Asus tablet does not turn on what to do

Very often, people complain that their tablet does not load. How to be in this situation? What actions will help “revive” device without much difficulty? Can I somehow turn on a gadget that refuses to work? Why doesn’t the tablet sometimes load at all? Understanding all this is not as difficult as it seems. And this despite the fact that there can be many reasons for this phenomenon. It is enough to carefully remember what preceded the breakdown. So what if the tablet does not work and does not want to boot?

Classification of causes

The first step is to find out what caused the phenomenon being studied. Why doesn’t the tablet load?

Asus tablet does not turn on what to do

It has already been said that many situations can be the source of a problem. There is a definite classification of them. She half helps to understand what happened and draw up a further plan of action.

Tablets and other devices may refuse to work and boot normally in the following cases:

  • due to hardware problems;
  • in case of failures in the installed software.

As a rule, in the first case it is impossible to say for sure whether it will be possible to bring the gadget back to life. But in the case of software, it is most often possible to easily resume the tablet’s performance without much difficulty.

No charge

Now a little about what specific problems users have and how to solve them. The tablet does not load? “Android” or any other. it is not so important. The first step is to make sure that the device has enough energy to start working. As a rule, if it is not there, then the gadget will refuse to work.

Sometimes the tablet boots up and shuts down right away. In some situations, the screen goes blank after the manufacturer’s logo. Similar situations indicate that the device has some energy, but it is not enough for normal operation with the system.

In such situations, it is proposed:

  1. Connect the tablet to the network, wait a bit and try to turn it on again. As soon as the charge appears, the problem will disappear.
  2. Replace device battery. Sometimes it is a bad or bad battery that causes the tablet to not load.

There are no more recommendations on the problem under study. Unless in the future, be more careful about tracking battery power.


The next common reason is the manufacturer. Does the tablet not load? You should not be surprised at this phenomenon when it comes to Chinese products. In particular, duplicates from well-known manufacturers.

If the citizen has a Chinese tablet, then the problems associated with turning on the device can be eliminated by the following methods:

  • rebooting the gadget (by constant attempts to turn it on);
  • repair in the service center;
  • buying a new device.

In practice, most often, Chinese devices are reanimated by handing them in for repair, or they solve the problem by purchasing a new tablet. With original gadgets, malfunctions and malfunctions are extremely rare. But no one can be insured against them 100%.


Does the tablet turn on but not loading? In fact, this phenomenon is not so rare. In practice, many users have faced similar situations.

Problems with turning on the tablets are sometimes caused by viruses that have penetrated the gadget’s operating system. Now there are a lot of diverse infections that bring them down the OS of phones and other mobile devices. To bring the gadget back to life will help its treatment.

It is carried out, as a rule, in service centers. On their own, users are not recommended to check and clean the tablets. Otherwise, you may encounter a complete crash of the OS.


What to do if the tablet does not load? Do not panic. this is the main thing. Most situations can be resolved without much difficulty. It is enough to know how to act in a particular case.

For example, sometimes the reason that the tablet does not load is due to the lost settings of the operating system. Can “throw off” them. After such a step, the device starts to work normally.

Hard reset

Resetting mobile devices is called “Hard Reset”. It is carried out according to a certain algorithm. The help of specialists is not needed here. each independently able to cope with the task.

Does the tablet not load? Before sorting out the possible causes of the problem, it is recommended that “Hard Reset”. It is proposed to activate this function according to the following algorithm:

  1. Remove the SIM card and memory from the device. These are not required steps, but it is better to take them to work properly with the operating system.
  2. At the same time, press the power button of the device, as well as the volume controls.
  3. Hold the buttons down for a few seconds. The device should vibrate and turn on.
  4. On the screen, select “Settings”. “Format”.
  5. Required to choose “Reboot”, or reset. The device will perform the aforementioned action. Settings will be reset during the process.

It is such an algorithm of actions that will help to reset to warehouse. If the problem lay precisely in this, then after the procedure the tablet will work with renewed vigor.


Nevertheless, this is not all the reasons why the device under study refuses to work. As already mentioned, sometimes the problem lies in the software. Does the tablet not load beyond the logo or does it completely refuse to work normally? Then it is proposed to use one more trick. But it is better to apply it after using the option “Hard Reset”. What is it about?

About the firmware of the operating system. Problems with this component lead to the fact that the tablet does not load. It is recommended to restore the firmware to its initial state. How to do it?

For self-resetting, you can use the following procedure:

  1. Press the power button and the volume button simultaneously on the device.
  2. Wait for the tablet to vibrate. As soon as it appears, release the clamped buttons.
  3. In the menu, select “Settings”. “Firmware recovery”.
  4. Wait for the end of the process.

It should be noted that if it is impossible to enter the tablet firmware recovery mode, the source of the power-on problem is precisely the hardware damage. Most likely, you will have to carry the gadget for repair or just buy a new device.


The tablet does not load? Another way to bring your device back to life. This is the implementation of the flashing of the gadget. This process alone is highly recommended. In inept hands, flashing leads to final “of death” devices.

That is why it is best to take the gadget to a service center. There, for a fee, the device will be flashed. After that, the tablet will work like new. But an incorrectly performed flashing can cause a lot of problems to users.


Does the tablet turn on but not loading? Or doesn’t react at all to actions? It is likely that there is mechanical damage. It is very common among modern users. There are several ways to fix this phenomenon.

precisely, then try the following tricks:

  • attempt to turn on the tablet several times;
  • take the gadget to a service center for diagnosis;
  • change device.

As a rule, mechanical damage can occur during any adverse effects on the tablet. For example, if the device fell out of hand. Or it was crushed by some objects. Quite often, girls and adolescents face a similar problem, simply carrying a tablet in bags with many things.

Unfortunately, such situations are most often resolved by direct replacement of devices. Flashing, as well as resetting the settings makes no sense. It is best to entrust all manipulations to professionals.


What should I do if the tablet does not load, and all the actions that could be taken have already been completed? In this case, only one remains. Contact the service center. Specially trained people for a fee will conduct a complete diagnosis of the device, as well as help bring the tablet back to life. Of course, if this is possible.

Most often, this is the method that causes the least problems. The service center will be able to change the firmware, and some damaged components of the tablet. Only in some cases, even contacting such an organization is useless. This means that turning on the tablet will not work. will have to buy a new one.

In fact, you should not be afraid of a situation in which a tablet or phone does not turn on. If you do not want to understand the problem for a long time, it is better to take the device to repair immediately. This is the safest and best solution.