At What Height To Hang A 55 Inch Tv

At what height does the TV hang on the wall in the bedroom 32 inches. How high is the TV in the bedroom

At what height TVs are hung on the walls in the bedrooms, as already mentioned, comes from the field of view and the distance to the viewer. It is worth noting that ophthalmologists recommend fixing equipment at a level of 1.20-1.35 meters above the floor. This distance must be measured from the center of the plasma. It is this placement of the panel that will be most beneficial to eye health.

Hanging the TV in the bedroom on the wall must be based not only on design considerations, but also on how high it will be placed. Several algorithms for solving the problem are proposed. This is done in the following sequence:

  1. Lie on the bed in a comfortable position.
  2. Relax by closing your eyes.
  3. Open and look where the gaze is directed.

Thus, the brain intuitively determines a point that is more conveniently perceived by the eye. This place is the middle of the LCD panel. Here you can fix the bracket that holds the TV.

Also note the following factors:

  • the height of the furniture to be viewed;
  • arrangement of sofas and armchairs;
  • diagonal of the proposed device.

The angle from the center of the panel used for viewing should not be more than 30 degrees. This ratio is optimal.

The bracket should be fixed at a distance of 1.5 meters, and the outlet blocks at 25 centimeters from the floor.

Helpful advice! To enjoy watching your favorite movies, take care of the maximum comfort in the bedroom. Install an adjustable bracket to easily change the direction of the monitor. After fixing the TV over the bed, the bracket is mounted at a height of 1.5 m above the floor, and a block of outlets is placed 25-30 cm from it.

How high is the 65-inch TV. At what height from the floor should the TV be installed: expert recommendations

After buying a TV, the question arises: where and how to install it so that it is as convenient as possible for viewing. You can install a new television set where the old one stood before it. Unless, of course, everything suited you. And if not?

There are no particularly strict rules for installing television receivers. However, there are recommendations born from many years of experience operating TVs. And it is useful to listen to these recommendations.

It is one thing if there is a great desire to install a TV in the kitchen. Since in this room the task of full viewing of television programs is not worth it. so if you look at the screen a couple of times during cooking. you can put a small TV on the refrigerator.

Another thing is the installation of a television receiver in the living room or bedroom. Here the available recommendations may come in handy.

TV in the living room

There are two opinions. According to the first, the screen should be at eye level. The second opinion says that it is better if the center of the screen is just a little higher than eye level.

What to choose? The answer is simple: choose what you think is most acceptable.

In the living room, the recommendations for installing the TV are as follows:

  1. The device should be placed in the living room in such a way that when watching TV shows the head does not fall (which means the screen is much lower than eye level) and does not fall back, which would mean the screen is much higher than eye level. The indicated head positions cause unnecessary stress on the cervical vertebrae. And it’s uncomfortable for the eyes.
  2. In order to choose the optimal position for the TV, if the television programs will be watched from a sofa or an armchair, you should comfortably sit down and look directly in the direction of the opposite wall. The point where the eye rests will be the center of the screen. Presumably, it will be located 115-120 centimeters from the floor.
  3. If the programs are watched when you are sitting at the table, it is most comfortable to sit behind it and again look directly from the table. Most likely, the center of the TV screen will be located at a distance of 140-150 centimeters from the floor.

TV in the bedroom

It should be noted: many have a TV in the bedroom, but this is not necessary at all. Especially if there are difficulties with sleep. If there are none, but there is a habit of watching a melodrama or a detective story before bedtime, you should consider the recommendations for installing a TV in the bedroom:

  1. It is necessary to mentally continue the line of the bed and install a television receiver where the line rests against the wall.
  2. To select the most acceptable height for the TV from the floor, lie down and determine the center of the screen empirically. The most comfortable for the eye finding the TV screen should be from the floor above 150 centimeters. Often a television set is mounted on the wall at the level of human growth. It’s more convenient to watch TV programs in the supine position.
  3. Wall mounting the TV on the brackets provides for a change in the angle of the screen, which makes it possible to find the most comfortable viewing position.

At what height is a 55-inch TV in the bedroom. How high to hang a TV in the bedroom: room features

The location of the TV directly depends on the parameters of the bed, namely on its height. To decide at what height to hang the TV in the bedroom, you need to take a comfortable position on the bed, close your eyes and relax for a while. When you open your eyes, you should intuitively mark a point on the wall, which should become the center of the screen of the device. The best option is to install the TV in the bedroom on the wall at a height of 1-1.5 m.

At What Height To Hang A 55 Inch Tv

Helpful advice! The TV must be installed above the fixation point of the direct gaze in a standing position for a lying position.

In this case, the TV will be installed higher than in the living room. However, remember that you cannot exceed the angle of deviation of the screen from the center when watching TV. The optimum value is 30 °. Otherwise, there will be problems with the cervical spine, which will lead to osteochondrosis.

The plane of the screen should be perpendicular to the line of sight. If a person watches TV in a supine position, with his head resting on a pillow, the monitor must be raised to the height of his gaze, while tilting the upper edge of the device from the wall. In this case, the screen can be placed under the ceiling.

The height of the device in the bedroom depends on the position in which you plan to watch TV

In the bedroom, the TV can be attached to the ceiling. However, it does not have to be installed near the wall opposite the head of the bed. The device can be located directly above the berth. In this case, it is important to choose a reliable type of bracket.

The TV in the bedroom should be hung on an inclined bracket, which will allow you to adjust the angle of the screen in a vertical plane. You can choose a tilt-retractable or tilt-swivel type of product. Its middle is mounted at a distance of at least 160 cm from the floor. Often the question arises, at what height do the socket for the TV. On the wall, the exits should be located above the bracket at a distance of 25 cm.

Remember that LCD TVs are too sensitive to vertical tilt. If the monitor is placed too low, the picture will be dark, and high placement suggests a very bright image.

What is the height of the TV in the bedroom in front of the bed. How to arrange TV in the bedroom: visual diagrams and examples with photos

At what height to hang the TV panel in the bedroom and where to find a good place for it, tell vivid diagrams and examples in the photo.
To determine the height at which it is best to install the TV panel in the bedroom, in the calculations you need to start from the position where you are comfortable watching TV. its conditional center should be approximately at eye level. To conveniently watch TV from a prone position and reclining, add 35-40 cm to the height of the bed, from a sitting position. 50-60 cm, and you will get the height at which the conditional center of the TV panel will be.
Location relative to window
Glare and sunlight can interfere with viewing, so when placing the TV panel in front of the bedroom window, it is better to immediately acquire roller blinds or blackout curtains that block the light.
Location Options:

  • on the wall

It is easy to fix the TV panel to the wall using special brackets. When installing, consider the material of the partition. For example, a TV panel heavier than 30-35 kg is not suitable for a drywall wall. Which bracket to choose. with rigid fixation or with the ability to change the angle of inclination and rotate the screen. depends on the particular layout of the room.

  • on the facade of furniture

An unusual solution that can be used if there is not enough free space on the wall, because everything is occupied by storage space. For such an arrangement, it is important to choose a reliable mount, use a lightweight model of the TV panel and make sure in advance that the facade itself is strong.

  • fit into the storage system

It is easy to find a place for the TV panel in the bedroom in a combination for storage, leaving free space here.

  • on the dresser

Conventional TV cabinets do not always become a functional complement to the bedroom interior. storing things in them is not as convenient as in a chest of drawers. A capacious chest of drawers in this case will help to arrange a place for TV.

  • angular arrangement

In a small bedroom it is difficult to find a suitable place for a TV. Use the angular location features here to save meters and increase the distance to your TV panel for easier viewing.

  • inside the cabinet

If the TV panel is knocked out of the interior or you want to hide it from the eyes while no one is using it, try placing the TV inside the storage system behind a dull or mirrored facade.