Aquarium For A Red-Eared Turtle Maintenance, Care, Photo, Description

Since the reptile is quite demanding on the place of residence, you need to know how to properly arrange an aquarium for the red-eared turtle. Your pet’s home should be as close as possible to its natural habitat. Only in this case your ward will be healthy and happy in his own way.

Volume of the aquarium for the Red-eared Turtle

You need to approach the choice of an aquarium based on the size of your red-eared pet or (if you have a young individual) immediately take it "for growth". Keep in mind. that in a few years, a tiny turtle the size of a peach bone will turn into an adult individual the size of a saucer.

The optimal size of the aquarium, depending on the size of the turtle:

  • babies from 3 to 10 cm – 50 liters;
  • young turtles from 10 to 16 cm – 80 liters;
  • large turtles from 17 to 25 cm – 150 liters;
  • adult animals – from 150 liters.

In order to prevent the escape of red-eared, the top of the aquatorrarium should be covered with a lid that allows air to pass through

Temperature mode

Recommended water temperature for the Red-eared Turtle is 23-28 ° С. The temperature on the shaded (cold) land island should be 23-25 ​​° С, and on the brightly lit (warm) site – 28-32 ° С. This is absolutely ideal for equipping the temperature conditions that are most suitable for the Red-eared Turtle.

To create such temperature conditions, heating is required. The main heating is carried out using a special lamp, which is fixed over one of the islands. If the temperature when heating the lamp is insufficient, then additional heating is used.

You can use a heater in the form of a long glass tube that is immersed in water. Particular attention should be paid to its location: the turtle should not have the opportunity to accidentally bite a wire or damage it with a shell.


The health status of the turtle directly depends on the state of water in the aquarium, therefore it must be kept clean. For a terrarium, it is better to use external aquarium filters of any type.

The better the filter works, the less often a complete change of water will be needed.

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To maintain ecological balance, a regular weekly replacement of half the volume of water is necessary. Before replacing, water is defended.

Incandescent lamp

A conventional incandescent lamp (energy-saving will not work) is installed over the island at such a distance that the air temperature above this land area is 30-32 ° C. At night, it is turned off.

UV lamp

Some owners of red-eared turtles neglect to install a UV lamp. However, this is a vital part of a reptile’s home. Its absence often leads to the development of diseases fraught with death. Ultraviolet is extremely important for the health of rubella. It has a beneficial effect on metabolism, improves the condition of the carapace and skin of the reptile, and helps the absorption of calcium. A UV lamp is placed at least 30 cm above the shore. It should burn at least 2-3 hours a day.

Aquarium For A Red-Eared Turtle Maintenance, Care, Photo, Description

Aquarium decoration

The main principle of choosing scenery is safety. Do not use objects from environmentally hazardous materials, with sharp corners or edges.

For young turtles, you can plant green plants and run fish. Adults do not need soil, and they can eat or damage plants and fish.

In an aquarium with red-eared turtles, artificial plants made of plastic or silk will be appropriate. In the ground they are fixed with cargo. On the islands, you can also install artificial vines.

Aquarium For A Red-Eared Turtle Maintenance, Care, Photo, Description

To decorate the terrarium, you can use a variety of driftwood, grottoes, unusual stones and other elements. Driftwood should not be fresh, as they will release harmful substances into the water. It is better to take pieces of wood for a long time lying in the water of a reservoir. The bark must be removed from them.


There are aquariums in which red-eared turtles are strictly forbidden:

  1. Small tortoises up to 50-70 liters. They can be used only for the temporary keeping of animals. If the turtle lives in such a capacity for a long time, then it develops skin infectious diseases, dystrophy and softening of the shell.
  2. Aquariums in which land is made of plastic.
  3. Aquariums in which it is impossible to set the desired temperature, as well as ultraviolet and filtering. The absence of all these conditions leads to diseases and the death of turtles.
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Thus, caring for the red-eared turtle, like any other pet, requires some effort. But the terrarium, in which the water is clean, the bottom is picturesque, and the animals are healthy, is a bewitching sight, which is worth the time and effort.

How to equip a terrarium for a red-eared turtle, the presenters of the “Carousel” TV channel will tell:


The very eared soil in their home is not particularly important and needed. Another thing is that owners usually try to decorate the habitat of their pet. Of course, the aquaterrarium should look aesthetically pleasing. But do not forget that not all materials are suitable for this purpose.

Large stones without sharp edges or pebbles of at least 5 cm in size are suitable as soil. Reptiles can swallow small pebbles, which will lead to serious health problems, and they can be injured on sharp edges.

To use sand as soil is, in principle, not forbidden. The only “but” is that cleaning the water area with sand is not very convenient.

Large shells will not only decorate your pet’s home, but also saturate the water with calcium.

It is forbidden to use various plastic and glass pebbles for aquariums.

Plants in the aquaterrarium

Plants in the house of red-eared planting does not make sense. Your pet will eat them or dig them up without thinking twice. You can try decorating the aquarium with artificial plants that are commercially available, firmly securing them to the bottom. You can do without plants at all, decorating the aquarium with various snags, unusual stones, etc. But keep in mind: driftwood should be taken only by those that have lain in water for a long time. Fresh pieces of wood are not good.

An interestingly designed aquarium for red-eared turtles will add zest to any interior. But do not forget that when choosing scenery, you first need to think about the safety of the pet.

How to equip an islet?

The trapezoid tortoise leads a sedentary lifestyle, spending a lot of time not only in the water, but also on the shore, so in the aquarium you need to equip at least one, or better, several land areas per one turtle (one in a shaded and another in a brightly lit warm place ) On land, the turtle receives oxygen and enjoys UV rays.

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What is important to consider?

  • Land should occupy at least a quarter of the total bottom.
  • Land should have a sloping shore, gradually rising from the bottom. Steep cliffs are not allowed. You can build a ladder or a mini-ladder, put a large stone or grotto with gentle walls.
  • The surface of the islands should be made of quality materials and be rough. If there is soil on the island, then it should not crumble into the water.
  • If there are several turtles, then the land should have such a common area that all individuals simultaneously have access to it and can fit.
  • If there are several islands, then some of them may not be completely dry, but covered with water by several millimeters.

The island should be located about 30 cm below the edge of the terrarium so that the animal does not get out and run away.

Forbidden aquariums for turtles

The following aquariums cannot be used. for aquatic turtles:

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  • Having a volume of 50−70 liters. If the tortoise lives in such a small space for a long time, then over time it develops infectious skin diseases, degeneration and softening of the shell.
  • In which a sushi island is made of plastic.
  • In which it is impossible to install lighting, ultraviolet lamps and filtration. Their absence leads to the death of turtles.

Thus, it is still not very easy to take care of the rubella. Only compliance with all conditions of proper maintenance makes the life of turtles long and happy.

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