Button Does Not Work Home On Iphone 5

Modern smartphones are made with a minimum of buttons. and more preference is given to sensory control. Today, a button will be presented to your attention “Home” on the iPhone. What is this control? What functions is he responsible for? Where is the button located? What if it stops working? To answer all these questions is much easier than it might seem at first glance. Even an inexperienced iPhone owner can figure them out.

What button

It’s important to be aware of which mobile device control you are talking about. Button “Home” on the iPhone. This is one of the few keys that can interest the user. It is the most functional control element of the device.

Button Does Not Work Home On Iphone 5

It is noted that the Home button is used on a smartphone more often than others. It supports a variety of features. They will be described later. Basically, this control is used to unlock the iPhone or to exit the game / program.

Location and Description

And where is the button “Home” on an iPhone? Every owner of the device should know about this. It’s not difficult to guess which smartphone control is in question. The studied button is located at the bottom of the gadget, on the front panel, under the screen. It is made of glass, has a round shape. The button itself usually shows a small square, but it may not be. It all depends on the iPhone model. The control is present in any “apple” products.


What can the button be used for? “Home” on an iPhone? It has a wide range of applications. There are several options for clicking a button. one, two and three. Depending on this, the team running on the smartphone will change.

For example, on an iPhone using this button you can:

  • unlock the device;
  • close a program, application or game;
  • go to Recovery Mode;
  • launch widgets on a smartphone or tablet;
  • activate one of the standard programs;
  • open a menu showing applications with multitasking support (in recent versions of iOS);
  • turn on and use voice control (triple tap).

The first 4 points are the same for all iPhone models. The rest of the functionality depends on the installed operating system. Often, users themselves can set in the gadget settings, for which the button will be responsible “Home” on the iPhone. Therefore, to say exactly why it is used is difficult. It is enough to remember that with its help the program exits, unlocks the device and switches to Recovery Mode.

If not working

As already mentioned, the mentioned control is used in practice constantly. Therefore sometimes the owners “apple” products complain that the Home button refuses to perform its functions. Fortunately, Apple was worried that all the controls on smartphones and tablets were tough enough. In most cases, the breakdown is fixed quickly and without much difficulty.

So, if you want to make a button “Home” on an iPhone working after some kind of failure, you need to:

  • Clean and lubricate the control. It is best to use special lubricants and alcohol for this purpose.
  • Calibrate the button. To do this, open any system application (say, a calendar), after which you must hold down the smartphone’s shutdown button until the functional menu appears. Next, the Home button is clamped. Hold it until the menu disappears.
  • Correct the position of the connector. The gadget is connected to a 30-pin cord, after which you will need to lightly click on the place where the wire is connected to the iPhone.

All these tips will help bring the button back to life. “Home”if there was a system failure. In case of hardware damage, the control will have to be replaced. It is advisable to resort to the help of specialists. They will replace the button without any problems and return it to working capacity.

Output on display

But there is one more trick. It will help to use the studied control without its physical form. Button “Home” An iPhone screen is not uncommon. Every modern owner “apple” products can display it and use if necessary. Usually this function is used on new iOS. There is a special function for displaying a button on the screen. It is called AssistiveTouch. It is proposed to include it in a few taps.

precisely, to display the Home button on the device’s display, you will have to:

  • Open “Settings”. “The main”. “Universal access”.
  • Find AssistiveTouch. Click on this line.
  • Move the function pointer to “On”.

This is the simplest and fastest solution for translating ideas into reality. A graphic image of the button will appear on the screen. “Home”which can be used along with the physical interpretation of an element. Nothing difficult, incomprehensible or unusual. If the Home key is displayed on the screen, it can be dragged to any place convenient for the owner.