Asus Zenpad P021 Battery Replacement

Characteristics ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CG 2Gb 16Gb

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Pros and cons of ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CG 2Gb 16Gb

1.Fine display, color reproduction. 2. Assembly without backlash, nice to hold. 3.Fine viewing angle. 4.Android-5, Intel Atom, price, Internet 3G, Wifi. 5.Works without glitches and brakes.

Brand tablet for affordable money. Design is not very bad. Body materials confidently high quality.

-really liked the design; price; good sound.

Since I did not need a tricked-out tablet, I was attracted by the appearance and specifications

Price Screen Performance

Design Screen Price

-Price.Quality. Screen. Sound

1. Very beautiful appearance (looks more expensive), I have white 2. Excellent build 3. I liked the stereo sound 4. Wi-Fi works fine for me (tested on 2 routers). D-link and Asus) 5. 3G-no problem

Only appearance and all!

1. No cameras, although I have enough for skype. (There is a digital camera).
2. After the purchase, it turned off itself, after installing the application, but now it works fine.

Slow (excusable)
Vile, quiet sound
Disgusting cameras
Bad wifi reception
Doubtful build quality
Uneven display colors (backlight)

Asus Zenpad P021 Battery Replacement

-cameras 2 and 0.3 px;
-weak processor.

To say that this is a terrible model is to say nothing. When you download and run applications, and just when viewing information on the Internet, the display goes blank by itself. Does not respond to touches when pressing the on / off button Screen lock mode appears, I swipe my finger. goes out again, and so up to 7-8 times. The display suddenly turns on at the place where it was cut down. And there were problems with brightness. with the location of the light source (table lamp) and tablet unchanged, the brightness of the display changed before our eyes. I thought, well, I got a defective tablet. Changed (two weeks have not passed since the purchase). The second is the same story. Again, the display goes blank by itself. By the way, when contacting technical support, these issues were ignored.

Cameras could be better.
The charger was worth putting an amp in two, this is a tablet though.

-I would like more powerful “iron”

1. The charge holds for two days (I would like more)
2. The charger on 1.35 A, it would be necessary 2A