Aquarium For The Red-Eared Turtle

Rubella turtles. water reptiles, so they require a large and convenient content aquarium.

Standard glass aquariums. the best types of aquariums for red-eared turtles, if you cannot provide them with an external body of water. The aquarium must be kept clean at all times, as the health of your turtle depends on it. Remember, turtles are emptied in water, which is an excellent environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria.

Aquarium For The Red-Eared Turtle

There is a wide variety of lids for aquariums, for example lids with built-in lamps for lighting. To illuminate an aquarium with red-eared turtles, you will need natural lighting (sun rays) or UV lamps with a full range of lighting.

Trachemys grow quickly, and in the first years of life can grow 25 cm! The size of the aquarium will depend on the size and number of turtles. Remember, the larger the aquarium, the better for turtles. For a turtle 13 cm long, an aquarium of 100 liters or more is required. Fill the aquarium with water so that the turtle can sit in the water with its head resting on the surface.

It is very important to ensure constant water filtration in the aquarium. If the water is dirty, then pathogenic bacteria will begin to develop in it, which will negatively affect the health of the turtle. A good filter will also help you minimize your work. You will spend less time cleaning and cleaning it. Most owners of eared turtles recommend using the Fluval 403 filter.

The easiest way to maintain a constant temperature in the aquarium. use a heater that is immersed in water. Such a water heater resembles a long glass tube. These types of heaters are very practical, because they are already sold with a built-in thermostat, which allows you to maintain the temperature at the same level. Temperature for keeping red-eared turtles. 25-28’S.

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In the aquarium, there must be an area where the turtle will come out of the water and bask (sunbathe). This is very important because the heat supports the turtle’s immune system.

For aesthetic perception, design an aquarium as desired. Be careful, all items used for decoration should be safe for turtles. Choose plants that are not poisonous, as the turtle can try to eat them, for the same reason it is not recommended to use plastic plants.

If you want to add stones to the aquarium, they should not be with sharp corners, which can be injured by a turtle. Do not use small gravel as a substrate, as the turtle can swallow it to cause serious health problems, such as bowel obstruction.

An aquarium with red-eared turtles should always be kept clean.

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