Bathing And Washing Turtles

Bathing is considered necessary for all turtles to stimulate the intestines and clean the turtle of dirt and adhering food.
The frequency of bathing depends on the age of the turtle and its degree of dehydration. Turtles up to 3 years old should be bathed daily or every other day (if there is a bathing suit), as well as dehydrated turtles that have lived for a long time in the wrong conditions. Senior and healthy turtles need to be bathed 1-2 times a week.
If there is a large bathing place in the terrarium, in which the adult turtle fits completely. and the turtle actively uses it, especially the turtle can not be bathed.

Turtles bathe in warm water of such depth that the turtle does not drown. After bathing, the turtle must be wiped dry and placed back into the terrarium. Water turtles are not bathed, but only occasionally washed if it is necessary to wash away the dirt from them. When washing the turtle, you can use only soap, which should not get into the eyes, mouth and nose of the turtle.

Bathing land turtles

To bathe a turtle, it must be put in a basin or other container with warm water 30-35 ° C from the tap (if the water is poured without a thermometer, then it should feel slightly warm, 36-37 ° C is warm for us, and the turtle is already hot). You can use not just water, but water infusion of chamomile. Its benefits have not been proven, but according to some reports, it softens the skin of turtles. You can use boiled water or passed through a filter to get rid of the hardness of the water.
In no case should you put turtles in a bathroom or sink under a stream of water or even in a sink with a constant stream of tap water – there are not a few cases when the house suddenly turned off hot or cold water, the animal received serious injuries, including internal organs!

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The water level should be no more than 2/3 of the height of the lying turtle. If there are several turtles, then the water level is measured by the smallest of them. The turtle should be able to calmly stretch its head to breathe while standing at the bottom of the basin.

Land turtles have a tendency to empty out in the water, so do not be surprised that the water will be very dirty in 15–20 minutes.
The turtle is kept in a basin of water for about half an hour or an hour, then taken out, wiped with a clean terry or soft paper towel. After swimming, you can never take the turtle out of the draft or the street, only in a warm terrarium.

When swimming, the turtle can drink the water in which it is located, it usually looks like the turtle lowers its head into the water and swallows with its throat. However, with frequent regular bathing, this usually does not happen.

White matter emerges from the tortoise. What is it?

Look so urine salts, which can be seen when swimming or in the terrarium. Normally, the salts should be liquid. If the salts are hard, then the turtle lacks moisture. Put a bathing pot in the terrarium and make sure a wet corner, bathe 2-3 r a week until the salts come back to normal. If bathing salts do not come out at all, then this is an occasion to consult a veterinarian.

Something dark came out of the tail of the turtle. What is it?

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If it looks like this:

Bathing And Washing Turtles

That is your turtle. male and this is her penis. If he normally independently retracts back into the tail, then everything is in order.
If he does not clean himself, he dangles and is injured by the turtle itself. it’s already a disease, and you need to contact your veterinarian.

Is it possible to brew a camomile and bathe a turtle in it?

Can. They say that it softens the skin, but does not possess any particularly healing properties, i.e. from pneumonia will not cure.

Land tortoises washing

Usually a land tortoise is bathed without using any chemicals (shampoo, soap, gels, etc.), but if you need to wash a lot of dirt, as an exception, you can use baby hypoallergenic soap no more than 1 time per week. The temperature of the water for washing the turtle should be about 30–35 ° C (if water is poured without a thermometer, then it feels like it should be barely warm, 36-37 for us is warm, and the turtle is already hot). If the animal is very dirty, it can be gently wiped with a sponge moistened with water, or soaped with baby hypoallergenic soap. In this case, water and soap should not fall into the eyes of the turtle in the eyes, nose and mouth.
Healthy turtles monitor their appearance: with their front paw, after eating, they remove food residues from their faces. But it happens that plant tissue sticks and dries in these places. Therefore, while washing with a finger, gently rub the sides of the mouth. If the animal is still not tame and hides its head, you can tickle the turtle a bit in the tail area. Then, perhaps, the tortoise will pull it out, and at this time it can wash her mouth.
After washing, the turtle should be wiped dry with a terry or paper towel and returned to its terrarium.

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