Buttons Do Not Work On Phone

You have a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system and some applications do not work or none at all.

Yes, this happens and most often the Sberbank doesn’t work online, phone, camera, gallery, VK (VKontakte), music, play market, Internet, yota, sms, none, Avito, aliexpress, classmates, as well as those working in the background.

This can happen after updating the system and this is not surprising, because if it is designed for android 6, and you upgraded to android 7, then this system may simply not support it.

What to do then? The solution is simple, or rather two: either return to the old android 6.0, or wait until the author updates it. It will not make adjustments to fix it.

However, most of these annoying problems can be fixed on their own. One of the existing methods to remove and reinstall.

If the application does not work on your device, here are a few solutions.

NOTE: if you suspect that the system might have errors, then here is the application that will fix them.

How to fix broken applications in android

Force Stop: Settings> Applications> Application Manager> select idle and click on it> click “Stop”, and then run again.

Buttons Do Not Work On Phone

Another option to delete data and clear the cache: Settings> Applications> Application Manager> choose the required> Memory> Clear cache and

The application does not work in android. Restart and update will help

If the options above did not bring a positive result, then maybe the installed programs are simply outdated.

Then, first reboot your phone or tablet by pressing the power button for about half a minute.

Check for updates: “Settings”.> About the phone.> System update.> Follow the onscreen instructions.

Also look for new versions: Play market.> Menu> My applications.> update everything.

Did not solve the problem? Dont be upset. The article only basic recommendations that need to be implemented in the first place.

Write a name in the comments and describe the error. We will find an individual solution. Successes.


Ok stopped working, it gives an error, deleted and try to install, no results at all

The l-Say application does not work! No option works! All polls fly by. There is only an invitation to a poll, and that’s it!

If other applications work, then l-Say has questions for the developer.

The phone application does not work

The application is on a black screen

How to understand this: “The application is on a black screen.”

And my setting stopped responding. I can’t do anything, before that I received an SMS with the PHOTO application, but I found out about it after I opened the SMS. And it started, at first the SMS stopped responding, then the settings did not respond. And without them, as without hands. What to do?

I have the same trouble. What to do?

It looks like a virus.
– install antivirus;
– reflash;
– make a reset.

I have HTC Desire SV. Not one application is working. Downloading the application, it opens but does not work. What could be

Nihera does not help and dumping too

Not the only but effective method to reset to factory settings, just remove the SIM cards and write down your accounts with passwords

The application does not work, the phone asks to restart and then issues a shutdown

All applications write. Unfortunately I stopped working.

Mega does not have a camera, gallery, VK, play market, they just fly out and even write nothing.

The camera, gallery, VK do not work for me, in general, almost everything and in the settings on each application 00.0 bytes (that is, as if there are none) do not forcefully stop, I can’t clear the cache, HELP.

When launching applications, a black or white screen appears after closing the application and does not produce any errors. Help me please.

Only one application behaves this way or is it all?
– In the application section. Turn on all permissions.
– See if there is free memory.
– Scan this program for errors.
– Make a reset.

Hello, the application prayer time does not work on xiomi, how to fix it, please help

If only this is one, then the question is to the author of the application. In general, there are many other programs like this.

Hello! I downloaded the mi fit application on the asus zenpad c 7.0 z170 tablet to bind it to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet. However, after I entered the data on height, weight, etc. In this application the application has stopped opening, an error occurred in the “Mi fit application”. Please help to solve this problem.

I don’t know, I didn’t use it. Asus zenpad c 7.0 z170

Maybe this is a typical reaction of tablets running on the Android platform to a certain type of application?

Have you seen such an inscription in any device running on android?

If all the applications on Android stopped responding to your requests. Then no reset will cure him, but if he heals. Then for the time being. So at least have him, at least reflash the kingdom of heaven to him!)

The tape in VK is not updated, WhatsApp does not load media. Every time after rebooting the phone, everything starts to work. Only the effect is temporary. Zte v8 lite

The LG phone for two years. He worked well before that, recently I can’t upload VK, Alder doesn’t open the photo, uploads Instagram, I can’t understand what’s wrong with him?

Play market does not work, how to update it ??

How does it not work? Maybe you are not logged in or there is no Internet. If the update is enabled, it will update automatically.

VK, instagram, YouTube and playmarket do not work. It’s just that they didn’t stop working together together. I tried everything all this does not help

For these applications you need the Internet. It may be a problem.

The phone and SMS do not work. It gives an error. After installing other programs from the play market, the phone application does not correctly show incoming vibro and sound, but there is no call on the screen and I can’t answer the call. Maybe because the launcher was installed yesterday.

