Browser Update For Samsung Smart Tv

As with any Smart device, one of the most important components of Samsung SMART TV receivers is the integrated web browser. It allows you to go online, download websites, find out news, watch the weather, chat on social networks and so on. For the program to work stably and without failures, you need to know how to update the browser on a Samsung Smart TV. This procedure should be carried out regularly, as new software versions appear on the developer’s website. How to do this. in the material below.

Browser Update For Samsung Smart Tv

What gives the browser

Today, almost every user of a computer or mobile device with access to the Web knows what a browser is. This is a program for accessing the Internet, designed to view the contents of web pages, download files, view or listen to multimedia content, etc.. The web browser built into the TV has similar functionality, but slightly less features.

App TV. features and capabilities

On Samsung TVs, the default browser is not installed on all models. He appeared on the technics of the 5th, 6th series (for example, UE40 ES6307U, UE40H6400AK, UE32D6100SW), as well as 7.8 and 9.

App TV is a built-in browser designed specifically for Samsung’s Tizen TV platform. It has a lot of advantages over other web browsers, as:

  • supports HTML5 protocol;
  • allows you to interact with the WebKit engine;
  • has stepwise page switching.

The first two paragraphs provide high browser performance, stable operation with many tabs, multitasking and online playback. And thanks to the last item, navigating through the pages will be convenient even when using the buttons of a conventional remote control.

Install and configure a third-party browser

  • find Yandex through the search bar in the Samsung Apps content showcase;
  • click on the application icon;
  • open the page and click “Download” or “Download”;
  • wait for the installation to complete, after which the program shortcut will appear in the Smart Hub.

Browser update

As mentioned above, the standard Samsung SmartTV web browser is part of the system and is updated with firmware. You can download and install a new version of the software using a USB drive or the device’s built-in capabilities. If you do not complete this procedure in time, the browser will start behaving incorrectly. The problems include the following symptoms: the unexpected termination of browsing the web without saving the last session, slow operation, freezes and other crashes.

General scheme

To download new firmware and browser updates to your TV, you should find the “Support” section in the menu. Here you need to go this way: “Software Update” → “Update Now” (or “Via Network”). The equipment will search for new software and upon detection will offer to install it. After the user confirms the completion of this procedure, the installation will begin, after which the television panel will reboot.

Web Update

Before upgrading via the Internet, advanced users recommend connecting the equipment to the network via cable, rather than Wifi. The first method is more stable, and also allows you to transfer data at a higher speed. Whereas with a wireless connection, the risk of disconnection with the subsequent failure of downloading and installing software is much higher.

Flash update

To install new software via a USB-stick, you need to open the manufacturer’s website on the computer and download the firmware version for your model of the television receiver from there. Next, you need to copy it to a USB drive and extract it from the archive. Then the flash drive must be inserted into a free slot on the television panel. Then you should start the technique, find in the menu “Support”, then. “Software Update”, and then. “Update Now”. The service will begin to search for new versions of software on the connected drive and, if detected, will offer to install them. Upon completion of the operation, the device will reboot.

During the update, it is not allowed to turn off the TV or remove the flash drive. This threatens with improper software installation and subsequent breakdown of equipment.

Probable problems and solutions

By installing the latest version of the web browser via USB or online, the user may find that the “Software Update” section is not available. In this situation, there are 3 possible solutions to the problem, depending on the update method.

  1. If the operation is performed from a flash drive, you must exit the menu, wait from five minutes and re-find the desired section.
  2. If the update function is not available when installing the software via the Internet, turn off the television, disconnect the plug from the wall outlet, wait a while, and then turn on the TV panel again, choosing “TV” as the signal source. If the problem persists, you need to make sure that the device is connected to the Network, and then exit the section and re-enter again no earlier than five minutes later.
  3. If the correct version of the software is loaded on the USB flash drive, but the TV does not recognize it, you should format the drive using the Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool or use another device.

Advice! If the problem persists, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer’s technical support for assistance.