but others disassemble about the same):

  • Use a knife, preferably not one with a thick blade
  • Insert it between the top and bottom of the case
  • Turn the knife, try to find the latches
  • Push and turn further, the case should come apart
  • “Walk” around the edge of the remote, snapping off all the fasteners, don’t push hard so as not to damage it
  • Do both sides. The upper part will open
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Thus, it is easy enough to disassemble the remote from any TV, whether it is LG, Samsung, Sony, or some other

How to fix the buttons on the remote from the TV

If after replacing the batteries the buttons do not work, you’ll have to resort to further repair.

Start by cleaning the remote. Use moist towelettes or cotton swabs soaked in alcohol beforehand. It is recommended to perform such treatment regularly to prevent excessive contamination and breakdown of the device.

After cleaning, check the contacts of the batteries. They can sometimes be loose from the chip and the buttons do not work. If that is the reason for the breakage, you can fix it rather quickly. just solder the contacts. Some models of remotes are equipped with contacts with a graphite coating, which gradually rub off in service. If the graphite coating erased, to cope with this failure is very simple. just find a piece of foil (say, from a bar of chocolate), cut it into squares and put the paper side to the contacts.

If the remote control often fell down, the malfunction of its buttons can be a consequence of damage to the quartz. In this case the repair consists in replacing it. To be sure that the reason for failure is a split quartz, shake the device. If you hear noise when shaking, it means you have to change the quartz.

Flat batteries

The most common reason for the termination of the remote control TV Samsung. battery discharge. It also shows the statistics of customer requests to the points of repair of household appliances. But replacing the power supplies is the easiest thing to do, so it’s not hard to cope with it. On the back side of the device we find the cover, under which the batteries are located. There is a special grooved surface on the cover, by pressing it, it can be easily moved.

The movement is in the direction to which the arrows point. After opening the compartment take out and recycle the old batteries and put the new ones in their place observing the polarity.

Another reason is possible: the batteries themselves are fine, but the contacts in the battery compartment are oxidized or loose. To check their condition, remove the cover as described above. Shake the batteries a little. If they are loose, dangling in the socket, they need to be tightened. After removing the batteries, use a screwdriver to tighten the contacts, then put the power back on.

Oxidized steel parts do not pass the electric current. Oxidation occurs from dirt, dust, moisture. Use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or cologne to wipe the pins. If that is not enough and the corrosion is not completely removed, use a sharp metal wand to remove it. A needle or a screwdriver will do.

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Failures as a result of falls

Because of the frequent dropping of the device may be serious enough breakage, the repair of which will have certain difficulties. This is due to the fact that often broken connections in the soldering on the circuit.

If everything is okay with the batteries, the remote control can be checked with a cell phone camera. Because it has an infrared emitter, which can detect any pickups.

This procedure should be carried out according to the following diagram:

  • First of all we turn on the camera of the cell phone.
  • Pointing the remote control at the camera. Bring the camera close enough and press any button on the remote control.
  • If there is a signal from the remote, you should see a thick red dot on the screen of the phone.

But sometimes there can be no signal. In this case it is necessary to disassemble the device and take out the board. Then this board should be carefully examined and the necessary repairs should be made.

To disassemble the device it is necessary with special accuracy. it is important not to break the case of the product. The first thing to do is to remove the batteries and examine the battery compartment. If there are screws, they can be unscrewed.

If the device has mounted latches, it can be disassembled with a screwdriver with a thin tip or a plastic card. To do this, the screwdriver or card must be inserted into the hole that is located at the place of the top and bottom.

buttons, remote, work

Note: it is advisable to use a magnifying glass in order to look at the board carefully. With it you can clearly see the device and see the possible malfunction.

Repair can be made by those who know how to work with a soldering iron. Quite often as a result of frequent falls can fall off the LED, and also may loose contact pads batteries or damage the quartz resonator.

Also be sure to shake the board and listen. If there is a rustling noise, it can indicate a malfunction of the quartz resonator.

Then you need to remove this element (it looks like a small soldered box). Then it is replaced with a new one. You can buy it in any store of radio equipment, as well as in an online store of radio components.

Can the remote control from the set-top box be repaired?

Repair of set-top box remote control is similar to repair of an ordinary remote control. The only thing, before you disassemble the equipment and try to resolder it, it is worth to reset the remote control to the factory settings.

buttons, remote, work

Instructions for resetting or updating the remote control settings depend on the operator providing the digital TV. For example, to reset a Rostelecom device, you need

  • Hold the remote control on the TV and press the OK and TV buttons simultaneously.
  • Hold the command for two or more seconds.
  • Wait for the LED to flash twice.
  • Enter the digits 977. The Power lamp must blink four times.
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The code may vary depending on the model of remote control, TV, set-top box. But the sequence of operations is common.


Except for batteries, infrared LED can be defective. It can break off or simply be out of order. You just can’t tell if the device is OK or not: you’ll need a smartphone for that.

To test the remote control with a mobile device the following conditions must be met.

Sequence of operations to check infrared sensor work with the phone is as follows.

  • Turn on the camera of your mobile device. The screen will display what is in range of the camera.
  • Point the remote at the camera when the camera is on and press one of the buttons for a long time. The best thing to do is to press the on/off switch on the television receiver.
  • If the remote control is working and the IR sensor is working, you will see a reddish or blue-violet light on your smartphone screen. The weaker the light, the worse the remote control works. Weak operation may be from battery problems or oxidized contacts. Repairing these items will help the unit function properly again.

Attention! At the moment you check if the LED is working, the room should be dark.

Use this method to find out which buttons on the remote control are out of order and repair them. Sometimes you need to consult a professional. If the device can’t be repaired, a new remote control has to be purchased.

Control your TV with your smartphone

The advent of wireless technology has allowed users to gain unprecedented control over electronic devices, using Wi-Fi and remote access via the Internet. This technology allows you to automate offices, homes and entire businesses. The Android device held by millions of users is a treasure trove of possibilities, and the Android remote control app. The best thing you need for device automation.

There are many Android and TV remote control apps available to realize these capabilities. Users will just have to choose the best of them. Here are some of the popular phone remote control apps that you can use to turn your phone into an Android TV remote control device:

  • “FamiSafe Remote Control for Android” MAC.
  • MAC “Mi Remote Controller”.
  • Unified Remote MAC.
  • TDC “Team Viewer Remote Controller”.
  • Sure Universal Remote” MAC.
  • IR universal remote control “IR Universal Remote”.

Thus, the remote control is an integral part for the operation of any modern TV. If the MAC does not work, you should not throw it away until all possible malfunctions are checked and eliminated. And if it does require replacement, then TV lovers will be helped by modern unified remotes or specialized software for smartphones.

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