Due to the launcher, crashes are quite possible.

Please help, at once all downloaded applications, vibeber, whatsap, social services stopped working. Network. Tried everything. There is Internet traffic. YouTube through chrome works. Changed the SIM card to a new one, rebooted, reset the network operator settings. Turn off. I reboot, it starts working for 1 minute and everything. Doesn’t work again. Asus. Really all.

If you “tried everything”, then without a diagnosis it is impossible to determine the cause. Maybe flash memory is living out its time, maybe something else is naughty.

As soon as I launch the application, a message pops up “unfortunately the application has stopped.” I reloaded, cleared the cache, it still does not help. What’s the matter?

Maybe the application itself is not compatible with the installed version of android or with the smartphone itself.

Before that, everything worked. It could be due to overheating of the battery, I often play games, tel. Is heating up?

No, it is not connected with the battery. Did you try reset?

I have a problem of the following nature: sometimes some applications do not work (either the shortcut disappears, or the shortcut turns into a green android robot with a long name, or when you click on the shortcut, the application seems to start loading and immediately pops up on the main screen). I didn’t say what appeared after that. I didn’t update it, I didn’t make any changes. Suspicions on the memory card, because applications, gallery, even a call turns into a standard one. I checked the card on my computer for errors but to no avail. Tell me what else to do. Thanks in advance!! Huawei phone, android 5.1 level of security patch android 17 april 2017

You can try to clear the cache, although not a fact something will change. The thing is most likely in the map. It should at least be formatted.

I can not open any application. Gives a black screen. To make a reset, the settings do not open. Sensate e 400 phone. 2 years in use

You can reset the SENSEIT E400 to the factory settings as described below.
– Turn off.
– Hold and hold “Increase Volume” “Power” for a few seconds.
– Select Recovery, use the “Increase Volume” buttons to move and “Decrease Volume” to confirm.
– To enter recovery mode, hold down “Power” for a while.
– Next, use “Increase Volume” to select “wipe data / factory reset”, and press “Decrease Volume” to confirm.
– Select “Yes. Delete all user data“.
– When the recovery mode reappears, press “Decrease volume” to select “reboot system now“.

Settings do not work and all hundred applications only rings
When you select an application, it throws on the main screen

The app “ok” does not work. My classmates page stops when I look at the tape. I’ve tried everything again, but I haven’t found a reason, the third day I’m so tormented.

This is a question for the developer. I am not the author of this application.

Hello! In the play market, updates for almost all applications are not downloaded! New ones are not downloaded either. Also a reset? They will then be installed at all or also not even downloaded from the market? Now they at least work.
And notifications do not come and the home button does not work! &# 128577;

Video: Buttons Do Not Work On Phone

After the reset, everything should be normalized, but it is not known how it will be with the Home button.

Happy New Year! Problem: After resetting to factory settings All applications on the Asus tablet, when opened, give an error. Interestingly, the old market works, but there is no way to turn off its updates, but everything worked with the new market, and then errors became abrupt. Maybe the built-in flash drive crashes. Is it possible to store services on micro sd? How can I diagnose a tablet for internal flash memory, or how can I format it somehow?

In the flash drive, the reason may be, it is impossible to format the internal memory. The android itself is installed on it.

Hello, I turned on my old phone. It constantly vibrates, and a window appears. Unfortunately, the VK applications have stopped. And so in short all applications do not work and do not even open. What is the reason and what to do?

“Error” is issued by ALL applications. Even the settings do not open.

Download through the play market and all.

Hello, after the software on the Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L tablet, the paid Eurosport Player application does not open, I deleted it and downloaded it on a new one but the inscription appeared in the play market: the application may not be optimized for your device. The main application screen opens but when you try to open the live broadcast, it appears caption: video is not available for your device, try again later or contact support. At this time, support is not available. I tried all the options from this article and plus reset to factory settings. Does not help. Tell me how to solve the problem! I have an annual subscription. Yes, the rest of the applications open

This is not an android error, but the application itself. I’m not his developer, so I can’t solve the problem. Contact the author of the program.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo phone. I downloaded the bot keobard application at nine times and this application has stopped. What should I do?

Press the “Power” and “increase volume” buttons.

On the Philips S326 phone, the contacts do not open, does not show the list of contacts, it is not possible to call, what to do help

Hello!) I have senseit e 400. I have been using it for 3 years. Literally three days ago, applications began to fly out (Google, two toys, VKontakte and a taxi application). I cleaned the cache, deleted it, rebooted it, it crashes anyway. Reset to factory settings?

Android looks like guano, nothing works out of the box, even if the new tablet. Anyway, everything will fail, and the only solution is a reset that will not help.

