Asus Eee Pc 900 Processor Replacement

In this, I tried to show the process of replacing the primary SSD drive in the ASUS Eee PC 901 netbook as much as possible. In addition, the can serve as a good guide for disassembling this netbook for other purposes. during the replacement process, I had to unscrew almost everything, including the motherboard.

As a replacement for the original drive, RENICE X3 50mm MINI PCI PCI-E SSD 60GB was used, which is characterized by much greater speed and volume. The second native SSD remained in place as a secondary drive for vyaska nonsense.

Asus Eee Pc 900 Processor Replacement

When disassembling, you should pay attention to the following points:
1) You need to remove the screws from the case either without turning over with a magnet, or shake it over something like a tray, so as not to look for them later under the table.
2) The metal part of the cover (under the keyboard) serves as a heat sink for the processor and several microcircuits. Therefore, when dismantling it, make sure that the thermal grease does not smear and does not detach from the microcircuits (as I did), otherwise the netbook will start to get hotter. Just in case, stock up with a tube of thermal paste to replace your own in case of anything.
3) Try not to touch the applied thermal plug with your hands and do not shake the dust on it so that you do not have to change it.
4) Well, by the way, it doesn’t hurt to change the thermal grease anyway.
5) There is nothing complicated in the whole process, go for it 😉

Important information about mSATA SSDs:

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P.S. This is my first of this kind, do not judge strictly 🙂

In this I tried to show in details how to replace primary (smaller and faster) SSD in Eee PC 901 netbook. This might be useful for other disassembling cases, because it shows complete disassembling of the netbook (except for screen).

In this I’ve used RENICE X3 50mm MINI PCI PCI-E SSD 60GB as replacement for original one. I’s much faster and have larger capacity. I’ve also kept original secondary drive as supplementary drive for various media stuff.

During disassembling, please, pay attention to the following things:
1) It’s better to use magnetic screw for this job, because you’ll need to pick out small screws and magnetic ending makes it much more easier. Otherwise you might end up searching some of this screws under the table like I did 🙂
2) Metal detail under keyboard serves as heat sink for CPU and some other microchips. While removing it, make sure that thermal grease left on chips and didn’t smeared. Otherwise netbook will heat stronger.
3) Don’t touch thermal grease and avoid of dust on it, or you’ll have to change it.
4) By the way, it won’t hurt if you change the thermal grease.
5) It’s really easy, don’t be afraid.