Blocked Apple ID what to do

Apple ID Disabled? How to Fix!

Method 1 Via e-mail

Use the official public recovery method. If you use a smartphone to restore your account, go to Settings, select iTunes Store and App Store, on this page, click on the Login button. If the removal of blocking iCloud and other services is performed through a computer, just follow the link.

How to unblock via mail:

  • After specifying your Apple ID, a window will appear informing you of the blocking. Select “Unblock Account”.
  • There are 2 options for how to unblock your Apple ID account. Choose the first.
  • An email will be sent with a link to reset your password and activate your account. Jump on it.
  • Enter a new password. According to the rules of the resource, the password must contain: from 8 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, at least 1 digit.
  • Click on “Reset password”.

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Why is Apple ID blocked

There are 2 main reasons why the system message says that Apple ID is blocked:

  • Account activity suspicious of hacking attempts.
  • Hacker attack.

How to remove Apple ID lock

Regardless of whether you are using iPhone 4S, 5S or X, all the ways to remove Apple ID blocking come down to 2 directions: reset data via mail or create a ticket to the company’s technical support.

Other ways to unlock

Since unlocking iCloud on iPhone 5S, 5 and other models can be difficult, users are looking for easy solutions. Searches often lead to scammers.

To protect yourself from intruders, it is important to have an understanding of the real and false ways to unblock:

  • By answering security questions. The developers recommend using this method or recovering your password via mail. Absolutely legal method, which is performed by analogy with e-mail unblocking.
  • Special applications or services. No iCloud unlock software will help. this is outright deception. Data about the device is recorded on the company’s server, the only way to remove the lock is to hack Apple and remove the record. Hacker iH8sn0w, the creator of the jailbreak, flatly refuses to create such utilities and helps the corporation protect itself from intruders.
  • Deleting a profile. It is impossible to unlink a smartphone from Apple ID, since in the locked state all actions with the iPhone are unacceptable.

Method 2 Via support

You can often bypass Apple ID blocking by contacting technical support specialists. Whether it is possible to use the method in a specific case is easy to determine given:

  • does the user have a box for a smartphone;
  • is there a check left.

It is not easy to convince the operator of the legality of the purchase of the device; it is useful to have a warranty card or related documentation.

Often the user does not have identification documents due to the purchase of a used gadget. If the seller’s contacts are preserved, you should try to contact him and ask him to send the link to the mail.

Ikloud blocked. what to do before and after contacting technical support?

Hacking Apple ID

On the service itself, there is a bot programmer, with conditionally artificial intelligence, which captures unusual behavior. He is able to block an account based on a number of characteristics that are not disclosed by the company for obvious reasons. Also, the function to block Apple ID is available to the owner himself. The user is sent an email informing him about entering the profile and additionally specifying a footnote. if the action was performed by an attacker, and not the legal owner of the account, in this case, you need to ask for help.

After hacking the account, the hacker will have access to the data on the cards, so it is important to promptly respond to any messages from the service.

Is your Apple ID disabled or locked? How to fix

If you suspect, it is better to immediately reset the password, and then contact technical support.

How to unlock Apple ID. Remove iCloud Lock on iPhone

If iPhone is tied to Apple ID, how to unlock it and restore smartphone operation. Unlocking an Apple device is a common reason for online scams. Recently, a lot of scammers have appeared offering services to restore the account and recover from the blocking state by deleting the profile, installing a new Apple ID, eliminating the connection to the company’s servers, etc. In reality, all the possibilities for renewing the account are contained in the official website, everything else Is an outright deception.

Suspicious activity

Users with this problem often have a question: “What do you mean, the Apple ID record
has been blocked for security reasons?” In Apple parlance, this indicates multiple attempts to enter a profile with incorrect login credentials.

The most harmless source of the problem is that the user has forgotten their login password. If you enter the password incorrectly in the authorization field many times in a row, all services that require logging into your account are automatically blocked and the iPhone owner is prompted to restore access.

The following changes can provoke the emergence of suspicions about the account: