Asus Sonicmaster Laptop How To Turn On Wifi


A complete set of drivers and utilities for laptop Asus X552C for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows XP.

Driver information for Asus X552C

This page contains links to drivers and utilities for the Asus X552C laptop, which are necessary for the full operation of Windows. To reduce the size, all of them were packed into self-extracting 7-Zip archives, at the start of which you need to specify a folder for unpacking.

Please note that different operating systems require different driver versions. Windows editions for which this or that driver is intended are indicated after download links. If there is no such information after the links, then the driver is suitable for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1. It should also be noted that the drivers and utilities presented here are regularly updated, the approximate update time is indicated in the archive name. If you have the desire and opportunity, you can visit this page from time to time and check for updates.

You can solve a problem with a laptop or just share your impressions here: Asus X552. Discussion and problem solving.

A set of useful programs for a laptop

A set of useful applications for the Asus X552C laptop you can download from the links: download / download.

You can learn more about these programs in the article: A set of programs for a laptop.

Installing Windows on an Asus X552C

Before uninstalling one operating system and installing another, it is recommended to download all the necessary drivers. This is due to the fact that after installing Windows, the network card and Wi-Fi often do not work due to the lack of drivers. As a result, connecting to the Internet to download drivers will be much more difficult. That is why it is better to protect yourself and download everything in advance.

Installation procedure Windows XP described in detail here: installing Windows XP with SATA driver integration and installing Windows XP on a laptop without SATA driver integration. Installation Windows Vista and Windows 7 shown in the manuals: Installing Windows Vista for Beginners and Installing Windows 7. Installation Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 There are also separate articles: Installing Windows 8 on a laptop and How to install Windows 8 from a USB flash drive. If you have any questions, then ask for help in a suitable topic from the Installing and Configuring Windows section.

Drivers and utilities for Asus X552C

When the operating system is already installed, you can proceed to the installation of Asus drivers and proprietary utilities. The procedure itself is illustrated in detail in the manual: How to install drivers and utilities on Asus. In case of problems, please contact the relevant topic on the forum. You can use the forum guide to search for it.

It is recommended to start the installation with drivers for the chipset and other system devices.

Driver for chipset and other Intel system devices

Download links: download / download

Driver Information: it is necessary for the full work of power management, ACPI, USB ports, internal SMBus buses, and many other system devices. You need to install it. To do this, run setup.exe in the unpacked archive. If you have in BIOS option enabled AHCI, then you can also install Intel Rapid Storage or simply IRST. Drivers are updated during installation SATA (AHCI), and a special utility is also installed. This allows you to slightly increase the performance of the disk subsystem, especially if your laptop is equipped with an SSD solid state drive.

Driver for Intel Management Engine Interface

Links for Intel Management Engine Interface Driver: download / download

Driver Information: It is necessary for the correct operation of power management and dynamic acceleration. IN Device manager if there is no interface Intel MEI displayed as Simple Communications PCI Controller.

Driver for USB 3.0 Ports

Download links: Download / Download (Windows 7 and Vista)

Driver Details: it is necessary for full port operation USB 3.0. For Windows 8 and later editions of Windows, you do not need to install it because it is already contained in the system, and Intel has not yet released a version for Windows XP.

Driver for Intel and nVidia Graphics Cards

Driver for Intel chip: download / download (Windows XP) download / download (Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Vista)

Asus Sonicmaster Laptop How To Turn On Wifi

Drivers for nVidia card: download / download (32-bit) download / download (64-bit) (Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Vista)

Driver information for: In Asus X552C the chip is integrated in the processor, as in the vast majority of other modern laptops. Depending on the configuration, in addition, a discrete nVidia graphics card with support for nVidia Optimus technology can be installed in it. It allows you to automatically turn on one or the second card depending on the application, which in some cases allows you to save energy, and in other cases to increase productivity. Switching itself is configured in NVidia Control Panels. Unfortunately, Windows XP does not support nVidia Optimus and it will not work to make an nVidia graphics card work in Windows XP. When installing drivers, it is important to first install drivers for Intel, and then for nVidia. This process is illustrated in more detail in the manual: how to install drivers for.

Driver for sound card Realtek

Driver links for the audio chip: download / download (Windows XP) download / download (Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 and 8.1)

Description of driver: It is necessary for the sound to work properly. Together with it, a program is installed to configure various sound effects, noise reduction, microphone gain settings and much more. You can solve any problems with sound here: Solving problems with drivers for sound. Be sure to pay attention to the first post in the topic.

Driver for network card Realtek

Driver links for the LAN adapter: download / download

Driver Information: it is needed for a wired network card (LAN adapter) of the laptop. Bases it will be difficult to connect to the network and go online. To install the driver you need to run Setup.exe in the folder with the unpacked driver. You can find more detailed information in the first message of the topic: Solving problems with drivers for a network card and Wi-Fi.

Driver for Wi-Fi adapter

Driver links for Wi-Fi: download / download (Intel) download / download (Atheros) download / download (Broadcom) download / download (Realtek) download / download (Ralink)

Driver installation and description: it is needed to fully work with wireless networks. Depending on the configuration in these laptops, you can find adapters based on chips Atheros, Broadcom, Ralink, Realtek or Intel. Drivers for them need different. Before installing, you need to determine which adapter you have in the manual in the first message of the topic: Solving problems with drivers for a network card and Wi-Fi. Only after that we install the necessary driver. It should also be noted that some modern adapters on Intel, Atheros and Broadcom chips also contain a Bluetooth module. For Atheros adapters, drivers for it are combined with Wi-Fi drivers, for Intel and Broadcom they need to be installed separately.

Bluetooth driver

Links to the driver and application for the Bluetooth module: download / download (Windows XP) download / download (Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 and 8.1) (Broadcom) download / download (Windows XP) download / download (Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 and 8.1) (Atheros) download / download (Ralink) download / download (Realtek) download / download (Intel)

General information and installation recommendations: in these laptops are installed Bluetooth modules on chips Broadcom, Atheros, Realtek, Ralink or Intel. Before you begin installing the driver and the program for working with Bluetooth, you need to find out if the adapter itself is in the laptop and whether it is turned on. For this you need a utility Wireless console (download / download). With it, turn on the Bluetooth adapter. Next, you need to determine his model for leadership in the first message of the topic: Solving problems with drivers and the operation of the Bluetooth adapter, and then install the desired driver. If the utility could not detect the adapter, then most likely it is missing from your laptop.

Driver for Realtek Card Reader

Download the driver for the card reader using the links: download / download

Description of driver: It is required for the full operation of a memory card reader (card reader). Without drivers, it does not work and is displayed in Device manager as few Major system devices.

Webcam driver

Links to a set of drivers for a webcam with installation instructions: download / download

Description of the driver and how to install: It is necessary for the full operation of the laptop’s web camera. In addition to the driver itself, it is desirable to install a utility for working with the camera. Asus lifeframe. You can find it in the archive with utilities Asus at the links below. A detailed guide to determining the camera model and installing drivers for it is in the first message of the topic: Solving problems with Web cameras, as well as in the guide: Finding and installing a driver for a web camera.

Touchpad driver (touch panel below)

Links to the driver for the touch panel: download / download (Smartestest) download / download (Elantech) download / download (Synaptics)

Description of the driver and the process of installing it: they are needed for the normal operation of additional functions of the touchpad (multitouch, various gestures, scroll bars, and so on). Together with the driver, a utility is installed to configure it. To determine which touchpad you have is quite simple: open device Manager, in the input devices find the touchpad. Then in its properties look for the parameter Equipment ID. For touchpads Elantech the string has the form ACPI / ETD. and for touchpads Synaptics. ACPI / SYN.

Asus Utility Kit

The main set of utilities: download / download

An additional set of utilities: download / download

Description and installation recommendations: for the correct operation of additional buttons, keyboard shortcuts with Fn, indications on the screen, for full-fledged work with a webcam, to control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters, to configure power profiles, and so on, you need to install these utilities. Installing utilities from the core set is required. You will find more information about them here: Installing drivers and utilities on Asus laptops. Problems with the installation and operation of utilities are discussed in this forum topic: Solving problems with Asus utilities.

If you have any questions, then first read the answers to frequently asked questions, and then with the corresponding forum topic. You can find it in the Beginners Forum Guide.

Sincerely, the author of the material. Tonievich Andrey. The publication of this material on other resources is permitted solely with reference to the source and the author.

So: Reviews for the Asus X552V laptop.
Screen: the screen is simple without frills, the brightness level is sufficient for most tasks. The opening angle of the lid allows you to conveniently place the screen for viewing both on your lap and if the laptop is on the table.

The assembly is excellent, does not creak, does not bend. Specially raised in the open state, clutching at different parts: on the sides, in the front in the area of ​​the touchpad, nothing clearly creaks like on my Acer or Samsung 3-series. Everything is pretty tight and thin though it looks reliable, I thought it would be worse on a laptop for that price.

The sound is normal, as is the case with 99% of all laptops, Asus’s website talks about cool technology with SonicMaster’s enlarged speakers, and crystal-clear sound. I use speakers to which more or less high-quality sound with a good volume level is output from this laptop. Three days after the purchase, I turned off the speakers and decided to look all the same where on it the slots of the built-in speakers were located, until I thought about looking from below. However, they weren’t at the bottom, turned on the music, made it louder, began to listen and realized that he was playing somewhere from under the keyboard, whatever it was: a speaker or several enlarged speakers with mega SonicMaster technology, all this is hidden under the keyboard and gives a monotonous but clear sound, the maximum level is enough to sound any events, not wheezing.

It doesn’t make noise, it is almost inaudible at all, I also didn’t notice that it was warming up, I didn’t start the game, so it was not possible to check the heating at maximum loads under normal load: Browser with a bunch of running tabs, YandexDisk synchronization that can load up to half the power the laptop stays cold.

Performance for a laptop for such a price is pretty decent, the Intel Core I3 3110M 2.4 GHz with four virtual cores does an excellent job with most tasks. I did not launch any resource-intensive engineering applications, but for Chrome, viewing and displaying Full HD films on the TV screen, as well as the office, was enough power. Since the processor is not cut down in frequencies as on many laptops of this class, and there is a discrete graphics from nVidia, I think you can run games three years ago at high settings. Autonomy is also at its best, without setting up any power plans and installing an energy-optimizing utility from Asus, the laptop lasted 4 hours in the browser with 75% backlight and Wi-Fi turned on.

If you put up with the rattling of the keyboard, the sound coming out from under the keyboard and the inability to properly adjust the volume, then the laptop becomes one of the most interesting in its class.