Broken Modem On Iphone 5s

Contrary to popular misconception, a broken screen. far from the only problem that the iPhone may cause. And even if your smartphone in armor is made of the most advanced protective glass, it is far from a fact that the internal components will not suffer if the display remains intact. Often, as a result of a fall, the iPhone radio part fails (the reason for this is a violation of soldering), and without its normal operation the phone will not be able to make calls, receive SMS and provide Internet access.

Broken Modem On Iphone 5s

Because of which, the radio part in the iPhone may fail

In addition to the fall, the radio part may fail due to water getting into the device, a malfunction of the modem’s power controller, transceiver and Rx-Tx amplifiers, a circuit on the system board, or voltage fluctuations during charging. It is also possible violation of the soldering of microchips of the radio part. Nevertheless, in all these cases, repair is possible, but not without the appropriate skills and equipment. this is not a change for you in 30 minutes.

How to find out if the modem on the iPhone is broken

To find out that the problem is precisely in the modem is easy. just notice that the signal from the cellular network has disappeared, and the iPhone does not see the network of the mobile operator, being constantly searched. The way for advanced ones is to check if the modem firmware is shown in the settings:

  • We go to the “Basic”;
  • “About this device”;
  • We find the modem firmware item.

If the value is not specified in the modem firmware line, most likely the radio part does not work correctly.

How to repair an iPhone modem

We note right away that repair is not possible in all cases. If the microchip of the radio part is out of order, it cannot be replaced. However, it is often possible to return the radio part to operation. as in one of the iPhone, which got to specialists from the Apple Pro service center. Due to the drop, he broke the soldering between the main board and the modem chip, as a result of which the phone cannot “catch” the cellular network. We will analyze the repair of the iPhone radio in detail.

The engineer proceeds to disassemble the device. unscrews the fixing bolts, disconnects the battery, connecting cables and removes the display module.

Having access to the board, a specialist separates it from the smartphone case for further work. Although the board is small in size, it houses a smartphone modem, a memory chip and other components vital to the iPhone. It can be said the “heart” of the phone.

Using a special fixing tool and heating, the engineer dismantles the modem chip from the board.

Then it cleans the modem and the corresponding place on the board from the factory compound, then to restore the soldering between the board and the modem chip. This is one of the most painstaking parts of the whole work, because it requires the engineer the appropriate skills and extremely accurate work.

After removal of the compound, BGA balls are restored, and after that the modem is soldered to its rightful place. Then, again, by heating, a chip is soldered to the board, after which the engineer proceeds to reassemble.

He connects all the cables, the display module and the battery to begin checking the smartphone.

As we can see, the modem firmware appeared again, and the phone shows the full signal of the operator’s cellular network, which means the repair was successful.

This type of repair of the iPhone 5s is considered one of the most difficult and time-consuming (just one compound can be removed for a long time), therefore it is impossible to do it “on the knee”, and “craftsmen” often do not undertake to repair the modem and other microcircuits (and if they are taken are limited to just heating the chip). So it is better to trust such a complicated repair to professionals. engineers from the cool Apple Pro service center will fix the modem for you and carry out the diagnostics. The guys are doing another iPhone repair, so do not forget about the 10% discount for all readers.

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Best commentary

iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c is no longer advisable to repair because of the high cost of work, and all the last devices mentioned above that came to me, turned out to be dead modems
iPhone 6 suffers from a drop in u1-v1 “pyataks”, while the modem’s firmware is present in the settings, however, when trying to make a call, “failed to get through”
It is necessary to unsolder the modem, restore two contacts on the board and put the modem back (there is no compound under the modem in series 6)
In 6s, modems can be said to have no problems, however, the microcircuit has a very small step, you need to roll it very carefully
But sevens modems die and fall off left and right
What does the A1660 and A1779 with Qualcomm modems have the ability to go to short circuit (short circuit), along one of the power lines, and there is nothing to be done about it
A1778 Europeans with intel modems for the most part suffer from a blade, rolling helps, but complicates the arrangement of the processor in the dense and the power controller on the other side of the board. At the same time, everyone, the seven, has a very heat-consuming percentage; it is extremely difficult to erase it.