Android works fine, even the old one, just need.

I put SAMSUHG j1 mini on charging, turned it on, and my applications do not work, only contacts, messages work. Everything else does not work (VK, games, play market, gallery, video, even the settings aren’t everything) what I have to do and rebooted many times

Previously, all applications worked before when Google gave a window like viruses in your phone and told us to install us brouser, I installed it, but I could not find how to clean it, I made factory settings and all games and applications from the market did not work. What is the reason?

I can assume what is the reason, but there is only one solution. To reflash.

Dolby ethmos appears, but flashes and does not work. Lenovo tablet Android tablet tab 2a 70L

Dolby Ethmos is this a Dolby ATMOS app? If so, then many do not work through the fault of the application itself, and not the smartphone.

Hey. Who knows why, when I open the programs on the android, they don’t load at all. There are deyki kotorie gruzyatsa. And with the play market also

The more so when I call, it vibrates and rings independently after a couple of hours, and also when sending SMS

The essence of the problem is not entirely clear.

When I open some kind of program, like YouTube or a playmarket, then it opens for me but it doesn’t have any pictures, there is no video, there are no inscriptions, nothing

Yes, and more than once overloaded and turned on

Did the Play Market also do data cleansing? Is the Internet fast? Not a simple mobile by accident? Sometimes it happens that one Internet provider does not display pictures, while the other is fine. Check.
– For proper operation of Google Play, background data transfer and Google account synchronization must be enabled;
– turn on incognito mode;
– disable all toolbars and extensions;
– enable javascript support.

But what kind of error 504 when updating Google play?

Thank you helped me
For Google Play to work properly, background data transfer and Google account synchronization must be enabled;
but Google’s synchronization
I deleted all the google account, playmarket, and update
After updating everything, everything worked for me
google play, youtube, games, calls and ATP
Google didn’t give permission to use all the phone
Thank you very much

My application is stopped and I can’t log in

Help me what to do

So you need to either do a full reset (with the buttons on the phone off) or reflash.

The new Alcatel u5 hd phone does not work, the application says that the application is not responding. I did a reset to the factory settings, reinstalled the applications, I tried everything listed above. I don’t know what to do

If new, then factory defects are possible.

Hello!) Why doesn’t the call 410 call on the tablet?) That is, it does not respond to pressing, and it turns out that this is just a picture.)

I did not find a solution to the problem on the Internet, so I will write here. I have a very long time opening some applications. All system VCs open normally, and a light toy opens sooo long. First there is a black screen, then the application opens and downloads. It takes all 3 minutes. And so with some applications.

Minecraft 0.17.0 do not exit always stopped
Why help utah romance especially you

Hello, I have such a problem., Tablet gelexi tab 2, years 3 have not used. They turned it on through the disassembly, the battery was drained of course. Smoker generally does not launch any applications related to the Internet. Precisely, it launches, but says that there is no connection, the only thing that goes to the Internet is the built-in browser. The market also does not connect.

A message came with a link, I opened it, then it doesn’t open a single application, I can’t even open the settings. Please tell me what to do. Samsung Galaxy j3 phone.

This virus is now for repair money.

I have a tablet PC that is 7 years old and it has no applications. I did a data reset. But it didn’t help.

I have a tablet PC that is 7 years old and it has no applications. I did a data reset. But it didn’t help.

Phone Alcatel 7044x after updating the game var robots the game does not start, writes download failed, what can be done?

Hello, please help, I have a ZTE Blade Q Lux phone, I’ve used it for 2 years, before that everything was fine, but it started to slow down, I threw the settings to the factory settings through the recovs, after that it doesn’t open the standard offer ambiguously, I can’t even add Google account, I click The black screen for a few seconds and just without any error or error closes and throws home. What could be the matter, please help.

I can’t remotely determine the reason, but I can say that in the best case, I can’t do without firmware. Here, a lot means why you did the reset. There is definitely nothing to do from nothing. Apparently something has already gone wrong, but what exactly is better known to you, and not to me.

The play market started to stupid and other standard applications stopped running, and stopped installing apk files just a black screen and a shutter, that’s why I threw it off and thought it would help and it got worse. I also hope that the firmware.

And also lagged me, it also doesn’t work, just I press the control panel and it doesn’t work on sony xperia z3, sometimes I play this game, but it lags everything

The first thing you need to do is reset to make sure that it’s not about the firmware.

The tablet hangs terribly lazily, it worked fine for 2 years. Play park and play games do not start, white screen when starting these applications
, what to do?

The application installs but does not start. The application is provided by the playmarket, and those applications provided by other sources work stably. What to do?

It may not be compatible with your version of android. Maybe there is a newer or older version.

What is (reset) how to do it

Reset is a rollback of the phone to the factory state (as from the box). More details here.

Hello. Tip needed Galaxy s3 duos. The third time in a year I am flashing with masters. Tired is wasted. I suspect that not those specialists come across. The last time I was glad that they returned with all the recovered data. I was not happy for long. Contacts and built-in phone reset to zero after a couple of months. Black screen is a dead screen after tapping the phone. The error “Android system. Some other word” gave out. Itself decided to dump to the factory with trembling hands. I learned))). True, Google did the recovery through her account immediately., Then I read that it is advisable to skip some step. I don’t know where the data of the whole system was thrown for recovery. I think maybe some sort of bastard was sitting there and again the virus safely loaded together with all the “junk”))). My phone was returned to normal. The firmware believed, the other is worth it. I don’t want to go to the crooked hands anymore. The sequence of restoring everything in the phone after resetting to the factory is what, whoever taught the link would throw it. I call myself a teapot already boiling from an abundance of information. When installing the old one, they asked me to constantly confirm applications. Well, I thought that it was necessary to confirm and update, so that it worked. Later I read that you need to skip confirming accounts for recovery and not immediately familiar with everything that’s usual. I can enter SMS messages and write in half with a sin there. All social networks and the Internet work with tomoz sometimes. Who is calling everything from the phone book is highlighted There are no contacts and on the floor at the bottom of the screen saver on white it is illuminated, but once the motion blocking works. I also can’t answer and dial contacts on the Phone. It slows down the transition sometimes and does not freeze all applications. Question: Last installed firmware 19300IXXVBNJ2 Version 4.4.4. For my GT I9300I. Fits in general. Or go and show. Not the Duos but NEO was the phone. For some reason, it doesn’t show any “built-in” applications. First, a “dialer” from the plefmarket was forced. A good thing, by the way, is better than the Phone system application. Contacts are highlighted. I began to copy the necessary contacts just in case. I am inclined to myself to try to reflash. It can still be reanimated. I love this phone I’m used to. What do you recommend, dear F. I don’t feel like making brick from my favorite one. During this time, a lot of things began. I think under your strict guidance I can get a better result. Please understand and forgive me for the length of the comment (((

Where they dug up firmware 19300IXXVBNJ2. I did not find one among the official ones. If you are going to reflash yourself with a multi-file neck.

Please help believe my phone

I already tried everything but could not all my application does not work when the mesh on the application writes this program is stopped

And there is access to the settings.

After updating the system on meizu, Instagram, Viber, flare piano and even play market stopped working, writes that there is no Internet connection, but at the same time they work with the VPN turned on,

I clicked on something and now OK Viber Avito has disconnected. I’m not strong at this, and I don’t know how to turn it on again.

What is “OK Viber Avito.” Viber notifications or what?

He turned on the phone, the lock screen was just black, from above (brightness, sound, etc.) disappeared, applications, except for contacts and SMS, do not turn on. What it is? What to do?

Do I understand correctly that the phone is locked and there is no way to unlock it.

After the update, some applications do not work. On zte blait. I tried all your recommendations

If you are sure that the reason for the update, then there is nothing left but to upgrade to the old version.

After uninstalling the AliExpress program, I can’t download it again, it says it’s not supported on your phone, although this program used to be and everything was fine

Where are you downloading from? Can’t download or install?

CamSkanner does not start on android. I turn it on and off immediately. I tested all your recommendations. The application used to work. Removed, installed too

There are alternative applications.

My phone is ZTE. Yesterday, settings, gallery, calendar, SMS, contacts suddenly began to not turn on so I can’t talk to anyone

How did you solve this problem? it happened to me too?

Make a hard reset (reset by buttons).

Bought, he is a Chinese phone, social networks work but games do not work. What to do? Samsung galaxy s8

Hello, I bought a Chinese phone, social networks work but games do not work. What should I do?

I did not deal with this Chinese. Do installed applications work independently?

Frenk buddy help with the problem

I do not know what to do. Apparently this was done by the curved developers, since many have such problems.

And phone firmware help ?? But I think that after the reset it didn’t work, it hardly works after the firmware

The firmware can help, but only custom (not from the manufacturer, but from specialist enthusiasts), if any.

Error “Google Play Service”
how to at least remove this window. It is constantly displayed

Hello, who can help samsung a5 phones everything works well except for one application, a friend around comes to the site but messages don’t reach me and mine wrote to them developers say all the profiles are not blocked from profiles deleted again set up didn’t work did a reset before the factory doesn’t work yet do